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  1. Please help save our drum corps! Our corps needs your support now more than ever! Please make your $30 donation to save our corps and receive your exclusive t-shirt. During the COVID-19 shutdown, brass and percussion members of the Rogues Hollow Regiment drum and bugle corps submitted videos of themselves playing a new original parade tune, written by our own Dana Westfield! Please consider donating at the link above, and stay tuned for more from us in the coming months! Huge thanks to brass arranger Ephraim Miller for mixing the audio, and to
  2. Drum Corps Associates is thrilled to announce its latest member to the organization. Rogues Hollow Regiment out of Doylestown has successfully undergone the evaluation procedures put forth to any new corps interested in competing in DCA and passed with flying colors! Formed in May of 2015 the corps quickly grew in size including members from Ohio and other nearby states. The corps spends its summer traveling state by state entertaining audiences in parades,
  3. Also its possible this type of entertaining performance may be coming to DCA in the near future...
  4. If you're in Ohio, the Rogues Hollow Regiment will be performing at the Norton band competition as the exhibition group. We usually go to the back sidelines after we do our show and play parade tunes for the kids as they are leaving the stands. In past years we even had a few kids in those bands join us as they were marching members the past season.
  5. Thanks for covering the show for us Kevin! And the pictures! As always, from us here at RHR.