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  1. Star also played Walton in 1990, admittedly with a more specific theme (Belshazzar's Feast), but that's still quite a lot of Walton in a few years.
  2. BAC jumped 6 places from 2016-2017, PC 6 places from 2018-19, and Spirit 5 places from 2017-18. Not saying that Scouts will in 2020, but big leaps have happened in the last few years.
  3. Interesting, I thought that one might get a decent amount of support.
  4. What happened with Michael Martin's amplification proposal? Was it withdrawn? I don't see any information about a vote.
  5. Not entirely on the topic of woodwinds, but I'm confused about Kathy Black's comment on guitars — haven't several corps used acoustic guitars recently? Southwind in 2018 comes to mind.
  6. Woodwind player (clarinet and sax) here — completely agree. I don't feel like I'm lacking in "life-enriching" musical summer opportunities because DCI is made up of drum corps instead of marching bands, even though I'd be eligible to march for a year if the proposal passed. I wouldn't want a snare drummer to join my woodwind quintet; there's no reason I should be playing a woodwind instrument in a brass and percussion ensemble. There is a huge range of timbral possibilities available to DCI arrangers right now with the brass, percussion, and electronics that are already allowed, and I don't see any reason to look outside of that for new sounds to add to the ensemble right now (even BD's violinist this past year was too much for me, not on principle of having a string player but based on the percentage of the show that featured the electric violin sound).
  7. That's true, I guess we'll just have to wait and see! Nothing's certain yet. I, for one, hope that Pitts stays with the organization in some capacity while Shaw takes over as brass arranger.
  8. Right, as far as I know. It doesn't seem to be too much of a stretch though; if Mike Jackson leaves BK (which is rumored) then Mandarins are likely the only other corps in a similar competitive tier looking for a new percussion director.
  9. JD Shaw and Chip Crotts are no longer at SCV (rumored that Shaw is returning to Phantom and Crotts is headed to BD but neither of those things have been announced yet). The Van Dorens (Donnie, Evan, and Katie) are joining SCV's staff as brass consultant, brass arranger, and assistant brass caption manager respectively, and Mark Nichols is stepping into the role of caption manager that Crotts filled this past year. BAC's entire design team and group of caption heads is staying in Boston for 2020. Most of Cadets' design staff and caption heads are new, including Jay Bocook as brass arranger, Jeff Sacktig as visual consultant, April Gilligan-Martinez as guard coordinator, Matt Stratton as brass caption head, and Denise Bonfiglio as corps director. Kevin Shah has left Blue Knights and it is rumored that Mike Jackson has as well (possibly heading to Mandarins if the rumors of them firing their percussion staff are true?). Jay Bocook is remaining there as a consultant while Leslie Gilreath takes over most of the arranging and Keith Tye is staying as brass caption head. Colts' brass team is staying the same, percussion is replaced mainly with Music City Mystique staff.
  10. 1. Down Side Up (Bluecoats 2016) 2. Babylon (Santa Clara Vanguard 2018) 3. Felliniesque (Blue Devils 2014) 4. Between Angels and Demons (Cadets 2011) 5. E=mc2 (Carolina Crown 2013) 6. Through a Glass, Darkly (Blue Devils 2010) [gap] 7. Metamorph (Blue Devils 2017) [gap] 8. Cabaret Voltaire (Blue Devils 2012) 9. Ink (Blue Devils 2015) 10. Ghostlight (Blue Devils 2019)
  11. 1. Inferno (Carolina Crown 2015) 2. For the Common Good (Carolina Crown 2012) 3. Tilt (Bluecoats 2014) 4. Ouroboros (Santa Clara Vanguard 2017) 5. Mad World (Cavaliers 2010) 6. The Bluecoats (Bluecoats 2019) [gap] 7. As Dreams Are Made On (Blue Devils 2016) 8. The re:Rite of Spring (Blue Devils 2013) 9. The Beat My Heart Skipped (Blue Devils 2011) [gap] 10. Dreams and Nighthawks (Blue Devils 2018)
  12. 1. Kinetic Noise (Bluecoats 2015) 2. XtraordinarY (Cavaliers 2011) 3. Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012) 4. Metropolis (Bluecoats 2010) 5. Relentless (Carolina Crown 2016) 6. Vox Eversio (Santa Clara Vanguard 2019) 7. Side X Side (Cadets 2013) 8. Session 44 (Bluecoats 2018) 9. Promise (Cadets 2014) 10. It Is (Carolina Crown 2017)
  13. 1. The Power of 10 (Cadets 2015) 2. A Second Chance (Carolina Crown 2010) 3. Les Miserables (Santa Clara Vanguard 2013) (ranking these three Vanguard shows was painful) 4. Scheherazade (Santa Clara Vanguard 2014) 5. Force of Nature (Santa Clara Vanguard 2016) 6. Beneath the Surface (Carolina Crown 2019) 7. Rach Star (Carolina Crown 2011) 8. Men Are from Mars (Cavaliers 2017) 9. 12.25 (Cadets 2012) 10. Beast (Carolina Crown 2018)
  14. 1. The Spark of Invention (Santa Clara Vanguard 2015) 2. S.O.S. (Boston Crusaders 2018) 3. Juliet (Phantom Regiment 2011) 4. The Wrong Side of the Tracks (Cavaliers 2019) 5. Out of this World (Carolina Crown 2014) 6. …to look for America (Bluecoats 2013) 7. Music of the Starry Night (Santa Clara Vanguard 2012) 8. Jagged Line (Bluecoats 2017) 9. Propaganda (Cavaliers 2016) 10. Toy Souldier (Cadets 2010)
  15. It's hard to beat that opener! I love a lot of Bloo's drill from that show as well. Blue Knights this year made it a hard choice for me though, which might be partly because I got the chance to see it live and never got to see Brave New World live.
