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  1. Good things from Blue Stars. Got to talk with their center snare's mom. Little bit of thunderous goo (Mandarins were the worse at this, imo.), but a lot of fun nonetheless.
  2. Mandarins with some punch. PR a bit more refined. Curious to see margins tonight.
  3. Spirit a noticeable step up. Not as much crowd reception. Groovy, but a little weird.
  4. Guardians provided a nice start. Some nice moments, especially in their ballad. Work to be done, but it is only their 2nd show of the season.
  5. I will say in their defense that this is their 1st time doing this. Definitely frustrating though.
  6. Show has been pushed back 30 minutes. Not sure why, it's not that hot out.
  7. And unfortunately I can't figure out how to post pictures. Will provide updates, however.
  8. Spectator. One lane, it was bad when we were watching PR Drumline.
  9. I'll try to post updates/pictures. Looking forward to the show tonight.
  10. Judges have been announced and are now listed in the original post. Mods, if you want to merge this with @DrumScorps or @Barneveld thread, feel free.
  11. HSer: Young and impressionable, these newly introducted individuals are known for their fierce loyalty to whichever Corps won the year they got introduced to the activity (Bluecoats 2016, SCV 2018 etc.), as well as a disregard for any show below 5th place. They have gained most of their knowledge from lot videos on YouTube, and always complain about the Blue Devils ruining the activity for everyone else.
  12. Phan: A proud race, known for their grace and beauty, yet powerful as well. Quite common, but not as good as they once were.
  13. Rehearsal Sites SOA: Mt. Vernon HS (IL) Phantom Regiment: McKendree University? Mandarins: Hillsboro (IL) Jr. High Bluecoats: Seckman HS (MO)
  14. In my experience, they'll be within hearing distance. Not familiar with Apogee as a venue, but they should be pretty close. Have fun, as the saying goes, there's no time like your first.
  15. It appears as of now that Crown is taking the early lead as his favorite (which is slightly odd, considering he's a drummer). Thank you all for the shows, I appreciate it.
  16. Probably taking my little brother to his first drum corps show on the 14th. What are some good shows that'll help show how the activity has grown, and will be able to appeal to someone who hasn't known of the activity for very long. PS: I'm assuming a thread like this exists somewhere, so I apologize for that.
  17. My home show, so I'll give some info for people coming in. *Parking is decent, but if it fills then it's a long walk from anything else. The school's in the middle of a cornfield. *Belleville is a decent sized town, plenty of food options in the area. *Stadium faces SW, sunset's usually about 8:10 this time of year. Lots of good corps, and the St. Louis area is passionate about their drum corps, especially when local kids are in them. For example, Phantom Regiment has several (or at least 1) member from O'Fallon, only about 20 minutes away. I know Cavaliers and Bluecoats? have some as well.
  18. Location Bob Goalby Field Belleville West High School 4063 Frank Scott Parkway W Belleville, IL 62223 Schedule All times in CDT 7:00 Welcome and National Anthem 7:10 Guardians-Houston, TX 7:27 Colts-Dubuque, IA 7:44 Spirit of Atlanta-Atlanta, GA 8:01 Phantom Regiment-Rockford, IL 8:18 Mandarins-Sacramento, CA 8:35 Intermission 8:52 Blue Stars-LaCrosse, WI 9:09 Boston Crusaders-Boston, MA 9:26 Bluecoats-Canton, OH 9:43 The Cavaliers-Rosemont, IL 10:03 Scores Announced Weather High 80s at show start, moderate humidity, low chance of rain. Little bit of wind. Not bad for mid-July in this part of the country. Judges GE1: T. Wemhoff GE2: J. Webb VP: R. Overvliet VA: K. Baker CG: B. Spidel MB: R. Rios MA: D. Aydelott Perc: M. Davis
  19. The crabstep wedge as done by Phantom in the 90s and early 2000s.