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  1. Simmer down. It's not only the 85th anniversary of the corps this year, it's also the 50th anniversary of when the corps allowed women.. so it makes sense to me that they're talking about it. Jeez.
  2. Looks like a good weekend in Cadetland. Nice video in article.
  3. Cadets Color Guard full staff announced... In other news..... Greg Lagola is at Cadets now?!? 😧 😍 Source:
  4. Yes, you can rewatch the brass & guard webinars at In other news..... Greg Lagola is at Cadets now?!? 😧 😍 Source:
  5. the show was cancelled because of the Hurricane
  6. Back to our regularly scheduled program.... Cadets full brass staff announced: Other captions being announced live next week at
  7. I agree that Darcie could hold them back again. I heard a rumor that other big names were unannounced (possibly still in contract negotiations) and are being brought in to work with her so she doesn't go rogue again. Fingers crossed...
  8. I heard that others who were unnamed (contract negotiations still in progress maybe?) will be coming in to work with her. She won't be allowed to go rogue again.
  9. I imagine it going something like this: April: Hey you’re on my color guard staff. Staffer: I wish I could bu.. April: DID I STUTTER?! Staffer: Yes ma’am
  10. Haha. True, I might open the wallet up a little..
  11. It is kinda cool to hear from everyone in the article.
  12. It is cool to hear from everyone in the recording in the article.
  13. Well... maybe it was a premature release and there's still hope! 🤓
  14. Someone must be watching here LOL. Cadets2 has since been removed from that page
  15. literally has a countdown timer to midnight! LOL I love it