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  1. This is not correct. My son and another tenor player are Infinity members marching in the BAC tenor line this summer. If you were at the BAC April camp performance, my son was on the stilts there. However, neither he nor the other tenor are on stilts for Goliath. Goliath IS an Infinity member -- the one who juggled the cymbals in Infinity's show.
  2. What I found annoying was the stupid commentators who wouldn't shut up when the corps started.
  3. It's supposed to be. I've got my laptop wired up to my TV in anticipation!
  4. In my opinion, the Blue Knights already won that war. Their kitchen truck is FANTASTIC. I volunteered on the BAC truck last summer, and will again this summer, so I'm happy about the new truck. BUT, I got to tour the BK truck last summer. The BK truck has a slide-out portion that turns the truck into a good-sized kitchen -- not just the aisle down the middle like the new BAC truck.
  5. They were. My son is the leader, so he was the one in front who led them to retreat, and was then joined by a second tenor. They will both be with BAC this summer -- my son as his second and age-out year, and his friend as a rook-out.
  6. My son will be with BAC this summer -- his second year, and his age-out year.
  7. I've purchased Atlanta regional tickets for six years, but this is the first year I've purchased Indy tickets and the first year I've received a survey.
  8. Just rehearsal sites. They're housing at the Red Roof Inn all week.
  10. Thank you. They are excited. My sister and her husband went to see him when they were practicing in Ada right before the tour premiere, and they are going to finals in Indy this week. So nice that some of the Ohio relatives get to see him. As for being in the corps when they make that ultimate goal -- it will have to be next year, as he ages out. :)
  11. My parents are there for their first drum corps show - to see their grandson marching with BAC. :) They're apparently tracking him down in the lot at the moment.