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  1. Really? Just who is feeding trial information to people now? I would love to let the prosecutor know.
  2. Trust me, he’s not innocent. If he takes a deal, that won’t be the reason why.
  3. You’re smart, whomever is still there watching and listening isn’t. He should have no audience.
  4. I wasn’t telling you anything, I was giving you MY opinion.
  5. George didn’t create The Cadets, but he created that mission statement. I guess that’s why I feel it should go and I have been saying this since he was fired.
  6. It’s George’s mission statement, that’s why.
  7. They may want to change their mission statement then. Our Mission is to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the performing arts.
  8. Exactly and some of this information in this thread being posted is coming directly from Cadets active alumni very close to the situation and the Cadets board (either directly or word of mouth) Someone’s always watching.
  9. How do you exaggerate that over 20 women have accused him of some type of assault? Who cares how old they were/are? Wtf?