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  1. So easy to say when you've gotten yours. It's interesting, I've done/taught marching band which taught me to make things work when things go wrong, but I guess doing drum corps will teach me to just give up and accept adversity. And you're right, rather than marching the year I could with respect to other obligations and when I could afford it, I should have ignored responsibilities and spent money I didn't have to march years ago! $5000 is nothing. I don't necessarily think your pilot story is equivalent but I appreciate the patronizing tone. You don't have to tell me that life doesn't go how you plan, that's pretty obvious. Sorry you gave up on your dream.
  2. Yeah #### me for wanting to march my rookie/age out year when it would be entirely possible to accommodate it
  3. Where was it announced that it would be at MetLife?
  4. Does anyone know if the 07/29/2020 "Drum Corps: an American Tradition" in "TBD:PA/NJ" is a Cadets-sponsored event? If so is there a vague timetable of when the location might be announced? Looks like a good line-up.
  5. They shouldn't even bother with J. Birney Crum until they put the Hawaiian ice stand back
  6. I would bet a large amount of money that the Blue Coats have the most auditions.
  7. Let me know if you'd like to buy off-ebay. OBO
  8. As someone who usually prefers older style uniforms, Crown's 2017 ones still might be my all time favorite. All the members look 6'2 in those I swear
  9. I entirely agree with the second half of what you said, which is why I think that not wearing hats is pointless.
  10. What I'm saying is that it should be tied into the visual proficiency score. That's not true by the way. Anyone who's been in/watched an indoor percussion ensemble in the last 10 years know that instructors literally say "Ok smile in this part, show excitement in this part, have an angry face in this part." If people want facial expressions, I think it has to come down to that. And for the Bluecoats soloist of course not because that's a solo moment. That wouldn't get a penalty in the same way any soloist wouldn't get a penalty for playing different notes than the rest of the ensemble.
  11. Well in my opinion, and this isn't directed towards you and is more just rambling about how things are changing, I find it hard to believe that they can really connect to the audience at all from such a distance away. Especially when, theoretically, they should have a bell in front of their face most of the time and should be watching the drum major pretty much all the time. But more to your point, uniformity is still the name of the game. If two people interpret a rhythm, or marching technique, or a form different ways, then they are not performing uniformly and it takes away from the performance. If expression is to become integral to the activity as it seems it will be, I see no reason why it should be any different.
  12. It was said before but the amount of pre-recorded music used should definitely be limited. To 0 in my opinion. It’s jarring to be hearing Micheal Jackson during a spot when the members should be playing. Also if the trends with hats continues, I think that judges should have to take note of differences between emotions shown by members. If you’re willing to take the risk of not using hats which sacrifices uniformity, you better be doing it effectively.