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  1. If the post history remains that’s fine, I’m mostly concerned about the personal information on my profile that I am unable to edit since the account is inactive.
  2. My previous account was marked as closed/inactive for reasons unaware to me, so I'm trying to see if I can get that account deleted for privacy reasons.
  3. As of now in terms of drum corps: First stadium you performed in: McKenzie Stadium, Evergreen HS, Vancouver, WA Last stadium you performed in: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN Best stadium you performed in: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA Worst stadium you performed in: Rehobeth HS, Rehobeth, AL
  4. For more talk about corps below the top-15 in all sections from the DCI website to flomarching to even DCP
  5. It is likely that DCI's website is just screwed up. Both DCI and Battalion have announced that Battalion will be in Indianapolis this year. Kidsgrove Scouts aren't listed for any shows either even though DCI and Kidgrove have announced a 2020 DCI Tour. Beeches isn't listed for Indy either even though they've previously announced their participation. Many shows are still TBD. I choose to believe the announcements from individual corps and DCI's news articles then a half finished schedule. Sources: Battalion, Beeches, and Kidsgrove in Indy: https://www.dci.org/news/2020-drum-corps-international-tour-schedule But this year, a new face joins the ranks of those competing for glory in the Hoosier State. In 2020, The Battalion — based out of Salt Lake City and founded in 2016 — will perform at the DCI World Championships for the very first time. The Utah corps has rapidly improved over its first four years, both in terms of score — its final tally has increased by more than 30 points in just four seasons — and in terms of organizational prowess, having extended its tour schedule from five events in 2016 to 11 in 2019. Once events in Marion conclude, the DCI World Championships will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the 12th-straight season. Three days of competition featuring more than 40 World and Open Class corps will be the capstone series of the 2020 DCI Tour. The 2020 DCI World Championship lineup will also feature two corps competing in the International Class ranks for the first time ever. British powerhouses Kidsgrove Scouts and Beeches Performance Ensemble will both be coming to the United States for a brief stint of performances, concluding in Indianapolis. Kidsgrove US Tour 2020: http://kidsgrovescouts.org.uk/usa2020/ Beeches 2020 Tour Schedule:
  6. Shoutout to Battalion for arriving in Indy for the first time, BDB for returning to Indy, and Kidgrove and Beeches for hopping the pond this coming season. Super excited to see how this tour is coming together. On a more personal side, Cascades is attending more shows than last year which is exciting to say the least.
  7. The article says St. Louis is Sunday the 12th. I was just commenting on how a lineup of SCV, BK, Mandarins, Academy, Troopers, Genesis, and Cascades is a pretty standard lineup for Denver
  8. The same article said the full schedule will be released on Wednesday, November 20th Don't forget that this is a usual lineup for Denver. 2019 was an odd year with Cadets, Crossmen, and Genesis attending. It is also likely that the Denver show will be the day before on Saturday as the St. Louis show is a Sunday.
  9. What We Know: Based on a recent article posted on DCI's website today (https://www.dci.org/news/2020-dci-tour-will-return-to-st-louis-dome), DCI will return to the Dome At America's Center in St. Louis, MO on Sunday July 12, and feature "A huge lineup of World Class corps is slated to compete including the Blue Devils, Blue Stars, Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Cadets, Carolina Crown, Cavaliers, Colts, Crossmen, Jersey Surf, Madison Scouts, Music City, Pacific Crest, Phantom Regiment and Spirit of Atlanta. They will additionally be joined by Open Class groups Legends, Colt Cadets and Shadow." The Eastern Classic will return to J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, PA on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1, with (assuming) all World Class corps and maybe 1-2 Open or International Class corps (Encorps, Beeches, Kidsgrove) will be in attendance over the duration of the two nights. The DCI World Championships will return to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN from Thursday, August 6th to Saturday, August 8th. It can be assumed from previous years that Open Class Championships will be hosted in Marion, IN on Monday and Tuesday of that week, the DCI Performers Showcase on Wednesday, and the Soundsport International Music and Food Festival on the morning of Finals (Saturday). The same article mentioned above revealed that the full schedule will be announced on Wednesday, November 20th In terms of membership Kidsgrove Scouts and Beeches Performance Ensemble will arrive from the UK in late-July/early-August and attend some events and World Championships marking the first time DCI has had multiple International Class ensembles since 2015. Beeches will perform a program based on popular music icon Queen. They will feature their show in the US at Allentown, Avon Lake, Marion, and Indianapolis. Phenom, a Soundsport ensemble under the umbrella of the Academy has applied for Open Class membership. Blue Devils B has recently announced they will be returning to Indy in 2020. The Madison Scouts will become co-ed for the first time in the corps history leaving the Cavaliers as the only all-male corps. Update November 13, 2019: Due to scheduling conflicts with the Alamodome, DCI has redesigned 2020's Texas Tour and will split the 20+ World Class corps (and any possible Open or Soundsport competitors) between San Antonio, Texas and Corpus Christi, Texas on the assumed Southwestern Regional's date, Saturday, July 18th. The 2020 Texas Tour will