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  1. Let me just say this. A few years ago a close cousin of mine from San Diego died of influenza...you know the flu. She was healthy active person in her 40s. We were shocked that a person so young died from the flu. Am I concerned about covid 19..of course but the year my cousin died over 12,000 people in the US died from the flu.
  2. Counter....why not? Nothing wrong asking for help in THIS situation. If they choose not to ask then that’s fine. Plus the donation on the website is to YEA.
  3. I wish the Cadets well in their new independance. I'm willing to donate some $$ IF THEY ASK!!! And no I don't want to see them go under. That is the last thing this activity needs. They have 10 DCI titles...second only to BD!!!!
  4. Who knows what the financial terms are with the separation. It's gonna be a struggle for the Cadets in the current future. I wonder if they share the Allentown building or someone eventually has to move. I'm guessing it's the Cadets that have to find a location.
  5. Not much to say other than I love the star emblem.
  6. Yeah a three peat maybe was a big deal in the 80's and or 90's but considering their record since 2007 I just don't think it's a big deal. Let the Cavies and Cadets enjoy that shared record.
  7. So is this it for OC? I know all of the past corps that go it's always "we'll be back" but I haven't heard anything about them at all. Are they doing WGI percussion? Anything?
  8. That is so funny you wrote this I just got a pledge envelope and letter. Let me start by saying the envelope was like a top notch wedding invitation. Yeah...the rich get richer 🙂
  9. I believe Niner Noise drumline is from BD Entertainment. Affiliation of BDPA which is basically The Blue Devils.
  10. They are a business. They even have their own brand instruments. System Blue. I hear they are trying to cure cancer.
  11. That's what I hear. Coats and Crown are building a wall around CA. Leaving a small escape for SCV to crawl out and escape. And from what I hear..drones will strike Mars field just in case there are still Devils trying to practice.
  12. And that you heard from the spiders who crawl around the ghost town that was Yea!!!
  13. I hear...I hear...I hear....FROM WHO???? The janitor who works at their offices?
  14. Yikes...these young pups are now early 50's.
  15. No I didn’t see that but that’s not surprising. I understand traditions but even the Boy Scouts are open to both.
  16. For some on here allowing females in the Scouts is like allowing criminals. That's what it sounds like.
  17. WOW....no west coast for anyone west of Denver. You know...it's not the Moon.
  18. To be honest I just don't notice cymbal lines if any corps has them. If' I'm watching the drum line probably looking at the snares and tenors. There were some great looking cymbal line (1986 BD) but that flashy form just is gone. Even those fun cymbal racks are not used anymore. BD and Madison use to use those on occasion.
  19. Yep. Calif for DCI is like going to Australia. That's okay...as long as we take the gold WEST!!!!
  20. I know from internet search but how about doing your own? Do you want to know the stock today?
  21. I don't think Pat Seidling is with System Blue (use to be). According to staff directory for 2020 he's the A corp. director.
  22. I totally agree with you. He’s been accused of major crime and has the right to defend it. We all have rights for this. Due process. As much as I want to throw the book at him he has the right to defend that. We have that and should have that. It’s now in the hands of the court.
  23. The statue of limitations laws have dramatically changed from state to state regarding sex abuse really because of the Roman Catholic abuse scandals years ago. A lot of priests got off based on previous laws because of that flaw. But they are changing and rightfully so. To me these cases should be treated like murder cases. If you rape someone there should not be a time frame of abuse especially if children are involved.