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  1. On 8/14/2018 at 10:52 AM, Jeff Ream said:

    after reading the first 5 paragraphs, i'm pretty sure I disagree with you on multiple levels. I felt lots of groove, i was moved emotionally, and I cant stop humming the ballad and closer.


    so your 1-3 towards the end of your dissertation i disagree with every one 10000%. And this from a guy who has #####ed about DCI arranging for years

    He has a BM for Julliard, though. It makes him very knowledgeable in music (like people on this discussion board, including myself, don’t have a degree in music). 

  2. 19 minutes ago, EricS said:

    Rennick should be repramanded for his drummers "dut dut duting" so loud that they can be heard over the entire stadium.  At this point in the game the timing should be so ingrained in their  brains that they could do it in their sleeps.  And the same for the battery bounving up and down like jacks in the vox.  No excuse. And what in the **** is the drum major for?



  3. 46 minutes ago, Rocketman said:

    True, but last year there was really nothing they could do to make the design better. Do I think they will improve the design enough to remain a top 12 corps? Wish I could say yes to that with confidence.

    I guess the real question is (if Spirit is the 12 spot) “can they make their show better than Spirit’s?” Probably not. Spirit’s show is designed and performed better, and still has significant things to change with the show. 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Terri Schehr said:

    While this is sad because they’ve been in the big show every year since ‘74, DCI shouldn’t be in the business of propping anyone up just because they’ve been there a long time.  

    Let’s be real. This year’s PR show is infinitely worse than last year’s, and last year’s show was unwatchable. I feel bad for the corps members. They don’t deserve this. 

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Ediker said:

    There are many examples of it working very well, particularly in the 80s (Cadets 85-90, SCV and others).  It was used sparingly and with variety.  I'm not against scatter drill. 

    Today, it's the go-to transition and I find it terribly uninteresting and unworthy of high visual marks.  Intricate, readable forms, with innovative transitions and obvious precision in execution are my preference.  

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion of your personal enjoyment of the use of scatter drill. With the high use of scatter drill in today’s DCI and the rewarding of it through scoring, the judges clearly disagree. 

  6. 1 minute ago, GUARDLING said:

     YES, and if everything was about standing Os then they wouldn't mean anything would it. Usually, even with conventional drill is the build-up to that moment which makes people stand.

    Absolutely! Some of the most impactful moments in DCI history (off the top of my head, SCV 1989 Music of the Night climax) were impactful because they were developed musically, visually, drill-wise, to make that arrival that much more satisfying. If done right, and there are many modern examples of it, scatter drill can play a part in creating such moments. 

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  7. 25 minutes ago, DCIDADDIO said:

    Alright, as a relative newbie to DCI...I had some questions about the scoring. I understand the captions etc, but my question is more of an East vs. Midwest vs. West interrogative. 

    So the Blue Devils, SCV And Mandarins etc have been hitting the highest marks competng out West. Those scores have been in the upper 60s to mid 70’s. 

    Out East, it’s been the Bloo coats, Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders, Cadets setting the highest scores.. Those score are typically 3-4 pts higher than the West. Bloo popped 80 pts on 6/2/18

    In the Midwest the Cavaliers hit a mid 70 score and Phantom Reg was just below that. 

    So are these scores all apples to apples or do we all have to wait for a Regional to get a good benchmark for the top teams and surging competitors? 





    You’re actually right on both counts. Ideally, this is judged on a “corps A achieved at this much of a spread higher or lower than corps b” system. So, with this mind, what happens on the west coast is independent of what happens on the east coast, or whatever region you choose to use. From a fan’s standpoint, the practical use doesn’t matter until they all meet at a large regional. From a corps’ standpoint, the most useful information comes from both the tape from the judges and the one on one feedback. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, Den8uml said:

    Looking at the caption breakdown, this appeared to be an outlier with some of the judging. A lot of variances from recent shows.  There’s no way guard and percussion should have changed that much from last night.  

    This happened all the time when I was marching a million years ago. The tape is way more valuable than the number this time of year. It’s where you can determine the substance of the criticism. 

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