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  1. At last, a uniform that matches the stature of the Cadets. IMO last year's uniform was too feminine looking. Nothing beats a West Point cadet style uniform or a variation. Case in point, The Marine Drum & Bugle Corps has stayed up to date with modern type shows and music but still wear the time honored Marine uniform which we all love.
  2. Great to hear Mandarins have a good show working. Liked them last year for the 1st time but that prop they used was a bear for sure. Can you imagine spending 3 hours and a team to build and dismantle that thing to get it on the field. Some of the props are over the top. Loved Boston's rotating star stage. It looked like it was a little more manageable.
  3. BDB looked sharp and sounded great. Even the C Corps is getting pretty good. I'm wondering what happens with Open class titles this year since DBD & SCVC are not touring. BDB calendar shows them returning home from tour in mid July.
  4. Addition to show not mentioned in previous post. One BD marching member is attending a university, majoring in music and studying sousaphone. He marched with a chromed sousaphone like you would see in a concert band. One cannot imagine what BD "Space Chords" sounds like with 160+ brass. Pretty awesome.
  5. Lance Posted 6-16-19 regarding the age of members in Blue Devils I attended the show and part of opening remarks from the president of the Booster club was; they acknowledged 52 age outs in the A corps this year and 1 in the B Corps so BD will have an experienced line for 2019 and will be at the top of their game.. Today is Monday 6-17-19 and they are on the road heading to Clovis where they will rehearse the remainder of the week till show date Friday. It's also notable to note this additional info: Regarding instrumentation, BD is using 2 synthesizers in the pit. I suspect 1 is for piano/organ parts for the music and other is for FX sounds. They also have a violin in the and an electric guitar as well, plus a giant bass drum, gong and tympani's in the pit. We all knew that Shaun Gallant came over from SCV. He and David Gibbs were up front at the start of the show. While Gibbs is the current CEO of the BDPA organization, he announced that Gallant will be taking over the duties of CEO and GIbbs will be in advisory status, I guess that Gibbs is kind of retiring. This has bee 34 years for him. Scott Johnson was not at this event. First time in 14 years. He is in Japan doing something for the Blue Devils. C Corps, B Corps & A Corps all sporting new uniforms but A did not uniforms or flag silks for this show. They're either waiting for show reveal at Clovis or still getting thing ready. President of Boosters also announced to parents (stands were full) that all of the instruments on the field are by System Blue which BD owns and they made a pitch to Band people in the stands to talk to BD to buy instruments. BD showed showed off new food truck and it is beautiful. BDPA president said the cost was over $150,000. We got to tour at end of show. It has double ovens inside, grill, freezer, refrigerator, cold table, grill, pantry storage and has (guessing) a 72" or larger flat screen on the back rear side which can play vids of their show as well as a schedule for the day. (No More White Boards) WOW! The show was great in person but watching the videos on youtube I can see things I missed. Their props and the show is not complete but it should be ready by Clovis. The props currently look like bare plywood so they will probably be painted or covered with tarps. The props move up and down on a hinges and double as the wall in the beginning of the show then collapse to serve as stages for the guard and corps. The show begins with the pit playing a harpsichord sounding piece which I could not identify till I got home; it's Hans Zimmer's intro to "The Game Of Shadow's Theme, the doors in the wall burst open the and the lower range horns hit you with the beginning number. Love it!..... In the beginning during the warm up, the guard was behind the wall throwing 7's. It kind of looked like fireworks going off over the top of the wall. There is a part about midway through the show where the stages are set up midfield in a semicircle and the entire soprano line as pairs of shoes which they lean over the stages to do a soft shoe tap dance. Also the entire 16 mellophones also carry trumpets on the field to use in a number. Missed when that happens. Only downside to the show that I could see was the ending and that may be due to it is not done. BD played a fanfare and some chords and the show just ended. Kind of left everyone with the feeling of what to do next, applause, cheer, or what? Some great effects to be sure but the show is typical BD stuff. By end of week, they'll score mid 70's with SCV and every show following will be 2 points better than the last show til finals when BD and SCV will be in the high 90's. That's what BD does. Cavaliers are rehearsing in Salt Lake City today and Fernley, NV Tuesday to arrive in Clovis Thursday. I have not seen SCV yet but these two corps will be in the top 3 spots I'm sure. For some reason, I'm thinking we might even see a tie somewhere in the top 6 spots and Boston which I only know from hype might be 4th. Have to talk about their merchandising store at the show. BD is so creative. They use 2 tents like you see at a flea market only with Blue tops and BD logo. Walls are wire tri fold sections with tarps with images to provide protection from the elements and closure. Inside are mini, mini hi intensity lighting, a manikin stands at front bathed in soft blue light and multiple clothing items are on display to view and choose from with a register at each corner exit. It gives you the feeling of shopping in a high end clothing store. They are so good at what they do but, they have been doing it for 62 years. Show lineup CORPS SHOWDAY: MidCal Championship Friday, Jun 21, 2019 Lamonica Stadium, 1055 Fowler Ave, Clovis, CA 93611 CORPS SHOWDAY: DCI West Saturday, Jun 22, 2019 Stanford Stadium, 625 Nelson Rd, Stanford, CA 94305 CORPS SHOWDAY: Moonlight Classic Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 Hughes Stadium, 3835 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822 for remainder of the week:
