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  1. Yup and honestly, who cares? I’m so sick of the conspiracy theories. The bottom line is a predator is gone from the activity.
  2. I put “alleged” in there. There’s nothing easy about even typing that word when it comes to this subject, trust me.
  3. You have some nerve blaming the alumni for the fact that the ex-director is a pedophile and a serial rapist. Let me throw “allegedly” in there for the purposes of this board not wanting to get sued. I guess the victims are to blame as well huh. 🙄
  4. The fact of the matter is, most of the assaults for the women that came forward happened in the 80’s happened on tour, so there’s no way NJ will be able to press criminal charges for those anyway. However, civil complaints are a totally different story. The only issue is that I was told that you only have up until the age of 55 to file a civil complaint. Why they arrived at that age, who knows. 🙄
  5. There were assaults when the Cadets were in Garfield. I’m sure there were assaults when they were in Hackensack too.
  6. I can’t see how. He’s guilty, but even if he was acquitted, he should be too busy after the criminal trial with civil lawsuits anyway. 😁
  7. I honestly don’t understand why an acquittal even matters for the HOF. It shouldn’t, because the individual would have no legal recourse against the board. It’s a privilege, not a right to be nominated and it should come with that stipulation that it could be taken away.
  8. Did you ask for their removal? We had to start a petition and it took time, but it worked.
  9. I requested his removal and was told “we choose to do nothing” by Rich Templin.
  10. Oh definitely and also there was fear of being an outcast or not believed and ruining the corps.
  11. Yes, it tells you that no one wanted to talk about it, because it wasn’t talked about back then. That was the culture. There was no one in authority to tell either, except the perpetrator, who had complete control. It is so hard for me to believe that people that were around for years were really actually shocked, but I guess it’s possible.
  12. It was said that he wasn’t interested at the time. I’m not sure why. Maybe because he didn’t want to leave his full time job? It definitely wasn’t because he was George’s number 2. People closely associated with George for years and still support him were still and are still involved with the corps this year. Scott retired from his full time job to take the director’s position.
  13. I was just trying to explain that people still stay in an activity that they love after being traumatized, abused, raped, etc. You questioned why the kid still marched.
  14. Most of George’s survivors marched for years or worked around him for years after what happened to them. So many survivors stay around their abusers for years, PTSD. Or not.