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  1. HomeGrownB'men

    The Bushwackers need your assistance!

    Thank you, everyone! Your help and support is very much appreciated.
  2. HomeGrownB'men

    The Bushwackers need your assistance!

    Just trying to help. Thank you.
  3. HomeGrownB'men

    Jersey Shore Invitational 8/13/11

    I'm with you, Mary. I'd work with the Toms River East band parents again anytime. I had a great time with the two ladies at the gate. Fun and lotsa' laughs and I just met them that night. And having the show in my back yard (almost) is a definite plus. Looking forward to the next Jersey Shore Invitational! BUSH!
  4. HomeGrownB'men

    Jersey Shore Invitational 8/13/11

    See, Johngough! All that worrying for nothing. You did an outstanding job. And I must say, the band parents from the Toms River High School East have their act together. Meeting with them during the planning stages and working with them at the show, tells me they are one organized group! Loved working with them. It was a great night for all!
  5. HomeGrownB'men

    Who else on here marched DCI 72

    I was there. 14 years old; St. Andrew's Bridgemen rifle line. Great memories of Whitewater.
  6. HomeGrownB'men

    TOS Review

    I agree w/Lisa. I was lucky enough to march w/Jerry for seven years and, as teenagers, spent alot of time together outside the corps as well. He was truly a great guy. All this nonsense about who was on the field playing Taps and who was not is so ridiculous. I was standing on the field next to Jerry's wife and daughters; and I'm sure they didn't notice what corps participated and what corps didn't. A beautiful tribute was paid to a great person, a husband, a father and a friend. Now can we please close this topic and move on. Have a nice day! Diane Leahey
  7. HomeGrownB'men

    Bushwackers Hall of Fame

    Being a member of the 1986 Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps, I am honored to be part of the inaugural class of the Bushwackers Hall of Fame. In 1986, the Bushwackers won their first show ever. What can be better than that? Congratulations to all. Looking forward to the Bush Ball!!!! DI-ane
  8. The whole corps, on the field, in uniform. What a perfect back drop for a great picture to put in the family album. That is just beautiful.
  9. Erin, that "Dirty Dozen" was pretty clean. You girls should be very proud of yourselves. Keep up the great work!
  10. HomeGrownB'men

    Bridgemen Review?

    We got a 1 point penalty for making (many) people smile, laugh and genuinely ENJOY THEMSELVES? If that's the case, give us 10 more!!!! I loved doing it for me, for my fellow Bridgemen and for ALL OF YOU!!!! Thanks everyone for the opportunity.
  11. HomeGrownB'men


    Yes, it was a great moment when Surf joined us on the field for a beautiful rendition of Battle Hymn. Thanks, Mary, for encouraging the Surf guard to join us Bridgemen "ladies" on the field as well. It was a memorable, touching moment to see Matt's 2 guards on the field as one. Thanks, Surf, for inviting us to your show. We all had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again. Good luck w/the rest of your season. Your Bridgemen Mama's will be rooting for you!!!!
  12. HomeGrownB'men

    Famous people in Drum Corps

    Clem Burke, drummer for Blondie, marched with the St. Andrew's Bridgemen back in the late 60's. And as of last week, he and the rest of the band are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Sooo Coooooooool!!!!
  13. HomeGrownB'men

    Join Bridgemen 2006!

    Joe Nataaaaaaaaaaaale!....send down some of that special "Puppet hype" and bring Bush to the next level. Miss you.... :angel:
  14. HomeGrownB'men

    Changing of the guard

    If my old memory serves me correctly, the Hawthorne Muchachos had a co-ed guard in '72. The rifle line was all male and the flag line, female.