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  1. The topic is not only real, but a recent survey of the 2016 Madison Scouts indicated 60%+ support of a hypothetical co-ed decision. This generation of Scouts apparently likes electronics, too!
  2. Thanks for joining in on the conversation! What are your impressions of how the Madison Scouts have built upon your contributions to the organization?
  3. Members could choose multiple traits, and the survey displayed the answer options in random order. If the above theory were true, members would have chosen Tradition in similar numbers to Brotherhood. The results weren't even close—83% of respondents chose Brotherhood/Family Culture, while only 57% chose Tradition.
  4. From the 2016 Scout member perspective, Tradition actually ranked toward the bottom. Youth members overwhelmingly seem to care most about Brotherhood/Family Culture, Show Design, and Educational Experience. (2016 Scouts poll results here).
  5. Thank you! Yes, besides gender eligibility questions, a few questions to the 2016 members assessed (1) the members' motivation to march DCI; (2) their thoughts on recommending the corps to a friend; and (3) their thoughts on electronic amplification. See the full SurveyMonkey poll here. Notes: Other years (2007, 2011) were polled as well, but a statistically representative sample was not obtained during the survey window. Alumni contact data are practically non-existent for members that marched prior to 2005. Above link expires in 30 days due to premium SM s
  6. That's completely wrong. --> The author was never cut from Madison Scouts auditions. --> The author interviewed multiple Madison Scouts officials prior to penning the article; many, including the Corps Director, declined to comment in writing (even still eight months later). --> The author has no "bone to pick with the corps" or any DCI corps for that matter, and regularly crashes the local theater on Finals week. --> The article is not at all framed as a "hit piece." My writing deals with facts and issues, not argumentum ad hominem. Thanks!
  7. Great point! A policy is only as good as its enforcement, anyway. But sure, I'll ask DCI if they have ended discrimination against old people
  8. Yes, much of the discussion regarding the transgender student admissions policy debacle happened on the Madison Scouts closed alumni Facebook group page, in what unraveled into a vitriolic discussion that was methodically scrubbed by alumni FB moderators. I can help answer some common follow-up questions to my October 26 Medium article, and provide some context in light of recent news and DCI changes: (1) HOW IT STARTED: After learning in late August 2017 of the contents of an email message in which Madison Scouts Corps Director turned away a transgender student from *2016* audition