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    AL small parade Corps, AFD&B Corps, Basic Training, Aspirations curtailed by military service, Volunteer, Donator
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    All - ah heck I'm partial to the Couchmen
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    Star of Indiana 1991 "Roman Images"
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    All back to the late 50's
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    Where they wear three mules out to deliver mail.
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    2016 Academy finishes 11th first time in 12 years a Corps had broken through to finals. "Drum Corpse Bride" although not as sophisticated as other shows was a crowd favorite and "Unchained Melody" as the closer what more can I say. BAC placed 12th and Madison was bumped what a year for Academy.

    Music corps should NOT do

    International flavor: Makita City Lancers - Philippines just for thee heck of it. They actually sound pretty good and sing at 3:24. You have to have bloused boots to play with them lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYoEhPfRlEo
  3. In spades! Can't fathom that the poster doesn't realize this. Deposition time!
  4. Crossman "Rain Forest" 1992, head bobbin time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doWhDvefdl4
  5. No Attorney here! But it would appear there are lot's of steps and variations that can occur in the legal process! So far there are charges. A Preliminary Hearing that was waved (paperwork required signed by both defendant and attorney). Next Arraignment (30 to 45 days after Preliminary Hearing in Lehigh, Co.) formal presentation of evidentiary material, plea entered. Also possibly a motion to suppress. Next Pre Trial Conference(45 to 60 days after Arraignment in Lehigh Co.) Next Trial (45 days after Pre Trial Conference if necessary) Actually, the evidence has not been formally presented as of yet. Could be a long wait ahead for all involved. Process information available on the net. particular to a given jurisdiction in Pennsylvania. Also the nature of the charges have variables to be considered, diversion programs etc.. Just food for thought!
  6. Hola! Point of Order: The Chair of DCI BOD lives in Albuquerque, is an Attorney and a former MM of the Guardsmen. Just a SWAG but I wonder whether there was not other local intelligence information considered in the Arsenal decision. I looked at Arsenals BOD Bio's and their proposed 2019 Instructional Staff Bio's, but am not a person knowledgeable enough to make any judgment, worth a look though.
  7. Picked up on that also! Along with other disparities.
  8. Oh Yeah, you betcha!! Think there is a T-shirt that reflects the same. Didn't buy it because most people are shooting blanks!
  9. Been wanting to do this for a long time. Saw a reference to your husband in another post quite awhile ago. Tell Jim "Welcome Home Brother" sincerely meant!
  10. I can see the wheelchair scene right now. And I wasn't the head screw on the roof.
  11. I'm gonna wash your mouth with soap for talking like that! "Oh no Mom not the Lava soap again pleaseee.
  12. Thanks will put that on the credits side of the balance sheet just in case I flip out and need a get out of jail free card.
  13. At least here you don't have to take two bars of "LAVA" soap with you just to read some of the posts. "Dude"
  14. I wasn't looking for kudos but thank you. I fully realize war is not the only situation that the Demon raises it's head. The victims in this situation I am certain feel the pain and there is no cure. I just saw the manipulation for what it was and as Terri S has said it takes a lot of guts and determination to file a criminal complaint and put yourself on the line. I'm not prejudging that is up to the system. I trust your relatives are fighting the good fight against the Demon. There is a reading that might be helpful to them. It's called "A Nez Peirce Warriors Reflections" it answered many questions for me in a relatively simplistic manner. It can be found on the net.
  15. Exactly! A panel of complaint attorneys decided there was sufficient grounds to proceed. Sgt. Friday "the facts and nothing but the facts".