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  1. KEEP BRINGING IT, MANDARINS!!! '\\\ How about back-to-back all-time-high scores?
  2. BRING IT, MANDARINS!!! '\\\ I'll be watching the top 16 from my local theater. Wishing "good skill" to all the corps today, tomorrow and Saturday! (but a slightly stronger wish to my Mandies. :) )
  3. Mandarins placed where I expected them and are now 0.863 from their ATH (last year at Semis) so I'm happy. This was an incredibly well-covered show. Thanks for all the play-by-play and photos everyone!
  4. Wow, where the heck are you? In a balloon? Great shot.
  5. Mandarin's last show tonight before Indy. So, from my West Coast perch I implore: BRING IT, MANDARINS!!! `\\\ Since they are not head-to-head against Blue Stars tonight, I can't realistically ask for a closing of that gap. So instead, I would like to see a new ATH score over their 88.663 at last year's Semis.
  6. Interesting. But I think the flag is going to more visible than an actual (or even enlarged) sling would be. More surface area. I "got" the sling-like flag action as soon as I saw it. I just think it makes no sense for anyone else beside David to be doing it.
  7. Watching a from-the-stands video of Allentown, I think the entire (?) guard twirls their flags a la slings and that's "the" (sic) shot. I think it would be more effective if all except for "David" stops twirling so the viewer's eye would be drawn to the protagonist (or "antagonist" for any actual Philistines in the audience). You're welcome, BAC. :)
  8. I've said it before, and I'll keeping saying it until Finals night - Bring it*, Mandarins!!! `\\\ * "it" includes passion, skill, determination, and "the weird". Does not include penalties. Leave those in A-town, please. Have a good show, all Corps, and thanks in advance to our on-site "corp"-respondants. :)
  9. Showtime weather forecast looks good (no lightning symbols!) 6:00 PM SAT Partly Cloudy 82° 85° 20% 63% WSW 5 mph 7:00 PM SAT Partly Cloudy 79° 83° 15% 69% WSW 4 mph 8:00 PM SAT
  10. First! BRING IT, MANDARINS! '/// Good wishes? Sent. Sacrificial offerings? Made. Fingers? Crossed.
  11. I don't know. If Mandarins can get it together and have a good Prelim run, I think they can catch BS this year. I guess we'll see...
  12. Another night, another show. BRING IT, MANDARINS!!!! Get it closer to that all-time-high score of 88.663!
  13. Of course Ghost is right - if you can't see the flag, you face the source of the music. It was unclear from the OP that that was their situation. And, I agree that it's literally the least we can do to stop and pay attention during the anthem. No argument there from me.
  14. Not to pick too many nits, but you face the flag while the anthem is played, not the musicians. Right?