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  1. Great Rehearsal Doug, I'm honored to be a part of the last winningest alumni drum corps within the 1,377 square miles of Long Island New York. Their was a time when long island had up to 30 units through its towns in Nassau and Suffolk counties. In the short time I've been a member, the audiences who follow our activity and in the public circles have been very responsive to our performances. These last few months have shown me that theirs still room for that G- horn sound ,as for my friends and family that attended our gigs at public events they had a ball as well..I'm glad to be back playing my horn after such a long layoff.. It just took me a listen and I was hooked. never thought that was possible.. but these arrangements rock and still do.. Great group of people as well...made me feel comfortable from the start..
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, As the fall is upon us in the east so are the preparations for our new program in 2019. And as well so are the opportunities for sitting in with one of the all time favorite Drum corps of the past .Our music consist of all time favorites with a flare for all enthusiast today . Come to listen ,participate or bring back the talents that are within you.IN THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2018 be our guest at our rehearsals they are weekly on Thursday's 7PM to 9PM we are located at 939 Johnson Ave in Ronkonkoma New York 11779.for more information e-mail