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  1. According to a schedule update to Spirit parents, they are now performing at 9:29 and not 8:39 so I wonder if DCI has delayed the start due to the Excessive Heat Warning in effect.
  2. Spirit was featured yesterday on the Dallas/Fort Worth FOX affiliate while they practiced at Duncanville High School. Warning: some of the material is graphic...graphically wrong, as in them being called a “Drumline” and not a “Drum Corps.” Hey at least they got some love. posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. Prior to the Mesquite show, Spirit of Atlanta is at Canton High School (about an hour east of Mesquite).
  4. Keep it going, Spirit! People love this show....your efforts are reflected in the standing ovations you're receiving. Don't look at the standings (I know that's hard to do). This corps is moving in an up direction - regardless of final placement - and you're taking it there and the entire organization should be proud (witness the nice piece in news).
  5. I really enjoyed the show on FloMarching the other night - your daughter and all of her of fellow MCers should be very proud of themselves - what a great addition to World Class!
  6. Hope that everyone is OK! That can be scary.....
  7. My son may be performing with Spirit, but after seeing how Mr. Litzenberg handled this, I think I am going to become a Cadets fan as well.
  8. You should be very proud! I get some flak for being an overly proud dad (not on DCP, though, which is nice). Good luck to him for the rest of the tour. Hoping when the season is over my son will allow me to share a pic of him. We'll see.
  9. So excited to see Spirit (and my son) tonight on FloMarching. May the force be with you (and may the video feed be with me).
  10. Looking at the weather forecast .... yikes. Mother Nature needs to behave herself. Good luck to all tonight.
  11. Keep pushing, Spirit! Excited you broke 70 last night. Regardless of final placement when all is said and done, you have a wonderful program and should be proud of your efforts. Good luck this weekend in SC and Florida!
  12. I have yet to see them perform in person. That will change before July is over.
  13. This is so very much appreciated. Thank you!
  14. It's been a loooong day for Spirit. After arriving at the school in the middle of the night, a fire alarm went off. Cost them about 90 minutes of sleep. But ... they're young (unlike me).
  15. KSA SOA! Who are practicing at the same high school Jon Bon Jovi attended (Sayreville).
  16. Spirit of Atlanta will march in the Bristol, RI parade (starts at 10:30 a.m.) then head to Wakefield, MA and march in the parade there (starts at 4:30 p.m.).
  17. Very proud - they are hanging in there with the heat. And amused by all the folks going ga-ga over their relative standing so far. Certainly pumped that they're doing better than last year, and enjoying the crowd reactions. But this is a marathon, not a sprint, and they just want to continue to work to put the best product they can on the field every performance, and however things turn out, they turn out. Honestly, if they could make top 15 that would be a huge, huge accomplishment and get them in front of thousands of fans in the theatres (paying dividends going forward). But the competition
  18. Spirit has been in Nashua, NH, the past two days with 100+ heat indices so tonight sounds like a nice respite for them.
  19. Kudos to everyone braving the conditions. My son said today was 10 times the worst day of ST in Georgia.
  20. Bump. :) What a nice start to the season this evening!