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  1. I’m gonna dive a little deeper into my personal biases here with my personal fav, then who I thought shoulda won: 83- Garfield x2 84- Garfield x2 85- Garfield x2 86- Garfield (totally uneven show but freaking loved On The Waterfront), BD rightful (dominant) champion 87- SCV (favorite opener/single chart in DCI history w their Russian Xmas Music...my god), but Garfield deserved to win overall 88- SCV (it’s my favorite drum corps show ever...not the cleanest, but it’s my pick if I have to choose one), Scouts FTW (so effing polished, so effing emotional and aggressive...I don’t care if it was “just the closer”- I disagree fwiw, love Concerto - but that closer was 5 minutes and it was epic in every sense of the word) 89-oof....uh, Regiment was my favorite (w Cadets’ Les Mis a close second), but SCV earned it and deserved it 90-Cavaliers/SCV (tie for me on my favorite), Star shoulda won 91-SCV/Star (tie for me on my favorite), Star the clear champ 92-Crossmen (Puma all day and night), Cadets shoulda won but I’m cool w Cavs winning 93-oof part 2....Star was my favorite by far, but Cadets were a worthy champion. Either would’ve been worthy. 94-Cadets my fav, BD kicked everyone’s ### 95-Cadets x2 (shoulda won) 96-Regiment x2 97-SCV my fav (LOVED Fog City Sketches), Cadets shoulda won (but no problems w BD winning...killer drumline) 98-Blue Knights x2 😉 (sorry, couldn’t help myself)....but really SCV x2 99-SCV x2 (loved Cavies’ musical book though) 00- loved BD’s Hermann show....Cadets shoulda won outright 01- Cadets+Farandole=$, probably Cavies to win (but my least favorite from them during this run) 02- Cavies x2 03- BD x2 04- SCV/Cavies (tie for my favorite...Vanguard for the music book, Cavs for the visual book), Cavies the worthy champ 05- Cadets x2 06- Regiment/Cavies (tie for favorite....loved Bloo too), Cavies the worthy champ again 07- BD x2 08- Regiment, as for who shoulda won....ehhh.....*shrug* (2009/2010/2012 are pretty fuzzy for me) 11- Cadets x2 13- SCV (second fav show of all time....just everything a drum corps show should be....also Cadets were fire this year), Crown the worthy champs (Impossible, you say?) 14- Bloo (just based on the ending alone), but cmon...BD the most dominant corps ever this year 15- BK (freaking love “Fly to Paradise” closer), BD the rightful champs (again) 16- Bloo x2 17- SCV, and I lovelovelove Ouroboros but BD the rightful champ (######....really loved that show though) 18- SCV x2 19- BK (I adored this show, no homer...ok a little homer), BD the rightful champ once more
  2. Goodness. Thank you for posting this. What a tragedy, but what a beautiful moment (the kind that only DCI can create). I was instantly taken back to 99 SCV playing Send In the Clowns for the Velarde Family. Both performances moved me to tears. I can only imagine what a bittersweet and heartbreaking moment that was for Dayton’s family. I’m officially Team Cavies the rest of the way this summer, even if that comes at the expense of my alum corps (BK, in case you couldn’t tell). That was just the video I needed to see tonight after a crap day one of drum camp at my HS 😒. Puts it all back in perspective and makes me so grateful that I am a part of this amazing community. More than anything, just heartfelt thoughts and well wishes to the Bryant Family and the entire Cavies organization. That’s a tough, tough thing to reconcile. I’m sure those boys are performing with a little extra emotion each night for Dayton. Thank you again for posting (and congrats to your son on being DM!).
  3. Definitely felt like BD was the favorite heading into Finals week in 95. They hadn’t been beaten in two years at that point. When we all got to Buffalo and it was clear they were dropping, it was a huge surprise (though not in retrospect). And yes, the Day Danse triplet roll redux (same roll was nails in 94 finals run) was...not a great moment for BD’s drums on Finals night. First choice that came to mind for me was Cadets 97 (Year of the Dragon show). Granted, BD made it close at a couple stops, but that show had the feel of a champion and it felt like Cadets were due at that point. Remember seeing their run at Whitewater that summer and thinking they had it. Then quarters happened 10 days later, and we have a tie for first...bd and....VANGUARD! Lolwut alrighty then, that was that for Cadets title hopes. Of course was pulling for SCV but BD just turned it on over the next two nights and slammed the door once again. Still, that Cadets show was one of the stronger early season shows I can remember seeing from them, especially for that time period (where so many of their shows underwent such significant rewrites over the summer, ie 92 & 95, and to a lesser extent 94).