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  1. 2002, 2nd Deck, 3rd row up, Had no prior idea of show composition, never had seen BC before and Wow, Wow, Wow. (BTW the Cadets show also) Being a military brat and a combat Veteran from Vietnam I was overwhelmed at what I saw unfold. I swear BC had some Ninja's cutting up onions in the pit. Believe me Tis a gift to be simple and Tis a gift to be free. Thanks for posting Barneveld!
  2. Lurker temporarily arisen! My Drum Corpse Bride story. I am from AZ and a long time supporter of our home Corps. I got my 2016 show announcement and said to myself what the "H" , Drum Corpse Bride????? Then I saw "Unchained Melody". I went to you tube and pulled up the orchestral version ah yes a Flugel Horn solo lead and said to myself if they "the Academy" get this half right they have a standard and a winner. Thanks to all those who voted for this show and gave the Academy some play this year. BTW sprang for the Academy's dinner this year I believe at Allentown liked their version of BOTW.
  3. For those interested: Preliminary Hearing:: Comm. vs. GH - April 24, 2019 (Wednesday) - Start Time: 11:30 AM - Court Room 2C - County: Lehigh - from the Courts scheduling page.
  4. Happy Saint Pat's Day to Mucs75! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wDBJ7v_gcY&feature=share
  5. Who's In? Back to the Topic! Fuel for the fire! Looks like Vic Firth and Zilidian are out see Tricia's revelation on Reddit!
  6. 2016 Academy finishes 11th first time in 12 years a Corps had broken through to finals. "Drum Corpse Bride" although not as sophisticated as other shows was a crowd favorite and "Unchained Melody" as the closer what more can I say. BAC placed 12th and Madison was bumped what a year for Academy.
  7. International flavor: Makita City Lancers - Philippines just for thee heck of it. They actually sound pretty good and sing at 3:24. You have to have bloused boots to play with them lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYoEhPfRlEo
  8. Crossman "Rain Forest" 1992, head bobbin time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doWhDvefdl4
  9. No Attorney here! But it would appear there are lot's of steps and variations that can occur in the legal process! So far there are charges. A Preliminary Hearing that was waved (paperwork required signed by both defendant and attorney). Next Arraignment (30 to 45 days after Preliminary Hearing in Lehigh, Co.) formal presentation of evidentiary material, plea entered. Also possibly a motion to suppress. Next Pre Trial Conference(45 to 60 days after Arraignment in Lehigh Co.) Next Trial (45 days after Pre Trial Conference if necessary) Actually, the evidence has not been formally presented as of yet. Could be a long wait ahead for all involved. Process information available on the net. particular to a given jurisdiction in Pennsylvania. Also the nature of the charges have variables to be considered, diversion programs etc.. Just food for thought!
  10. Hola! Point of Order: The Chair of DCI BOD lives in Albuquerque, is an Attorney and a former MM of the Guardsmen. Just a SWAG but I wonder whether there was not other local intelligence information considered in the Arsenal decision. I looked at Arsenals BOD Bio's and their proposed 2019 Instructional Staff Bio's, but am not a person knowledgeable enough to make any judgment, worth a look though.
  11. Oh Yeah, you betcha!! Think there is a T-shirt that reflects the same. Didn't buy it because most people are shooting blanks!