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  1. Update: Scott Stewart was removed from the board. ------ Scott Stewart, who was the director of the Kilties (DCA) & currently serving on Pioneer's interim board of directors, allowed Morgan Larson (former member of the Madison Scouts in the mid 80s, infamous director of the CapitolAires and a lifetime registered sex offender) to march in the corps in 2011-2013. Larson's arrest and conviction would have clearly been known to Stewart, considering Madison Jr. Scouts absorbed CapitolAires to form Capital Sound.!topic/rec.arts.marching.drumcorps/I9UbKVE_pMI Concerns about Larson's participation with the Kilties were raised at the time by members of the drum corps community. Those concerns were summarily refuted and/or ignored. The Kilties performed at several high schools in Wisconsin during those years, and also at several DCI-sanctioned events in which children were present. There were also minors in the corps. Here is a link to more information on Morgan Larson, including his involvement with a Soundsport group sponsored by the Cavaliers in 2018 (that's right, 2018....THIS summer). Pioneer was suspended for employing a registered sex offender, among many other things. Now I don't know about you, but if I'm rebuilding a corps' board of directors who was previously a rubber stamp for the wishes of a man who knowingly and willingly employed a registered sex offender, I'm not going to reach out to someone who knowingly and willingly allowed a registered sex offender to participate in his all-age corps, and then ask him to serve on the new board, even in an interim capacity. At best, the optics are horrible. At worst, it's grounds for immediate and permanent disqualification (especially on the heels of the reveal that Roman Blenski is still involved with Pioneer). Everything linked above is public record.
  2. Cause the members didn't have the courage to speak up about them, or were to scared about the consequences (and retaliation, which has been going on for those who spoke out like me)
  3. There was definitely more than one minor marching Pioneer this past season. Way more than one.
  4. Pioneer Indoor also uses Pioneer DBC's buses. But they're a separate legal entity with no legal connection with Pioneer. So they should be fine
  5. If you're talking about the email where he quoted their experiences as "horrible", then that was his reply to me when reporting everything I stated in the thread to him directly.
  6. The meeting happened at the Atlanta regional
  7. Not necessarily. I created this account so there is a clear connection between this account and the Reddit thread. I made the Reddit account as a throwaway. This account is more so to just bring that connection between the two
  8. I can't speak for others that marched with the corps, as opinions are vastly different from person to person about everything that has happened. But I agree with you. While Dan A did have a meeting with Pioneer's staff at some point at a regional (Roman wasn't at the meeting), nothing really seemed to improve or come out of it. Dan even asked the staff if Pioneer can make it past the season. So I have no clue what DCI is doing about everything. But I haven't seen anything happen. By the way, I'm the OP from the newest Pioneer thread.