  16. Well this seems to be a pattern 🤣! Unlike with BK and That One Second, Blue Stars shows tend not to be my favorites because of the general concept that seems to be behind most of their designs (even moreso in the past two years, but really through most of the decade) — they pick a concept, and they hit you over the head with it until you can't miss it. I love their hornline's sound, but their visual "gimmicks" tend not to connect for me, and 2014 isn't an exception. That said, overall I don't dislike the show and it's one of the better recent Blue Stars productions for me — my 6th through 9th place were all pretty close and could easily flip. 9th was definitely the place where I felt like my views differed the most from the majority — Reframed is not only almost my favorite from this list, it's my probably favorite Scouts show from the 2000s; at the same time I'm not a huge fan of Corps of Brothers or Where the Heart Is. I know I seem to be in the minority with my view on Blue Stars shows most of the time, but I'm curious (from you or anyone else who typically thinks highly of their design) — what do you find compelling or entertaining about it? Not trying to be antagonistic at all, just honestly curious about a corps whose shows I never really seem to "get" or enjoy as much as those around them.
  17. Personally the narration didn't work for me, and I wasn't a huge fan of the props. I do want to rewatch it, though, as I felt like this year's show took a lot of the concepts I liked about 2014 and did (in my opinion) a better job with the parts I didn't like - I Remember Everything props that were visually more simplistic (mirrors rather than images) yet also more versatile and more engaging to me, and narration that didn't overpower the show as much. A lot of recent BK shows, 2014 and 2019 included, seem to be very much about a powerful emotional impact, and for whatever reason 2014 didn't connect with me as well as some others (specifically 2015 and 2019). I'm definitely going to watch it again soon though considering how strongly DCP seems to be suggesting that I should 🙂
  18. The Fall and Rise (Blue Knights 2018) Reframed (Madison Scouts 2012) Thy Kingdom Come (Boston Crusaders 2010) An English Folk Song Suite (Blue Knights 2011) Game On (Cavaliers 2015) Corps of Brothers (Madison Scouts 2013) Behold (Cadets 2019) Phantasm (Phantom Regiment 2017) Where the Heart Is (Blue Stars 2014) La Reve (Blue Stars 2016)
  19. 1. 78th & Madison (Madison Scouts 2015) 2. Revolution (Boston Crusaders 2011) 3. Voice of Promise (Phantom Regiment 2016) 4. Rise (Boston Crusaders 2013) 5. The Once and Future Carpenter (Blue Stars 2018) 6. i (Blue Knights 2017) 7. Call of the Wild (Blue Stars 2019) 8. Houdini (Blue Stars 2010) 9. 15 Minutes of Fame (Cavaliers 2012) 10. That One Second (Blue Knights 2014)
  20. 1. Brave New World (Bluecoats 2011) 2. …I Remember Everything (Blue Knights 2019) 3. The Unity Project (Cadets 2018) 4. The Titans (Boston Crusaders 2012) 5. Swan Lake (Phantom Regiment 2014) 6. The Faithful, the Fallen, the Forgiven (Cadets 2017) 7. Bartók (Santa Clara Vanguard 2010) 8. Secret Society (Cavaliers 2013) 9. City of Light (Phantom Regiment 2015) 10. The Great Event (Blue Knights 2016)
  21. 1. On Madness and Creativity (my top 3 are really close though, to be honest I would've voted Into the Light yesterday and tomorrow I might wish I'd voted Wicked Games) 2. Into the Light 3. Wicked Games 4. Goliath 5. Triumphant Journey 6. Immortal 7. Unmasqued 8. Because 9. The Devil's Staircase 10. Awakening
  22. My first thought for a show focused on one artist or group is immediately "We Like it Here", featuring the music of Snarky Puppy. After Spartans' closer this year, I'd love to see BD or Bloo put an all Snarky Puppy show on the field.
  23. Pretty tough for me to choose between Bluecoats 2011 and BK 2019, I think I have to go with Bluecoats though.