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  1. Troopers Percussion Staff:
  2. Pacific Crest's entire Design and Educational Teams: Troopers' Color Guard Staff: Academy Percussion Staff:
  3. Not sure when this was posted or if it's even "new," but the entire Cadets' instructional staff is on their website:
  4. Madison's Brass Team:
  5. Cavaliers' Percussion Team: Cavaliers' Brass Team: Troopers' Visual Team:
  6. Madison Scouts' Visual Team:
  7. The Academy, 2008-2011: Glen Crosby (may have been caption head for longer than this time period) Madison Scouts, 2019: Derrick Shannon Oregon Crusaders, 2013-2016: Mike Stevens (may have also been caption head before 2013)
  8. Updates since I last logged onto DCP three weeks ago: Cavaliers: 10/16: Design Team Colts: 10/15: Percussion Team Crossmen: 10/15: Percussion Staff Madison Scouts: 10/9: Percussion Team 10/18: Color Guard Team Mandarins: 9/20: Design and Caption Manager Team Spirit of Atlanta: 10/6: Design Team
  9. Colts' Visual Instructional Team:
  10. Crossmen Visual Staff:
  11. Mandarins' Design and Caption Manager Team:
  12. Spirit's Visual and Guard Staffs:
  13. If you’re like me, you’ve been checking DCP constantly these past few weeks to see all the changes happening with World Class corps staffs. Unfortunately, the "Staff merry-go-round" thread is no longer a viable source for any information as it has been derailed by irrelevant topics for 40+ pages. Therefore, I’ve started this thread to be your one-stop shop for staff updates. I will try to update this post as corps continue to share new updates. You can help by posting new updates in this thread as you see them! WORLD CLASS: Academy: 9/10: Design Team and Caption Coordinators 10/30: Percussion Staff Blue Devils: Staff Roster (no formal updates have been published, but their staff roster lists new staff for 2020) Blue Knights: 9/3: Brass Leadership 9/4: Visual Leadership 9/5: Color Guard Leadership 9/6: Percussion Leadership 9/7: Design and Education Leadership Blue Stars: 9/3: Design Team and Caption Heads Bluecoats: 9/5: Instructional, Design, and Production Teams Boston Crusaders: 9/3: Design and Educational Teams Cadets: 9/3: Administrative, Design, and Educational Teams 9/25: Guard Staff 10/28(?): Entire Instructional Staff Carolina Crown: Cavaliers: 10/16: Design Team 10/21: Percussion Team 10/23: Brass Team Colts: 9/3: Music Team 9/4: Music Advisor 9/6: Visual Design Team 9/19: Brass Team 10/1: Visual Instructional Team 10/15: Percussion Team Crossmen: 9/17: Design Staff 9/24: Visual Staff 10/15: Percussion Staff Genesis: 9/17: Design Staff 9/19: Administration, Design Staff, and Caption Heads Jersey Surf: Madison Scouts: 9/6: Design Team 9/10: Director of Recruitment/Music Education Consultant 9/18: Caption Leadership 10/9: Percussion Team 10/18: Color Guard Team 10/24: Visual Team 10/28: Brass Team Mandarins: 9/20: Design and Caption Manager Team Music City: 9/12: Design Team Pacific Crest: 10/24: entire Design and Educational Teams Phantom Regiment: 9/5: Design Team Santa Clara Vanguard: 9/3: Brass Staff 9/4: Corps Director 9/5: Design Team and Caption Leadership Seattle Cascades: 9/3: Corps Director 9/4: Educational Director 9/6: Design Team 9/9: Administrative Staff 9/27: All Instructional Staff Spirit of Atlanta: 9/15: Percussion Staff 9/17: Brass Staff 9/18: Visual and Guard Staffs 10/6: Design Team Troopers: 9/4: Design Team 9/5: Caption Heads 10/23: Visual Staff 10/30: Color Guard Staff 11/11: Percussion Staff You can also view all these updates in this corps staff tracker article posted on DCI’s website. Let’s try to keep this thread focused to staff changes—tangential discussions are free to be held in their own separate threads!
  14. Daniel Montoya The rest of the design team is listed here:
  15. I am well aware of five cases of sexual harassment/misconduct involving OC students and/or staff from the 2017 and 2018 seasons. In each situation, any justice served was motivated primarily by instructional staff. On the contrary, the executive corps director either took no action whatsoever or acted appropriately only after pressured by other staff members to do so. The new tour staff this year had only two items on their agenda: to do their jobs and to do their jobs WELL. I wouldn’t be shocked if they wanted to expand their roles in the organization—not because they were bloodthirsty for power, but because they likely could run it more effectively. (Imagine showing up to a new job with more experience and more proven success than your boss... wouldn’t you feel justified in your desire to be promoted?) I wouldn’t be shocked if the new tour staff’s competence simply threatened the mediocrity of the corps director and the board chairman. I don’t question that the corps director was, generally, a nice person. I also don’t question that he was the right leader to take over back in 2007 when the only goal was to simply field a corps. Now that they’ve been in a higher echelon of competitive success, I think the role has since grown to be too big for him to fill, and I think his pride prevented him from admitting that. If he had the strength to admit his deficiencies, he would have stepped down in August after the staff urged the Board of Directors for his resignation. Instead, he and the chairman of the board held onto their roles until they were left with no choice but to shut down the corps for 2019. Again, no one wanted this to happen—we just wanted an OC managed by trustworthy, capable people. Though the corps director and board chairman were nice people, their actions (or lack thereof, in some cases) spoke louder than their nice words, ultimately proving them to not be the leaders that this corps needed anymore.