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  1. This right here is the key information in why DCI and other individual organizations haven't been keen on interacting with the MAASIN group. I truly believe that the people involved with the effort have good intentions and want to see the best for the activity. However, the fact that the roots of MAASIN tie back to the DCI F*ckery Twitter account seriously hurts the credibility of the group. There were a lot of missteps made by that account in the pursuit of a safer activity. While we all want to see a safer environment, it can't be done with reckless abandon and complete disregard for wid
  2. A board member from one of the top 12 corps told me a couple years ago that revenue from audition packets alone accounted for 6 to 8% of their annual budget depending on the year. Separate audition fees (camp, callback & video) made up another sizable chunk. While these don't necessarily equate to a corps' financial survival, they do play a significant role in the budgets of the corps.
  3. From what I'm seeing, about a third of the World Class corps have put out information on participating in 2021. Some are including an audition packet as part of a virtual learning experience with various online components. Others are offering packets independent of participation in a virtual experience. There's a wide range of fees from $80 up to $175 depending on the corps and what's all being offered. I didn't read through all of the fine print, but I did see several that were clearly marked as non-refundable. In cases where a virtual component is being administered by qualified st
  4. Here's the specific incident/article that Jeff was referring to: https://www.pennlive.com/coronavirus/2020/10/more-than-50-donegal-high-school-students-quarantining-after-homecoming-party-report.html I wouldn't anticipate that there would be many hospitalizations amongst the high school students. The challenge is they take it home to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, the elderly neighbor next door and so forth. That's where the hospitalizations end up occurring. And despite best efforts, contract tracing in some areas that are seeing a large jump in cases has been ineffective at best... an
  5. Did he ever really leave drum corps? He has a loyal following that consists of many people still actively involved in the activity, including some in positions of leadership with various organizations. While most have been careful not to interact publicly with him while the water was hot, if you watched close enough you would occasionally see people (administrators, educators right down to adjudicators) interacting with his posts. He holds onto that audience and pontificates to them on a regular basis about the random doings of drum corps. I have no doubt that he has communicated "off
  6. I'm extremely optimistic that the new organization will succeed and genuinely like what I see as an overall. I called out the one negative point that I saw because it seems to go in the opposite direction of what DCI has been pushing organizations to do in recent years. It wasn't that long ago that many corps had their CEO/Executive Director on their board. Now days, most don't... and the few that do typically include them in an ex-officio role which usually comes with limits/restrictions that are outlined in the organization's by-laws. Given the fact that this is essentially a fresh
  7. Maybe I'm overthinking things, but it seems to be an interesting choice having Denise Bonfiglio serving as CEO, Corps Director and sitting on the Board of Directors in a director position. I know that's how corps were traditionally structured for years, but DCI has been pushing corps to establish truly independent boards in recent years. It's outlined right in their Participation Level Guidelines that World Class organizations must have an "Independent Board defined by good governance practices". Having the CEO/director sitting on the board opens the door for there to be a conflict of inter
  8. Might have been Canadian Brass? I believe they did a concert series with them as part of their Brass Theater program.
  9. Believe it or not, Jackson wasn't all that small (capacity = 60,492). Byrd Stadium in 2000 was the smallest, with capacity at the time that was only around 48,055. Memorial Stadium in Bloomington was also relatively small (49,255 in 2008). Interesting enough, both of those stadiums hosted the championships as a result of problems with the venue originally chosen for that year.
  10. The wishy washy nature of his answer regarding the minimum membership numbers is interesting. If you go back to the Encorps situation, one of the issues they raised was the lack of a clear answer on the minimum membership number. The answer given in this video, even if unintentional, would seem to validate that the answer is somewhat unclear. Sure... it might be splitting hairs... but for a group to move forward with unclear guidelines could potentially be a risky proposition on their part.
  11. It was proposed by Kathy Black, Chair of the DCI Board of Directors.
  12. The approval process does run much later into the spring than I was aware of until I starting diving into some of the policy and procedure stuff. I think the assumption is that a corps should have all of their ducks in a row and be in good communication with DCI prior to the evaluation process beginning, and then remain in good communication with DCI throughout the winter/early spring months as the evaluation is being conducted. If they're going to fail the evaluation, it's likely going to be for a reason that they've already been made aware of and had an opportunity to correct.
