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  1. My kid is of DCI age and will be marching this summer. The friend circle, which includes both brass and woodwinds, was opposed to adding woodwinds. In fact, the woodwind players were more gung ho about learning a brass instrument to audition than just adding their own primary instrument.
  2. Nah, the rain started during Madison and went on through Academy. One of the Academy Contras slipped a bit on his bridge. So Crown wasn't the only one affected by the rain.
  3. DCI just posted a statement https://www.dci.org/news/arsenal-open-class-membership-evaluation-put-on-hold Which says it was because of the social media post....
  4. They were already starting to show some wear at Grand Nats. You could see that certain pixels of the screen weren't working. Unless they were programmed to look worn.
  5. Especially when some of the best known DCI corp leaders (design staff, caption heads, etc.) also work at the high school level. BOA tends to feed DCI.
  6. We actually did have an incident in our town with the football team. When we moved it a new high school, they built a new stadium and practice facility. Because they weren't using the old one any more, the district hired someone to come in and bulldoze all the buildings at the old facility. They did not clean out a lot of the old pictures and trophies from the building before they dozed it. People were MAD. There are some old timers around here that are still bitter about it. It's nuts.