  6. Right On craiga! Some seem awfully quick to judge in the forum without knowing all the facts.
  7. What an awesome idea. It simply amazes me how technical, how professional all corps are but, let's not forget that this one trailer which still requires a tractor truck to pull it was over $100k. I remember when people were taking out second loans on their homes to help a unit.
  8. I agree that movies would probably not be the best choice. In my travels, I always enjoyed the museums especially the one in Chicago. It's huge. BD members got to see the real painting they were trying to create on the field. I think that was awesome for the members
  9. Boys Play Trumpet and Girls Play Flute, but Why? At first glance, this might seem like the case considering when one views a major symphony orchestra or band, the ranks seem filled with women in the strings, woodwinds, and fute sections. I have noticed there seems to be a growing interest amongst girls and women especially in the Marching Arts to choose a brass instrument to play which prompted me to do some research on the subject and this is what I found. It's difficult to choose a starting point and If I leave someone out Sorry, there are so many. Let's start with the 1977 Garfield Cadets production which featured a number of color guard members playing soprano bugles. Spotlight: 1977 Garfield Cadets Drum Corps International Published on Aug 24, 2015 From rule-bending vocals to soprano bugle playing color guard members, the Garfield Cadets' 1977 production featured a number of trail blazing programming choices for the time period. Next is Barbara Maroney. 35 years after her age out, Barbara Maroney is still honored. She is probably best known for her mellophone solo work with the World Champion Garfield Cadets during 1984. Her solo during "Maria" and "A Boy Like That/I Have a Love" were wrenching. It's also notable to note that Barbara was born with no left arm from the elbow down (thus, she had to lip everything that would otherwise have been done by using the 1st valve trigger on her mellophone)...I believe she even had a concert French horn made for right handed use. In 83 the fingers of her glove were simply tied around the bottom of her mello...that's what you're seeing. In 84 she actually had a prosthetic device which her glove fit over and she was able to actually grip the valve casing. See Barbara and the 1984 Garfield Cadets here: Garfield 1984 - Program: Selections from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim - Score: 98.00 1st Schadret Published on Apr 1, 2016 There is a text interview where Barbara was interviewed by telephone on March 24, 1992 at the following link: An Interview with Barbara Maroney - The Middle Horn Leader Interview.htm Originally published March 31, 1992. Here's a portion of the Garfield Cadets 1983 program: Garfield Cadets (1983 Miami) - Program: Rocky Point Holiday - Score: 94.40 1st starofindy Published on Jan 22, 2007 Zingali's drill & great G Bugle sound 1984 Garfield Cadets — Barbara Maroney Interview (Video) 84Cadet Published on Jul 18, 2009 This is a video interview with Barbara Maroney, the mellophone soloist of the 1983 & 1984 Garfield Cadets. Following are Forum Threads In Drum Corps Planet Forms linked to Barbara Maroney Historical Junior Corps Discussions Mellophone Question By abelm98, June 14, 2007 in Brass Forum Barbara Maroney for Cadets HOF By 84BDsop, April 23, 2009 in Historical Junior Corps Discussions Drum Corps Membership Changes By xandandl, March 22 Next is Bonnie Thompson (Ott). Bonnie began her drum corps career in 1966 with the Stockton Commodores from Stockton, California. Her brother (Jim) was attending the University of the Pacific and he taught and arranged the music for the Commodores while Bonnie played. Her brother advanced to instructing Spirit of JSU where he was killed in a freak auto accident. Bonnie went on to play with the Blue Devils in 1974, serving as section leader for the alto bugle section until aging out as a national champion in 1976. There is a article about Bonnie Thompson (Ott) which was Originally published March 1993 at the following link: Bonnie Thompson (Ott) by Scooter Pirtle Thompson (Ott).htm Bonnie Ott has been a guest at DCI World Championships and seen sitting in the end zone section with the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps. The Following Clip is Bonnie at DCI in 2012 Bonnie Ott Thompson @ DCI 2012 Roy Perez And A Tribute To Her Brother (Jim Ott) announced by Wayne Downey of The Blue Devils Tribute to Jim Ott July 1980-200 Horn Players Roy Perez Published on Nov 5, 2009 200 combined horn line players from the Stockton Commodores,Blue Devils,SC Vanguard,and Freelancers drum and bugle corps play a memorial tribute of NAVAL HYMN for DCI hall of fame member Jim Ott at Concord California July 19,1980. Next is Carolina Crown's Ballad in 2018 - Brass Caption Supervisor Matt Harloff Describes The Design using an all female brass ensemble DCI Carolina Crown All-Female Hornline Moment in Ballad Marching Roundtable / Marching Arts Education Published on Jul 20, 2018 Crown Brass Caption Supervisor Matt Harloff gives us the inside scoop on that awesome all-female hornline moment in the ballad this year. How did it come about, and how did they make it happen Here is the Carolina Crown 2018 Ballad during their tour in August of 2018 Carolina Crown 2018 Ballad BubbaDuh Fett Published on Aug 4, 2018 Next is Staff