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  1. You finally admit this show was terrible! You have been one of the head cheer leaders all year long saying that it had potential. Just wait it will get better, Chastising all who said any different. Now you say that the show is crap?? You have been spouting all year now this. what a beauty!
  2. Because that would look too masculine. They need to beige things up a bit, preparing for that participation ribbon.
  3. 1. Not Wins, entertains and strives for excellence. Loses??? Thanks for, illustrating my point place or worse is not even in the running for losing. 2. Financially they are in a huge hole. Is borrowing funds from Alumni to finish tour oK? Does that sound like fiscally sound? What is the current debt right now, How much has been paid down? 3. Madison was great with Boerma, never said they were not. He had just a big hand in writing the dumpster fire. Did he just throw in and say fine, here is your baby, I only was paid to write it? 4. I have done plenty for the Scouts. Right now
  4. 1. Elitism, hell yes!! Elite, The Top, The Best, UPPER echelon. I expect my corps to be the top Entertainer competing for a title, or at least striving for it. I want to walk away from a show and say, I gotta see that again!!! not hold my head in disgust, and feel bad for the members who have to perform this joke, 2. Spent money into oblivion in 2003-2004?? RECOVERED?? Are you insane or just ignorant? The corps financial problems are worse than ever. Borrowing money to finish tour from an Alum is not financially stable. But you seem to have a good grasp on the books. 3. This staff
  5. Well they are not even close to contention or relevancy. The show picked for an 80th anniversary of an iconic Drum and bugle corps is embarrassing.
  6. well that kinda says it all. typical salesman sucking up to komneck, he will be shleppin his rags to the director.
  7. The season is over. not a good show, not a good concept. Thanks to Taras for bringing in his trophy for his little singing group. Ill conceived at the expense of the Madison Scouts and their brand. The staff so full of themselves that they are sooo creative. Well Chad, you are not. The other staff that are supposed to be MEN of Madison enabled this fiasco come to life. The administration for letting this folly see the light of day shows that these guys need to bow out. Drum corps is clearly over their head. This is the MADISON SCOUTS ! How many amazing Scout alumni are teaching and runni
  8. you people are waaay to sensitive. Yes the guy said something he should not have. The female broadcaster was putting on a nice show to really showcase her opinion. But do you have to loose your minds and all find a safe place. move on.
  9. Its AUGUST!! Have not cracked 80, that says the show is not good at all! It also says the corps is not good enough to out perform the show. That all points to management. For its watered down, all inclusive gelding philosophy, which uses solid words and philosophies of tge past and twists the to fit thier ajenda that just ring hollow.
  10. Apparently, staying the course put them in 21st place next year. I love when the experts kniw so much!
  11. The show is bad, yes. But what of the talent? Yes these guys are working thier tails off and I totally agree! Could SCV members be winning with this Madison show? And conversely, would the Madison members be winning with SCV show? You guys are saying the show is bad, which it is, where would they be with the concencus best show of the year?
  12. 10 points out of 5th place. A once fine corps , proud, competitive and a standard in the acrivity. Reduced to a non competitice laughing stock. Realize if they were competive and had great shows the corps would be very different
  13. At this point and it is a waste of time energy and money. The corps has changed with the blades of glory costumes, with uninteresting onr non excitement type of shows. All of this to conform to wgi. By conforming and being a me too, all in the name of following the crowd to make the finals show. Evidently that is not working, so why not just go back to the Superman suit with the balls in your face Type of show Madison is known for. What is the worst that could happen? Not make finals, oh yeah it seems to happen a lot as we play follow the leader with no heart or soul. The brand that M
  14. Well, komnick and pererson we both at the madigras with the alumni. A whole room full of Alumni, they were asked about the show with no real answers. A captive audience of engaged, Madison Brothers. They chose to not have the balls and get up in front of the Alumni and discuss the upcoming show. Always asking the alumni for money and giving nothing back. Isnt that what every other top tier corps would have done? The costumes are an embarrassment. There is a thread on DP with whi has the worst costumes, its Madison hand down. The show is terrible, the soloist plays 1/8 of the show and runs arou
  15. I love all the non Scout guys throwing out their opinions as to what Madisin show be doing. My question is, is it worth raising $1,000,000 to keep in an activity that is mainly a bunch of well to do pretentious young people just padding their resume and typically dont care about the history of the activity. Drum corps has jumped the shark move it to indoors where wgi belongs
  16. This show is a very bad design, Sorry Chad you self indulgent wasting of money the corps does not have, you should be ashamed! All you koolaid drinkers need to wake up. 15th is not the place for Madison. Wonderful, has so much potential, enough!!! You do realize that all the other corps are not gonna stand still. You are slotted. The experiment with the beginning of females is an epic fail
  17. It obviously management. Specifically komnick and perterson. The board is just a bunch of yes men. He has surrounded himself with lakies and has taken thus corps down. With out the infusion of Mr Mason a few years ago. This would have crashed sooner. Right now sittinf at 14th could be worse before the end.
  18. I am sure you are, but had Mr Mason not replied you would have moved on feeling superior, having critiqued his shows and not in a good light. Unable to sustain ......... just what i read
  19. No, i said that should be the goal, to win. First compete with the goal of getting to the top. The current administration is complacent to sit 15-10. But thanks for your verbal vomit
  20. She got caught running her mouth, instantly turned into a brown noser! And thats ok?
  21. Nice back peddling. Oh, his shows died, sees response, ohhhh you are so wonderfull! xxxxxxxxxxx