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  1. This was me suffering last year with a drum resting on my belly. Not happening this year!
  2. Thanks Guys! I got the carrier back and it fits a treat now. He radiused the front carrier bars so they follow the contour of my belly. The mount now fits firmly and solidly on my pelvis to bear the weight instead of my shoulders and back. This is going to be great fun!
  3. Thanks Guys! I am taking the frame to a local machine shop and we will work on the radius of the shoulder parts and then change the profile of the front section. Dang! that 's some tough tough aluminum they made this frame from! Working on my chops in the living room while the wife is off to work. I'm not sure the piece of linoleum sound of the drum is much to my taste, but I find It's real difficult to work more snare sound into it. I have all the parts of a Premier Pipe drum from maybe a little after my High school time, I've got it mostly together and it sounds pretty good with just the top
  4. Hi Guys! It's been many years since I've taken the field and I've been invited to join my high schools alumni band when homecoming comes this fall. I tried to march last year but the equipment is so different than it was in the '70's the only available loaner drums were fitted for slender wee folks, I ended up playing on a mounted drum on the sidelines. Now where's the fun in that?! This year, my Son gifted me a Pearl Airframe carrier and we got it attached to the drum ok. Problem is, I am not a wee skinny high school student anymore, and I can't find any kind of instructions on how to adjust