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  1. Cadets have been busy lately. New organization, new management, new equality & inclusion committee, regular live webinars with designers and staff from other corps.... and now.... a new home
  2. Tom & Neil are live on the website... lots of cool stories.
  3. Just donated! Looks like they're having a good day fundraising. Well over halfway to their goal already.
  4. Or they just don’t want mail (and donations) mixed together.
  5. Probably. A move that big doesn’t happen overnight.
  6. My guess is this is temporary until things are off and running.
  7. Very exciting. I've seen nothing but good things come from Cadets in the last few months.
  8. Statement from Cadets about Covid-19 and the separation from YEA.
  10. This debate about 501c3, whether they can fundraise, whether your donation is tax deductible, where their board is, Etc. is just odd to me. They are not operating as their own organization yet. That’s not until March 31. 501c3 is YEA right now. Board is YEA right now. Donations are tax deductible right now. They can fundraise and you can donate - and write it off. They said all of these details would be complete by March 31 when they transition. Why are we still talking about this? Am I missing something?
  11. I don't think that's technically correct. I think they raised money but it was probably all spent on debt and crap, resulting in the generous person stepping in. My two cents.
  12. I mean.. maybe? But they also said they raised a ton of money last year so why change it if it ain't broke? They really should be looking at new ways of raising money in addition to what they're already doing.
  13. LOL ok funny but... my email didn't ask for money. It was actually well written and excited to hear the corps is having a great winter!
  14. Simmer down. It's not only the 85th anniversary of the corps this year, it's also the 50th anniversary of when the corps allowed women.. so it makes sense to me that they're talking about it. Jeez.
  15. Looks like a good weekend in Cadetland. Nice video in article.