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  1. For Phantom Regiment to return to being a title contender. SUTA!
  2. Completely agree. My brother and I marched Phantom Regiment together in 1985. He was a saxophone player and learned to play tuba so he could march contra with the Regiment.
  3. Dallas (but really Arlington where AT&T stadium is), Atlanta, Los Angeles (in the new stadium), and Madison
  4. Bluecoats Crown - Amazing music as always Boston - Liked the theme and the guard Blue Knights Phantom Regiment - homer pic but they greatly improved throughout the season
  5. I am also an alum and am saddened by the decline over the last several years. I will always pull for them but it seems that big changes will be needed to right the ship. And those seem more distant with each passing year.
  6. 1. 1996 Phantom Regiment - Defiant Heart 2. 1984 Garfield Cadets - West Side Story
  7. Best they have sounded pre-tour in many years. I agree that I am encouraged by what I have heard so far.