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  1. No, he was on top of the mountain and chased the $$$. BD was second last season, something they disdain. Get used to it! It was Michael Gaines that made SCV into the BD Nightmare. The lead horse has now got another viewpoint...and the scenery won’t change.
  2. Wake up. Crown has a rich, and great brass sound, but if you think they weren't mic'd...you're nuts. They had 2 double subs on each side and 4 full range on top of them.
  3. Who won the Ott sir? Mic drop! And as far as field coverage, watch the "my body is a cage" solos. From 20 yd line to 20 yd line w/ plenty of fill and guard. They just move so slick, you weren't able to comprehend it. The judges did.
  4. Not entirely true. In the staging of the ballad, you had the mello's going back and forth from left to right. Go back to that point in a yew toob video and look at the field coverage. One soloist on the 20 yd line side 2, the other on the 20 yd line side 1 and the fill was fairly comprehensive and lots of guard everywhere. They did use the field between the 35's as more of a stage front and center, but it fit with what they were doing. As far as field coverage, they just moved so fast...few noticed how they expanded and contracted. Just my thoughts.
  5. Very true words. SCV A-Corp was my son's first foray into DCI after coming from a very successful HS band program. The first 2-3 days, he called and said "I think I made a mistake. I feel like I don't belong here." But he's resilient and powered thru and once he had the trust of his corp mates and the staff...he was loving it. He's already hinted at doing it again in 2019. Of course being a world champ helps that adrenaline level.
  6. Agreed. There seemed to be a bit of audience confusion once the painting was complete, and then the appearance of the mute trumpeter in the window cut-out for the final soft ending.
  7. SCV Cavaliers (mostly the first 1/2) BAC Blue Stars Crown Mandarins
  8. I would characterize this as "click-bait" There is the Bold title, and "epic fail" descriptor. There is a list of accolades that qualifies his musical knowledge. All of it is a little bombastic when it just comes down to a simple opinion, and we know what they say about those...don't we?
  9. The gymnast did a highspeed pass down the hornline, the ariel on the prop, some moves in the cage on the right, and was the feature right middle prop at the end of the Gents and jawns dance.