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  1. drumcorpsfan2018

    Crossmen 2018

    Oh that's a no brainer. This is the best group they've had since they've moved to TX. Some design things are what held this hornline back from being top 10, but regardless it's even more impressive that they're manly high schoolers. I honestly think last year's corp probably wouldn't have made finals this year. The top 15 was just insane. Hoping it continues to progress.
  2. drumcorpsfan2018

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Neil Adkison (Visual Caption Head at BK) just announced that he will be leaving BK, so he can prepare for the upcoming wedding and other things! Great man!
  3. drumcorpsfan2018

    Crossmen 2018

    agreed. :/ The show didn't grow to where I had hoped, but I still enjoy the music aspect of it! :)
  4. drumcorpsfan2018

    Crossmen 2018

    From what I heard the designers are trying to remove the aussies completely by next season. That's the plan anyways. :/
  5. drumcorpsfan2018

    Birmingham, AL - July 26, 2018

    Crossmen would be the first to go before that thought even happens.
  6. drumcorpsfan2018

    Mesquite, TX - July 23, 2018

    Couldn't agree more. My friend and I paid $60 to be on the 45 yd ln to find out that they had messed up the seating, so we were forced to sit near the 20 yd ln. The people around us also had the same issues.
  7. drumcorpsfan2018

    Carolina Crown 2018

    That much better (in my opinion of course). Crown is just as good, but still has more things to tweak from a design standpoint compared to the other three, but it's MUCH better than where it was in Orlando. Completely different group.
  8. drumcorpsfan2018

    Houston.... I mean, Katy show- July 20, 2018

    And Phantom closed that 1 point gap from the other night.
  9. drumcorpsfan2018

    Houston.... I mean, Katy show- July 20, 2018

    any news on Crown??
  10. drumcorpsfan2018

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    If anything Crossmen got the worse draw. Bad for them, but good for Academy. They aren't far off from knocking them off from the top 12. I love Crossmen's show, and the hornline sounds like a top 10 group imo, but I hate to say that the drill and design isn't competitive enough against the others, which is why they aren't getting the numbers. :/
  11. drumcorpsfan2018

    Johnston, IA - July 11, 2018

    Those 90 seconds are intense. Very Cadets-like.
  12. drumcorpsfan2018

    Minneapolis, MN - July 7, 2018

    Crossmen 7th in Music analysis????
  13. drumcorpsfan2018

    Wausau, WI - July 5, 2018

    I heard from one of the Staff members that Phantom had the worst performance of the season last night. The electronic malfunction contributed to the members losing focus, and of course other factors were involved.
  14. drumcorpsfan2018

    Muncie, IN - June 29, 2018

    Watched the Crossmen last night. Prepare to be blown away. They are on a mission tonight.
  15. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    With a bunch of high schoolers no less. This is by far the youngest group they had in years. Only a handful of vets.