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  1. Carolina Crown - 73.35 Cadets - 69.3 Blue Stars - 68.15 Crossmen - 66.85 Colts - 64.45 Madison Scouts - 62.4
  2. I like how one of the pant legs is darker than the other. Gives a cool effect with the drill, especially during the company front.
  3. Thoughts on Blue Stars: WOW some fast paced and crazy drill! I love it! I think the uniform pants are extremely well designed. The yellow pops and the black shoes off the marching technique so well. Guard is doing great fighting the wind! I love that song from Frozen at the end Will definitely be fighting for that 7th place spot this year!!!
  4. I loved the brass feature at the end! Great full sounds!
  5. Yeah you’re right. I guess I’m more used to traditional drill and don’t understand the demand of choreography since I haven’t been exposed to it myself.
  6. I watched a video of Vox Eversio again and...why is the visual demand nonexistent. They flutter run to many sets and the drill is easy. How do they get away with it???! There are so many high schools with more difficult visual programs. I can’t be the only one who thinks this??
  7. SCV is performing at an unreal level and their show is just cleaner right now. There are moments in BD’s show where the guard doesn’t have work yet. BD will get there.
  8. I like this BD show but I wish they would do something drastically different every once in a while. But I do understand that they are probably very comfortable placing in the top 2 every year to feel the need to go crazy different.
  9. They sound fantastic but the visual design isn’t as memorable at Babylon. The Babylon props were more effective with all the movement.
  10. I loved it but the ending is weird???? Like they ran out of time and were like “ummmm throw the rifles” idk.
  11. I don’t have any predictions but if I had to rank last year’s top 6 based on my enjoyment of them so far it would probably go something like this: 1. Crown 2. Bluecoats 3. Cavaliers 4. SCV 5. BD 6. BAC I love Crown because they have kept a lot of drill difficulty rather than the staging that takes up so much of SCV’s and BD’s show. I don’t think staging is all bad but I think traditional drill is really effective too. After seeing videos of all these corps, I still think that Bluecoats has the strongest design from a GE standpoint and is solid in every caption. BAC just seems a tad overproduced for my taste. What I love about this season so far is that I don’t see a clear winner at all, in fact I don’t see a clear group of medalists like last season (although Vanguard, BD, and the Bluecoats are looking to take those top 3 spots again).
  12. Totally agree. Crown shocked me with the depth of the visual design and obviously the music. Boston was phenomenal (especially the guard), but the ballad is a major weak spot for me right now. Also, Crown has a lot of room to grow I think.
  13. Bluecoats-71.15 Crown-70.9 Boston-70.05 Cadets-67.1 BlueStars-65.45 Phantom-63.25
  14. The blue looks SO good! Wow, show feels different for Bloo but in a great way, loving it!!
  15. Love the contrast between the guard costumes and the blue coats 😉