be: DCI Denton Thursday, July 16 Apogee Stadium at the University of North Texas | Denton, TX DCI Austin presented by FloMarching Thursday, July 16 Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex | Austin, TX DCI Katy presented by Band Shoppe Friday, July 17 Legacy Stadium | Katy, TX DCI San Antonio presented by Fred J. Miller, Inc. Saturday, July 18 D.W. Rutledge Stadium at Judson High School | San Antonio, TX DCI Corpus Christi presented by Fred J. Miller, Inc. Saturday, July 18 Wildcat Stadium at Calallen High School | Corpus Christi, TX DCI Mesquite presented by The U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps Monday, July 20 Mesquite Memorial Stadium | Mesquite, TX DCI McKinney Tuesday, July 21 McKinney ISD Stadium | McKinney, TX Source: https://www.dci.org/news/texas-tour-gets-a-fresh-look-in-2020 Assumptions/Speculation for 2020: It can be assumed shows sponsored in part by corps will return in their usual place in the schedule such as Drums Along the Rockies, the Seattle Summer Music Games, and NightBEAT just to name a few. Based on previous years and with the hope of no stadium conflicts, it is more than likely the DCI Southwestern Championship will be on Saturday, July 18th at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX with all World Class corps and 2-3 Soundsport or Open Class Corps in attendance (Guardians, Arsenal, Compass, maybe Phenom). Additionally, the DCI Southeastern Championship will likely be on Saturday, August 25th at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA with all World Class corps and likely 2-3 DCA or Soundsport groups in attendance (Carolina Gold, Atlanta CV). DCI will likely be pushing Allentown hard as the season begins as they had two news articles about it in the span of a week as well as a two night package deal for tickets which is the only other show besides Championships with a similar deal on sale before the release of the full tour schedule. If Phenom is approved for Open Class in early-2020 it is likely they will have a regional tour based around California, Arizona, and maybe Texas.
  10. Phenom, a Soundsport group run by the parent organization of The Academy announced they applied for Open Class. This is found under the "History" section of their website, "In 2020, Phenom has applied for Open Class status in Drum Corps International, and upon final approval early in 2020, the ensemble will compete as an Open Class competitive unit." I took a look at some other Soundsport groups to see if any were joining or applying for Open Class and found: Appalachian Gold - No Announcement Arsenal - No Announcement Compass - No Announcement (side-note, they have one of the best websites I've seen from a drum corps) Conquest - No Announcement The Diplomats - No Announcement Impact - All-Age thus ineligible for Open Class Lone Star - No Announcement Railmen - All-Age thus ineligible for Open Class Rogues Hollow Regiment - All-Age thus ineligible for Open Class Thunder of Roanoke - Staying in Soundsport for 2020 Zephyrus - Staying in Sounsport for 2020 Based on when Genesis and Music City announced they were going World Class (pretty much right after their last Open Class season concluded) I doubt anyone will move into World this year. However if anyone is ready to it would most likely be Spartans or Legends (depending on their finances and the hope that we won't have another mid-season we're broke please help announcement) BDB recently announced they'd be returning to Indy 2020, no word if SCVC will follow suit or stay in California. We won't know until the schedule is released if any other regionally touring corps will come/return to Indy. If any I believe Battalion, Vessel, or Impulse may be ready to return/appear for the first time. Additionally, Beeches Performance Ensemble (DCUK Silver medalist, DCE bronze medalist) will be joining Kidsgrove in the USA this summer bringing us two International corps for the first time since 2015 I believe.
  11. Cascades will hopefully have a larger turnout this year, we're offering satellite camps in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas, and Portland!
  12. Except for the Open Class CA shows that happen until late July, this is pretty much it
  13. This seems like such a trivial issue though, there are plenty of ways to work around this. Saturday and Sunday for All-Age, Monday and Tuesday for Open Class, Thursday through Saturday for World Championships for example. If the biggest issue here is a morning finals then is there really an issue? It may not be the most universally liked decision but DCI is the largest drum corps circuit in the world currently. No other circuit whether it be DCA, DCE, DCJ, or even the new Drum Corps Asia has had the reach and scope DCI has had these past few years, DCI remains the largest circuit for drum corps competition.
  14. Coming from someone mainly involved in the DCI side of things, at this point why doesn't DCA and DCI merge or DCI expands the "All-Age" Class and allows those units to participate in DCI Championships. For example host the All-Age Prelims the morning of Open Class Prelims and All-Age Finals the morning of Open Class Finals. Then allow all 3 classes (4 if International Class is in use) to compete at World Championships. Of course the DCA season runs longer into August and September than the DCI season so there would have to be some adjustment on the part of the DCA corps but it allows All-Age corps to survive in a way that DCA doesn't seem to offer at the moment and could quite possibly boost the attendance of some DCI events as well as boosting DCI's member corps by 14+
  15. BD SCV Bluecoats Boston Crusaders or Carolina Crown The other one The Cavaliers Blue Stars Blue Knights Mandarins The Cadets Crossmen Spirit of Atlanta Phantom Regiment Pacific Crest The Academy Colts Madison Scouts Troopers Genesis Music City Spartans Jersey Surf Seattle Cascades Gold Legends Louisiana Stars
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