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  1. I'm a not too much older but stiil go back to my roots of the 60's. I remember my first records where the Stetson D. Richmond recordings of the "seniors" who I just fell in love with. I'm talking like the late 50's. There was nothing like listening to the Caballeros, Skyliners, Reilly Raiders, Yankee Rebels or Hurricanes.
  2. So I presume you are speaking only of "The Cadets" from the 80's on but when I am looking at this organization, I am looking back to their start of 1934. They were one of the "Power Houses" from the east coast then and have managed to stay competitive to the current day. That's the Tradition of the maroon and gold and the cradle of drum corps.
  3. The Blue Devils Post 2019 Victory Run The Blue Devils just posted their 2019 Victory Run 15 minutes ago - for your enjoyment.
  4. ok, So here are the scores and averages. BD Finals 19.850 - Semis 19.500 - Prelim 19.550 = Avg. 19.633 SCV Finals 19.800 - Semis 19.600 - Prelims 19.800 = Avg. 19.733 To me it looks like SCV is top score
  5. Here is Jeff Prosperie's biography. Jeff Prosperie arrived to the West Point Band as a member of the Legendary Hellcats in December of 2006, and currently serves as both the Section Leader and Principal Drummer of the Percussion Section. Jeff is a World Snare Drum Champion and the first and only individual to capture the “triple crown” of solo competition (DCI, PAS, DCA). In addition to his duties as a Hellcat he also performs on occasion with the West Point percussion ensemble, steel band, and concert band. Jeff recently served as the percussion arranger/instructor for the nationally televised Army All-American High School Marching Band. Prior to these positions he served as Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Principal Percussion with the Baton Rouge Symphony, and as the percussion designer/caption-head for the World Champion Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle corps of Rockford, Illinois. He actively serves as a championship level adjudicator for DCI and WGI and as a marching percussion committee member for PAS. Jeff earned his B.M.Ed from LSU, his MM from The University of North Texas, and has completed all course work for the DMA from UNT. Jeff has performed, presented clinics, and adjudicated throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan as well as PASIC, TMEA, TBA, and The Mid-West Band and Orchestra Convention. Jeff’s compositions and solo performances can be seen in his book/DVD “Aptitude- A Conversation in snare soloing” published by Drop 6. This publication received the very rare rating of a perfect “10” from Modern Drummer Magazine declaring it a classic. Jeff can also be seen as a featured artist on the recent DVD “The Rudiment Project” by the Percussive Arts Society as well as several performances on YouTube and downloadable apps with Jeff is a performing artist/clinician for Pearl/Adams, Sabian, Innovative Percussion, and Evans. How can SCV win the Fred Sanford award for percussion and yet Blue Devils have a higher score? He was all over the field in every corps way tonight. I just find the scores don't match the results.
  6. Congratulations to all the corps and the Blue Devils. All the performers gave 150% in their performances and it showed. Flo did it's usual sub standard stream. In and out of focus, volume up and down and abundance of Rocket Mortgage ads. If I ever need a mortgage it will be anybody but Rocket Mortgage. It takes a lot to get me going but where was the Chief Judge. That "Drum Judge", That A## was all over the field and violated every corp's performance. Every corps should have received a perfect percussion score and that judge should be barred from ever judging another World Championship. Again kudos to the kid for job well done
  7. Everyone catch the tunnel shot of SOA and their equipment vehicles. 1 trailer for each stack of speakers = 2 trailers pulled by a golf cart. That's why there is so much "noise" on the field.
  8. Brandt is getting up there in years. I believe Dan Potter is being groomed to take over for him. He seems to be doing more and more shows.
  9. Yes it was. But at the time, who thought you could bring an entire venue normally performed on a football field an bring it indoors to perform on a stage. I recently bought the DVD on EBAY. There is a bonus 25 minute clip "Behind The Scenes" on the DVD. The group lived together for 6 months in a few rooms stacked with bunk beds. They painted a grid of the stage layout on a school parking lot and practiced their routine for 12 hours plus each day before the actual start of their tour which then expanded beyond performances in the states. Not too different from what the groups of today are doing to tour. I just find it amazing and highly entertaining.
  10. Could not agree more. Sometimes, you learn more by just listening.
  11. Not sure this qualifies as a Drum Corps Show since it was not a competition but, the concept, staff, etc. did evolve from drum corps. I would have liked to have seen Blast! the broadway show live!
  12. I am not involved in this thread but have been following the posts. Thank you for sharing your qualifications. I am very impressed.
  13. Does anybody know? Do we have the same slate of judges for Semis? Webb and Gray seemed lowest in the GE caption.