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  1. Cascades will hopefully have a larger turnout this year, we're offering satellite camps in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas, and Portland!
  2. Except for the Open Class CA shows that happen until late July, this is pretty much it
  3. This seems like such a trivial issue though, there are plenty of ways to work around this. Saturday and Sunday for All-Age, Monday and Tuesday for Open Class, Thursday through Saturday for World Championships for example. If the biggest issue here is a morning finals then is there really an issue? It may not be the most universally liked decision but DCI is the largest drum corps circuit in the world currently. No other circuit whether it be DCA, DCE, DCJ, or even the new Drum Corps Asia has had the reach and scope DCI has had these past few years, DCI remains the largest circuit for drum corps competition.
  4. Coming from someone mainly involved in the DCI side of things, at this point why doesn't DCA and DCI merge or DCI expands the "All-Age" Class and allows those units to participate in DCI Championships. For example host the All-Age Prelims the morning of Open Class Prelims and All-Age Finals the morning of Open Class Finals. Then allow all 3 classes (4 if International Class is in use) to compete at World Championships. Of course the DCA season runs longer into August and September than the DCI season so there would have to be some adjustment on the part of the DCA corps but it allows All-Age corps to survive in a way that DCA doesn't seem to offer at the moment and could quite possibly boost the attendance of some DCI events as well as boosting DCI's member corps by 14+
  5. BD SCV Bluecoats Boston Crusaders or Carolina Crown The other one The Cavaliers Blue Stars Blue Knights Mandarins The Cadets Crossmen Spirit of Atlanta Phantom Regiment Pacific Crest The Academy Colts Madison Scouts Troopers Genesis Music City Spartans Jersey Surf Seattle Cascades Gold Legends Louisiana Stars
  6. Might as well throw in my take for fun Bluecoats Blue Devils Santa Clara Vanguard Boston Crusaders Carolina Crown Cadets Cavaliers Blue Stars Blue Knights Phantom Regiment Mandarins Spirit of Atlanta Crossmen Madison Scouts The Academy Colts Troopers Music City Pacific Crest Gold Spartans Seattle Cascades Legends Genesis Jersey Surf Guardians 7th Regiment Southwind Louisiana Stars River City Rhythm Golden Empire Shadow Colt Cadets Raiders Heat Wave
  7. They asked for show music, this is Cascade's source music for this year
  8. I think you misunderstood the assignment buddy
  9. Nope, Percussion-naut Patriots
  10. Take a wild guess where I'm marching
  11. Congrats to Encorps for being approved for Open Class Competition. They will focus on a regional tour, mainly shows within a day trip from their home town. • Allentown, PA — June 28 • East Rutherford, NJ — July 2 • Augusta, NJ — July 17 • Annapolis, MD — July 30 • Allentown, PA — August 2
  12. I've been getting a black screen that only says "500 internal server error" or something like that when I try to update Encorps and Shadow's musical selections. Anyone know how to help
  13. Would I be able to get this pinned for the upcoming season?