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  1. Caption bleed - Not to be confused with the WWE Wrestler - Captain Blood!
  2. The whole drum line is clean and has a difficult book. Obvious caption bleed.
  3. They need to stop having vague fluffy goals, like “we’re developing leaders” or “we’re just out to please the crowd”. Both of those sound admirable, but are not measurable. I say put those as byproducts, but make your top goal winning. The current admin brags that the Scouts are unique in building leaders....which Corp does not build leaders??? You’re telling me that the winningest Corps - the Blue Devils - is not building leaders? They are at least partially focused on winning and that doesn’t seem to be hindering them from training excellent youth! So Madison admin....please put more priority on building a top tier program....Because you tend to get what you aim for in life. If you say scores and placements don’t matter, you’re not aiming for anything tangible or specific.. Scott Stewart never liked to admit it, but when scores and placements were at least part of his focus, and the Corps scored a lot higher, crowd appeal was higher. Because crowds tend to react positively to high achievement......Remember that 95 show? Probably one of their cleanest ensembles ever!
  4. Wonder if they (admin and board) suffer from the Dunning-Krueger Effect. Blind to their own areas of incompetence, but think they are amazing leaders. I’m tired of hearing what a great experience and learning environment they are providing the guys while slipping further and further into irrelevance. In the corporate world, they would have been shown the door about 5 years ago!
  5. Heck yeah, that piece rocks! Hope the rest of the show has that kind of punch!
  6. I hope the Scouts punch us right in the face from the first note to the last note!
  7. I'm hoping their show has a powerful horn statement right out of the gate (and throughout the show) that pushes the stands back about 50 yards!