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  1. bring back follow the leader drill and knee high dresses for the color guard as well. The color guard outfits have been to risque for my taste as of late
  2. This thread isn't about george hopkins though I think he deserves to be allowed back into the activity. This thread is about staying true to the original drum corps that we all loved, not this amplified abomination that drum corps has turned into
  3. If it aint G bugles then it aint drum corps. DCI should change its name to marching band international
  4. If the CEO of DCI is reading this take this as a warning that I will never buy another ticket until you get rid of the b flat instruments. I want my face to be melted off by the majesty of bugles and if you do not comply then consider me not a fan anymore. BRING BACK BUGLES
  5. Mods are obviously blue devils fans they dont want the cadets to ever be good again
  6. George Hopkins was a legend in this activity and if he is not rightfully reinstated by the beginning of the season then I'm never buying another ticket again
  7. He was the corps director for the cadets for decades. He has been under some fire for sexual abuse allegations though none of the women who say he raped them went and got a rape kit done after the fact. To me it seems like this is a smear campaign to take down a great legend from our activity, similar to kavanaugh and the allegations against him that never amounted to anything
  8. http://www.wfmz.com/news/lehigh-valley/george-hopkins-yea-settle-civil-suit-regarding-compensation/996003334 I'm new to the board but didnt see any thread about this story. What does everyone here think about George Hopkins? He was a legend for decades and is now undergoing a fall from grace