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  1. I think 83 was the last year that corps or most corps stopped using some music that was used the prior year. BD had the same opener in 83 from 82. AND...83 was the last year of the old judging system. The old tick system that was deducting from 100 to the build up system from zero.
  2. First year the Cadets won. I don't remember much. Top 3 in 82, 83, 84 and 85 were Cadets, BD, SCV not in same order of course. And in 97 and 98 again top 3 placements. 6 times those 3 were top 3. I think that's a record.
  3. Yes color guard got their own judged caption in 2000. Before that it was a special award like best drum major. It was considered part of the overall visual score but 2000 judges were assigned to just the guard which was very long overdue. To me the guard that really changed from past guards is Spirit of Atlanta guard from 1986. That guard was very ahead of its time. Example of this from YouTube. I never scene a guard doing this where the males take their shirts off.
  4. Lets see what happens in 2021. I'm sure most corps are not using those fees they collected and are in a fund for next year. Like others have said it's up the that certain organizations on how to handle this if no season in 2021. I'm sure whoever asked for a refund in 2020 most likely got it. I haven't heard of any situation where it wasn't.
  5. I know the Cadets didn't lose but still I would think it was a bit deflating going undefeated all year and still have co-champs. They do have the captions awards based on the three combined shows. Maybe it should have been that way at least if there was a score tie for 1st on finals night. BD didn't go undefeated in 96 or 99.
  6. Wow...this weekend would have been the Southeast Regional in Atlanta and next week would have been Allentown 2 day regional. We are definitely in a real life movie of events that shape the world.
  7. I'm a huge fan of Spin Cycle 2003 (real name?). Can' wait for the 2004 thread because that is a battle btw Cavies and BD to the end.
  8. I'm kidding when I posted this.
  9. I thought this was a 2000 year thread.
  10. Your assumptions of a vaccine and the cancellations of other groups are just that. This poll is meaningless.
  11. That's cool that the Cadets went undefeated. Was that the only time they did? Obviously the 3 peats in the early 80's but I don't know if any of those seasons was undefeated.
  12. I have no idea but did the Cavies beat the Cadets before finals night? I don't think BD topped the Cadets that year but I could be wrong. I know they did beat the Cavies a couple of times. I was too surprised of a tie. I thought the Cadets had it in the bag.
  13. 2001 Cadets was by far my favorite show. No gimmicks like 2000. Just SOLID great drill and music.
  14. The world as we know it is much different since Dec. 2019. It's gonna be at least for me a very long time to go to an event like a concert or sporting event with back to back people. And yes that includes Drum corp.
  15. Unfortunately I have to agree with you. I think 2021 will be the year to rebuild and reflect IF there is a successful vaccine and see what will happen in 2022. There is no quick turn on switch for normalcy.
  16. Maybe check their website...they would post any info about WGI.
  17. I wonder if BD's European tour for half of the season was a negative but still a fantastic show. That's alot of traveling for one short season. SVC was amazing. I'm still not a huge fan of 2000 Cadets but 2001 is a different story.
  18. Of course I do. You are a vet here on DCP. We are all dealing this with the best way we can. I really prey that our activity can survive this. I'm not sure it can in full force. Doug.
  19. I agree with you. I've traveled to Asia pre and post Sars. They take this SERIOUSLY. This is before Covid 19. HK which is one of the most populated density areas are open. You know why...MASKS!! I saw them wearing them after SARS.
  20. What is yours since you put this topic out there? I will add this and maybe some will disagree but we need to stop this nonsense about the MASK thing. Maybe when or if people comply with this we can move on. We are stuck in just the mask debate. To me that's insane. You see the reports. Countries around the world are opening up in stages except US!!!!
  21. La Fiesta is a close second to those BD standstill concert they use to have to 1976 Legend of the One Eye Sailor. Those G. bugles were meant for in your face sound.
  22. I didn't know that. He must have been really good to be center snare. That's pretty cool.
  23. I miss those home shows like Precision West and Pacific Percussion. Stockton show was also in the mix as well. Great memories.
  24. Yeah I was there in the crowd. BD did go on last because it was their home show. There was no scores and BD I believe took off after the show for a mid-west tour doing both two shows and at that time a stage show. A few weeks later they met SCV in San Jose for their home show which SC won. The last year of G-bugles.
  25. Yes..the film didn't live up to the beautiful score.