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  1. My school never housed a corps before. When I approached administration about housing I told them i would be on site the entire time the corps was there. i slept in my office and ate my meals with the corps. It was great! I had the chance to watch how a world class corps rehearses, had the opportunity to interact with members and staff and see everything that goes on "behind the scene." I called it Drum Corps Fantasy Camp. It opened doors for me to become involved when I retired and there were absolutely no problems. My school has been housing corps for 12 years now.
  2. I do not get paid by DCI for assisting with housing, it is something I got involved in when I was teaching. I was one of those band directors who housed a corps (Vanguard) and contacted other band directors to house a corps. It did open doors for me and now that i am retired from teaching, I have the opportunity to tour with a World Class corps.
  3. I have been assisting DCI with securing housing sites for the Allentown show for the past 11 years and am also on the Vanguard Administration staff so I can speak about the problems associated with finding housing sites. DCI has 2 people who work full time year round on securing housing and believe me, they earn their pay. They contact schools that have housed corps to check on availability for the following year and attempt to find additional sites by making personal contact with the band director or HS principal. Word of mouth also helps, usually by asking the band director if he knows if another school's band director would be interested in housing a corps. This is what I did in the Allentown area for many years. Unfortunately, some band directors cannot be bothered and don't return phone calls, email inquiries, or refuse to meet in person. Also, If a school has a good experience housing a particular corps, it is easier for that corps, or another one to return there the following year. If the school has a bad experience, forget it that housing site is lost, sometimes for good. Which happens alot. Some administrators do not like outside groups using their facilities, although DCI does pay a housing stipend. It is also difficult scheduling facilities due to increased use by sports teams in the summer. As previously stated, some schools are only open Monday through Thursday and close Friday through Sunday to save on the use of utilities. Also, some corps want stadium use, 2-3 additional rehearsal facilities, turf fields, etc which limits the pool of available schools. Liability is also a big issue, even though each corps carries insurance naming the district as an additional insured and most schools require the corps to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement with a provision not to sue. These are just some of the problems . It is not an easy job!
  4. Good Morning Everyone! As of Wednesday Aug 1 we still do not have housing but we are continuing to work on this problem. I am leaving now to finish tour with the Vanguard but if you have any other ideas or contacts, please do not hesitate to contact me. We have followed up with every suggestion we have received, as well as making our own contacts so we are not leaving any stone unturned. If you are attending any shows, stop by the Vanguard and ask for me so I can thank you personally! Mike
  5. Yes the original housing fell through. Something happened between the housing contact and the school district. When the school district was contacted last week to finalize details, they did not have a clue what was going on.
  6. Was told by Grenadasmoothie that you teach or are associated with avon Grove SD  Any chance they could house a corps for Allentown?  contact me at 570-294-1638

    Mike Ryan

  7. Not yet. Still looking for Genesis and Oregon Crusaders. The promising conversations we had yesterday fell through today. We are still looking!
  8. My school never housed a corps prior to 2008. When i requested to house the Vanguard i told my administration I would remain on site with them the entire time they were there. I was the middle school band Director so i slept in my office, ate with the corps, and was at the practice field observing every rehearsal. Learned alot and met some great people ( staff, volunteers, corps members) and never had a problem. I called it " Drum corps fantasy camp." Housed them for 10 years and eventually joined the admin staff. If they are properly supervised, no problems. Unfortunately not everyone is willing to do this.
  9. There are a number of reasons that school districts do not want to house a corps but I don't want to list them for fear of ticking someone off. I will say that DCI and I contacted a number of school districts multiple times in March and did not receive a reply. Also, the DCI Housing Co-ordinator spent 2 days in the Allentown area personally visiting schools but he was lucky to even get in the front door, let alone talk to an administrator or band director.
  10. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow! Hopefully we will have some good news to post.
  11. Upper Perkiomen was a no when first contacted in the spring.
  12. As of now, Cadets have secured housing at Quakertown HS in Quakertown, PA. We are still working on finding housing for Oregon Crusaders and Genesis. We have alot of follow up calls to make Monday. I appreciate all of the suggestions I have received and have made some contacts, hopefully we can wrap things up soon.
  13. J Birney will not allow anyone to rehearse in the stadium.