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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but in BD 2014, at the beginning of "Fellini's Circus" around the middle point of the show there was a MM that choreographed this elaborate dance that went outside of the curved drill during free-form and the staff thought it added and let him do it during the show.
  2. Hello! I've been reading the posts and lurking for about 2 years and I'm finally gonna try to start participating. My name is Logan Frandsen and I am going to be a senior in Phoenix, Arizona. My favorite corps is by far the Bluecoats and my favorite show is Kinetic Noise (yes, I'm aware that's a very unpopular opinion but it's my opinion ;)). I play trumpet and have 5 years of eligibility so I hope to audition and make a corps this coming season! I'll talk to you all more as the season goes on.
  3. I'm going to Drums for sure, I was referring to corps like Bloo and Boston :)
  4. Also being a major Bloo fan I'm beyond excited to see how these scores translate to the regionals up against the western corps. There are just so many powerhouse shows this year that it'll be a close race.
  5. Way to go Spirit! I loved their show from watching the preview video on YT and they have so much potential to grow. It should be a great season for them! Also this is my first post so that's fun, I wish I had a chance to see all these corps live but I live in Arizona so I'll have to settle for videos for the time being :)