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  1. This whole standstill madness has to stop. Why can’t they just do the show without the front ensemble?
  2. Scv’s pacing of the middle portion of the show before the ballad is just 3 minutes of confusion for me. It flows but there is no reasoning
  3. Okay, so can we both agree that Crown has the hardest drill this year of any corps? Or would you give that award to so another corps? This I might agree with you on. It might be just the lack of drill seen by the other corps makes crown look like they’ve got the hardest drill book.
  4. Hmm nope. It’s about design. I love crown and the shows they do but usually the visual isn’t as interesting or integrated, and same goes for the music. I’d say since 17’ this has been the trend hence why they can’t break into the top 2 again. I mean what even is the drill this year? Yeah okay there are some cool sets like usual but by enlarge it’s curvilinear for no reason and doesn’t lead into phrases all that well. Musically I do like this show, but I think the Gabriel’s oboe was pretty butchered. I don’t really care about the whole props thing, honestly I think this show would be better with no props...
  5. Crowns show isn’t bad, it’s an enjoyable show for sure. But compared to the rest of the top 5 it lacks the cohesiveness of design found with the others. Both the visual and the music.
  6. I think Crown has ironed out some of the issues that plagued them last year. Their show actually has a an intellectual concept, decent music choice, and a pretty good arrangement that definitely feels more connected and accessible than say 18’ or 17’. But my lord (apart from maybe 3 or 4 moments) Jeff’s drill really is still an absolute mess. It’s hard yes, but unnecessarily hard to the point where putting all the focus on cleaning it the rest of the season will never even give them the clarity required to bump up their analysis/ GE. Last years drill was pretty bad in the opener. This year it’s slightly better but forms don’t seems to mean much and there are so many curvilinear forms for no reason. These kids are so talented it pains me to see them with shows that aren’t measuring up to the others. The concept is strong but the design staff seem very reactionary from last year - not the best way to be.
  7. Crossmen are very good this year. But I think Mandarins have the better show.
  8. The lower sections are not good for sound. Those lower level club seats are very upholstered so it’s quiet... quieter than any other sporting arena I think I’ve ever been in. So go for the upper sections, the sound is more focused and it’s clear.
  9. I 100% agree with this. I can’t honestly place who is worthy of winning like the past few years. All deserve to be up there in placement but I’m having a hard time picking a winner... last time it was this hard for me was 2015
  10. They do but last year they didn’t change much except the end, I think what we have is what will stay to the end
  11. Agreed! When they park and bark in the little pods with the Mellos with the guard - sounds like it doesn’t belong there
  12. Bluecoats were great... but will they be our champion?