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  1. Cadets had their community performance tonight in Erie. Anyone go to it that can tell us anything? 🙏
  2. 👀 Rumor is Cadets have already learned the entire show. That seems... early?
  3. Today, we'll finally hear what The Cadets are doing this year after a successful 2021. Show details announcement today -> https://cadets.org/mgday ICYMI.. they released their annual report and tax documents from last year. Love the transparency and happy to donate. -> https://cadets.org/cae-releases-2021-annual-report-financials
  4. Surprised to see this thread so quiet lately but things are happening! Last week, Cadets released their tax documents and annual report from last year. Love the transparency.... https://cadets.org/cae-releases-2021-annual-report-financials Today is Maroon & Gold day and we will finally see what the show is all about. Excited to see where they after huge success in 2021. https://cadets.org/mgday <== Show details
  5. Look like Cadets are announcing show details today as part of their fundraiser at https://cadets.org/donate Show title, graphics, repertoire, and a whole bunch of interview videos and brass videos.
  6. I think the announcement also said they were switching from Demoulin to Stanbury Uniforms. I doubt they’re using anything in storage. Sounds like they are getting new.
  7. Cadets have been busy lately. New organization, new management, new equality & inclusion committee, regular live webinars with designers and staff from other corps.... and now.... a new home https://cadets.org/cadets-to-relocate-in-allentown/
  8. Tom & Neil are live on the website... donate.cadets.org lots of cool stories.
  9. Just donated! Looks like they're having a good day fundraising. Well over halfway to their goal already.
  10. Or they just don’t want mail (and donations) mixed together.
  11. Probably. A move that big doesn’t happen overnight.
  12. My guess is this is temporary until things are off and running.
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