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  1. In the video I saw from in front of the endzone it appeared almost all of the members were waving. Not sure what they’re going for there...
  2. I am selling two tickets for Finals in Section 344 - Row 2. They are $90 each, which is face value. PM me if you are interested!
  3. Hey everyone - new poster here even though I've been following DCP for a couple years now! I agree the props need to be adjusted so they are better integrated to the show. My mother (who is now a big drum corps fan) likes to call them the "Command Hooks" so I say we add that to the list of possible options. I also think the large triangular flags in the closer need to be re-worked. When I saw them live in Clifton and in other videos, they didn't really add anything visually and also seemed to be a safety hazard to the hornline. Almost every time it appears the last one that runs down the 50 hits at least three members... However, I'm looking forward to the last couple weeks of the season and hopeful they medal in Indy!