  13. I don't believe that they're officially approved yet. Per the DCI Policy & Procedures Manual - part of the evaluation process would include an onsite visit by a DCI representative. That onsite visit must occur during a corps rehearsal/camp for the upcoming season. Since they're still a week away from their first audition camp of the season, that would mean that an onsite visit most likely wouldn't have happened yet. In addition, the manual indicates that final results of the evaluation are typically delivered via phone conference in late April once all evaluations are processed/co
  14. Just a quick glance at some of the top corps websites does reveal that some have email addresses publicly posted. Academy literally has an email address posted for almost the entire board, while others (like BD) use individual contact forms for certain staff members. And while I don't see anything on most pages directing people to contact the Executive Director of most corps, I would also be concerned if they are blindly filtering away message from prospective member's parents, sponsors, donors, volunteers and anyone else that has a genuine reason or need to contact the corps.
  15. The voting membership of Open Class has to vote on any changes within the Open Class Operating Policies section of the manual. The presumption would be that this would happen at their next meeting, but it does leave conflicting information in place in the meanwhile. Since corps in good standing have to be in compliance with all applicable policies, the old information left behind isn't super critical as they would already be compliant with this 30 member rule if they're in compliance with the new 55 member rule. Similar conflicts happen in laws/statutes all the time where more stringen
  16. While the Rules Manual is seemingly clear regarding the membership numbers, it's not a standalone document governing DCI. It's simply one appendix within the much larger Policy & Procedure Manual that guides the organization's governance, membership, compliance, tour and events, competition, operations, and much more. If you look at the P&P manual as a whole, it has multiple applicable sections/appendixes that have to be adhered to be each corps in order for them to remain in good standing with DCI. The bulk of that manual is established, maintained and enforced by the Board of Direc
  17. All competitive rule changes must go through the process outlined in the bylaws. The key is... this isn't a competitive rule. While it most certainly could have an impact on the competitive nature of the activity, this would fall under the policies & procedures necessary to be a member/participant in DCI. Establishing those policies/procedures falls under the scope of the Board of Directors: Based upon that, plus the section in the policy & procedure manual that grants the board the right to establish new/revised policies & procedures necessary, there really wasn't
  18. I don't believe the institution of minimum member limits was really a secret. I had been hearing rumblings of it for several years from folks working with corps, both at the WC and OC level. That would seem to coincide with the release of 2017 Strategic Plan that you brought up back in September. That plan outlines the process in which these new rules were going to be worked on by committees, and then approved by the DCI Board of Directors for the 2020 season. As for whether this needed to go in front of the full membership - there is a section in the Policies & Procedures manual
  19. There were screenshots of an email leaked prior to the official announcement that indicated that DCI not allowing Encorps to travel to Marion, IN for Open Class Championships and/or Indy for DCI Prelims was not fair, and one of the reasons for folding. The reason given in that email was that they "hadn't traveled before" or something to that effect. It didn't imply that the membership numbers from last year were an issue.
  20. Would the better alternative be to hold camps, collect fees, learn a full show and then fold one day before the first show when they only have 53 contracted members? My understanding is they asked DCI for clarification on what would happen if they fell short of the 55 member limit. Would they be barred from competition, be fined or face or other sanctions? There wasn't a clear answer provided by DCI, and the other Open Class corps they inquired with didn't know either. Combine that with the fact that it could potentially be difficult to recruit 55+ members for a 4 show season with no ch
  21. The last time it was explained to me, Open Class corps do receive an appearance fee during the first part of the season where they appear at shows with World Class corps. They do not receive an appearance fee when they split and do the Open Class tour the second half of the season.
  22. The "gotcha" that I see is the callback. Plus an additional $125 if you get a callback to re-audition at the December camp. So the question is... how many contracts will be offered after the first round of auditions... and how many people will be invited to an additional $125 camp in December?
  23. I get the allure of trying to funnel all of the revenue direct to DCI. However, I wonder if they can truly pull off hosting shows around the country without the involvement of some of the groups currently hosting/running shows. Even with a reduced slate of shows, it still takes a local presence & herd of volunteers to make a show a success. Simple things like access to stadiums and other community assets often times are a result of established connections made through the local host. Not to mention, some of those groups have been hosting shows for decades. I can't imagine them be
  24. Perhaps George Bonfiglio hasn't been nominated for one reason or another? It looks like anyone can submit a candidate: 1. NOMINATION Any interested person may submit a candidate for World Drum Corps Hall of Fame membership consideration by completing a Nomination Form* on the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame website and obtaining the candidates confirmation. * Forms are available online and must be submitted online by January 15th to be considered for that calendar year. Once submitted, applications remain active and do not need to be re-submitted annually.
  25. The precedent is there in other sports/activities to keep people in the Hall of Fame despite legal issues that later ensued. One perfect example is O.J. Simpson. He remains in the Pro Football Hall of Fame despite all that has happened after his playing days were over. In that particular case, it was stated that "on field" achievements and/or contributions were the only factors that are taken into consideration with respect to membership in the Hall of Fame. Another example is Michael Jackson. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has refused to remove him based on similar reasoning.