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  1. Do we really have to lie to ourselves to feel better about the fact that it is different. It doesn't mean better or worse. It's also not the source of the Scouts problems of the last 5 years. But it is different.
  2. So about the staff.....J/K. I like the show, keep reminding everyone that playing a horn and marching can be pretty effective. Go Scouts.
  3. I agree with both of these. There was some drill this year, but honestly staging isn't what I loved dci for. By the time M & M becomes a thing again, dci will be dead or on broadway and someone else will organize a circuit that scores such things and we'll be so long gone no one will remember that it was done before.
  4. Because the talent of the performer is what should be on display, not the creative recording done in someones basement. It may be brilliant, but it's not live and quite frankly it's what a lot of us miss from the old days. Hell, it was early so they may have changed it, but there was what felt like three minutes that one corps parked the hornline out of sight and did whatever it is that went on. Honestly if I was a member and I parked out of sight for that length of time, I would wonder why I joined. I wanted to play my horn as much as I could because that's what I was best at. I can understand staging and props (not a fan) but for music people the acoustic production of sound is what we are impressed with, not some sample played on time. Overtones......I want overtones.
  5. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I saw the bluecoats hornline lean in on the 50 and more sound was coming from the 30. To have the hornlines some of the corps have and misuse the amps the way they do is offensive. Honestly it might be time to retire the brass altogether and have 154 dancers. (kidding)
  6. I like these better than some of the other "outfits" I've seen this year. A little class goes a long way. Keep it up.
  7. I really think the 97 scouts show doesn't get enough love. That is all.
  8. Ah, the money behind the politics. No one wants it to be true, but more often then not it runs the show. But since this a Scouts thread, anyone see the unis?
  9. I'm excited to see what they do. I hope it works. Can we please wait and see how this thing looks on the field before we blow everything up? Go Scouts!
  10. If you win the crowd, you've won. Sometimes I think show designers forget that. It doesn't have to be in your face old school. I just want people to see the show and no matter where it places think "i want to be part of that".
  11. I think there is a theme. Its just not some abstract story.
  12. From what I saw on FB, I hope they start a trend.
  13. Perhaps it has something to do with the time it takes to get the rights to use the music? I would also like to hear something, guess I'll have to sneak up to indy.