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  1. Now listed on eBay: 5 issues of Drum Corps News from 1982 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Drum-Corps-News-1982-5-issues-Blue-Devils-Bridgemen-North-Star-DCA-Notaro/163707608161 Vol XXII, No 8 June 23, 1982 CABALLEROS BEAT HURRICANES! DCE VICTORY SCORED BY BRIDGEMEN (1 inch tear on first page) Vol XXII, No 10 July 7 1982 THOSE BLUE DEVILS ARE DOING IT AGAIN; BRIDGEMEN AHEAD BY A TINY EDGE; WESTSHOREMEN FINISH JUNE WITHOUT LOSS (1 inch tear on pp. 1-4) Vol XXII, No 18 Sept 1 1982 MONTREAL TITLE, RECORD SCORE TO BLUE DEVILS; PRE-CHAMPIONSHIP LOOK AT THE DCA CONTENDERS Vol XXII, No 20 Oct 6, 1982 RISING COSTS TOO MUCH: NORTH STAR GOES UNDER Vol XXII, No 23 Nov 24, 1982 WHAT IS KILLING OFF THE LITTLE GUYS by Pepe Notaro 2) 11 issues of Drum Corps News from 1983 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Drum-Corps-News-1983-11-issues-DCI-DCA-Cadets-Blue-Devils-Westshoremen/163707566110 Winter/Spring 1983: Vol XXII, No 28 Feb 25, 1983 YANKEE REBELS BECOME DRUM CORPS HISTORY Vol XXII, No 29 Mar 18, 1983 A BATTLE OF THE BIRDS (Skylarks Color Guard Regional Championships) (3 inch tear on page 1) Vol XXIII, No 1 & 2 Apr 15-29, 1983 AN INSPIRED EFFORT BY ALL IN SYRACUSE (Class A Color Guard Championship) Summer 1983: Vol XXIII, No 4 & 5 May 27 - June 3, 1983 MASTER SCHEDULE 1983 Vol XXIII, No 6 June 10, 1983 GARFIELD SPECTACULAR IN DCE OPENER Vol XXIII, No 7 & 8 June 17-24, 1983 PEPE NOTARO DOES IT AGAIN essay by Pepe on Class A; HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS GET THEIR WHEELS, WESTSHOREMEN ARE AT IT AGAIN - WINNING! (1 inch tear pp. 1-4) Vol XXIII, No 9 July 1, 1983 CAN YOU GUESS WHO WON THE ODYSSEY CLASSIC? (Blue Devils), WEST CHESTER JUNIOR-SENIOR DOUBLE DECKER Vol XXIII, No 11 July 15, 1983 GARFIELD TAKES TWO MORE REGIONALS, WESTSHOREMEN HIT 80 POINT BRACKET Vol XXIII, No 13 July 29, 1983 WELCOME DAGENHAM CRUSADERS from Great Britain, also DCE and DC Midwest reports Fall 1983: Vol XXIII, No 22 & 23 Nov 11-25, 1983 1983 MARCHING BAND CHAMPIONSHIPS Vol XXIII, No 24 Dec 16, 1983 EASTERN MARCHING BAND ASSOCIATES CHAMPIONSHIPS
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/163276659017 Cover: 27th Lancers Drum Major Contents: "Future of Drum Corps Hinges on Promotion" "The Making of a Drum Corps: A Year in the Life of Phantom Regiment" DCI Regionals (summary of 1984 DCI North, Canada, East, Midwest) DCI World Championships (summary of 1984 championships) Corps Features: Garfield Cadets Blue Devils Santa Clara Vanguard Phantom Regiment Madison Scouts Spirit of Atlanta Suncoast Sound Cavaliers Freelancers Crossment 27th Lancers Velvet Knights Bridgemen Member Corps (story on Florida Wave, photos of Troopers, Avant Garde, Sky Ryders, Geneseo Knights, Boston New Englanders, Florida Wave, Valley Fever, Blue Knights) 1984 Scores for Regionals/Championship and 1985 Repertoires Directors/Management
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