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  1. detergant


    To clear this up a bit more. I did mean i was trying out for the 2020 season not 2019.
  2. detergant


    I am trying out for DCI this upcoming season. I've been leaning towards either the Mandarins or the Academy. What corps did you guys start out in and how were your experiences in them?
  3. detergant

    Black Gold?

    Dang it's blocked since i'm on a school computer but i'll be sure to check it out when i get home
  4. detergant

    Black Gold?

    I'm a sophomore in Oklahoma that likes new-age DCI, but the drum tech here told me to check out Black Gold since he was in the corps when it was still active. I've been trying to find some information on Black Gold, the Drum and Bugle Corp, but i keep finding information only on the Winter Guard, that's still active. Does anyone have any information that might be important? Or any videos of their performances.
  5. detergant

    Drum Corps Podcasts

    Drum Corps AF is the only one on spotify so that's what i'm chowing down on right now.
  6. this is pretty late but i'm a sophomoe trying out for a smaller corps until i get out of highschool, then i'm aiming for BD