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  1. Ok, so literally ANYTHING by Kevin McKee. What a cool young composer. Vuelta del Fuego just screams Scouts return to Hot Latin fun. Composed from brass ensembles, this guy should be a arranger / composer for a Drum Corps NOW!!! I just love the sound and fun in his works.
  2. https://youtu.be/pRCGPrDbZZA
  3. Dürrenhorn Passage Composer - Kevin McKee I hadn't heard it until today, but I think this Trumpet Ensemble piece would be great. About the piece: Dürrenhorn Passage was commissioned by Dr. James Zingara and Troy University trumpet ensemble. The work was premiered at the 2009 ITG Conference in Harrisburg, PA. The piece depicts flight through an epic alpine landscape.
  4. DCI-DadJokes

    2019 Phantom Regiment

  5. DCI-DadJokes

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    A Call To Arms - 30 Second To Mars
  6. DCI-DadJokes

    2019 Santa Clara Vanguard - Speculation?

    Extremely valid point! Well played sir.
  7. DCI-DadJokes

    2019 Santa Clara Vanguard - Speculation?

    For sure. That is why I asked. I would LOVE to hear it. But, like you said, I am not a judge. I couldn't work out how you would make that music work in the current era. I couldn't conceive of props or costumes/uniforms or any of it.
  8. DCI-DadJokes

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Thanks Stu
  9. If this is a duplicate thread, Mods, please delete. Based on the FloMarching's SCV camp video and "First note of the 2019 Show" as well it being the 30th Anniversary of the winning 1989 Phantom of the Opera show, I speculate that this will be a Phantom reboot / nostalgia/ modernized show. As an aside, I hope they do it well, as I trust they would, and do a hot a hatchet job like Cavies did to Planets, or PR did to New World last year. Is there a place in modern DCI for nostalgia shows? Are we seeing an influx of them? Do we care? As an old guy, I love it and I hope it is happening. I would love to see Phantom of the Opera, Drum Corps Fans Dream-Pt.3, Shostakovitch from PR, etc. Maybe that is a different thread.
  10. DCI-DadJokes

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    @Jeff Ream Can you please stop applying logic to forum arguments? Its so confusing.😂
  11. Gavin Harrison’s ‘Cheating the Polygraph’ is a re-imagined album of 8 songs from the band Porcupine Trees where he was the drummer. This is meh style rock rewritten in a big jazz fusion style. The link below is for a sample of the album, all tracks. There is some seriously cool jazz here for BD or Bloo. I am not a fan of the original band, but this album kills. Hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/NJCPiNby-DY
  12. My first time hearing this wonderful music. What a great main theme. I immediately saw Phantom Regiment in my head. Thanks!
  13. Although that show had other issues, concept wasn't one of them. Even enjoyed the "Stage Directions" vocals.
  14. New Blood - a PG show (yes SCV 2018 has me on a Peter Gabriel kick) Themes and arrangements from PG's "New Blood" album of re-imagined PG songs but with no guitar bass or drums. Rhythm of the Heat Intruder Solsbury Hill In your Eyes Digging In the Dirt