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  1. i don't see the cavies placing above crown or cadets. i think the cadets will be a huge shock this year and come back strong. crown is young but they have harloff to support them. top 6 will be a shootout for sure this season.
  2. 1 scv 2 mandarins 3 crown 4 cavaliers 5 cadets 6 bd
  3. 0. couchmen!!!!!!!!!!!! with a score of 100.1 1. pioneer with a score of 100 2. jersey serf with a score of 99.999 3. colts with a score of 99.998 4. genesis with a score of 99.997
  4. last year my family and i went to chester and we thought we would find something to eat outside of the stadium nearby but we were sadly mistaken... we ended up eating 15 dollar hot dogs in the stands lol. the area is a little sketchy to say the least but it was an awesome show. hopefully tomorrow night will clear up for us.
  5. 1. metamorph 2017 2. angels and demons 2011 3.downside up 2016 4. inferno 2015 5. power of ten 2015 6. wicked games 2017 7.inside the ink 2017 8. relentless 2016 9. for the common good 2012 10. e=mc^2 2013 11. fellinsque 2014 12. Spartacus 2008 my personal favorites
  6. i would agree with that. but who knows. there is a lot going on in the top 6.
  7. but do you think they will not give them a run for their money?
  8. i disagree. i don't think crown is going to simply be bumped out of top 3 after the preview.
  9. for those who have heard snippets besides what they posted of the brass. how dark is this show?