Sergeant Courtney Lawrence in “The Commandant's Own,” The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, stationed in Washington, DC. Staff Sergeant Courtney Lawrence serves as a Brass Technician with SCV for the 2019 season Courtney Lawrence is a Staff Sergeant in “The Commandant’s Own,” The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, stationed in Washington, DC. She plays the Euphonium Bugle and currently serves as the Hornline Instructor. A native Texan, Courtney studied Music Education at the University of Houston prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Courtney marched in the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps in 2004-2008 and the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps in 2003. Currently in her third season with the Santa Clara Vanguard, she has also taught Phantom Regiment and is an active drill designer and clinician in the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland area. Here Is A Behind the Scenes featuring Courtney of The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps Behind the Scenes with the Drum and Bugle Corps "The Commandant's Own," The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps Published on Feb 24, 2015 SSgt Courtney Lawrence talks about how the D&B is incorporating tablets with our drill writing and critiquing process. Next is Amy Frost who also serves as a Brass Technician with SCV for the 2019 season Amy Frost is in her second year as a member of the brass faculty for the Santa Clara Vanguard. She received her BM in Instrumental Music Education in May of 2008 from Arizona State University, where she was in several performing ensembles including the Wind Symphony, chamber ensembles, brass quintet, trumpet ensemble, and the Sun Devil Marching Band. While in college, she taught trumpet privately in the Phoenix area as well as supervised the visual programs at several high schools in the Valley. Amy has been involved with the DCI activity since 2001, beginning her drum corps career as a soprano soloist with Copper Star from Gilbert, Arizona. She then was a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard from 2003 to 2006, aging out of DCI as the 2006 I&E Trumpet Champion. During the Fall of 2008 Amy had the special opportunity of traveling to Japan as a professional musician, playing both trumpet and piccolo trumpet, for the “Odyssey” stage production. The show was an all-female cast of percussionists, dancers and brass musicians sponsored by the Min-On Concert Association, a Japanese organization that believes music is the universal language, promoting cultural exchange and peace by introducing music and performing arts from every country around the world. Following her time as a member, Amy began teaching drum corps in 2007 as an intern with the Vanguard A Corps, as well as devoting some time to the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps as a visual instructor. In 2008 and 2009 she joined the brass staff at the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps from La Crosse, Wisconsin as the trumpet technician and Breathing Gym Specialist. Amy was a member of the brass staff of the Madison Scouts during the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 seasons. Amy is currently in her first year as an assistant band director at Grisham Middle School in Round Rock ISD. Prior to her time at Grisham, Amy spent two years as an assistant director at Vista Ridge High School in Leander ISD, and five years in Georgetown ISD, two as an assistant band director at Georgetown High School from 2009 to 2011 and three as the Director of Bands at East View High School from 2011 to 2014. Before moving to Texas to teach band, Amy was the Director of Bands at Stapley Junior High in Mesa, Arizona. Next is Jessie DeJesus who also serves as a Brass Technician with SCV for the 2019 season Jessie DeJesus is an active-duty service member of the United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps where she currently serves as a Bugle Musician, Drillwriter, Public Affairs NCO, Bugle Arranger, and 4/3 Battalion Equal Opportunity Representative. A native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, Jessie grew up in southeast Texas. She received her Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette in 1999 and received her Master of Music at Louisiana State University in 2002. She is All But Dissertation at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Doctorate of Brass Pedagogy and Literature Program with minors in Music History and Music Theory. She is a proud alumnus of the 1996 Cadets of Bergen County. Afterwards, she worked with local high school marching band programs and taught private lessons in southern Louisiana. In 2016, she began teaching in DCI as a Mellophone Technician at the Bluecoats and worked with them for three seasons. She is excited to spend her first season with Santa Clara Vanguard in 2019! Jessie currently resides in Alexandria, VA, and is stationed at Ft. Myer, VA, adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery. She maintains a small trumpet studio in Washington DC and teaches marching band in Alexandria. She is also an avid flamenco dancer – albeit a pretty bad one – and is pursuing portrait photography as a very expensive hobby. Next are the section leaders for the 2019 SCV (All were part of SCV's 2018 Program: Babylon) Elise Denghausen 2019 Horn Sergeant for SCV Ashley Ballengee 2019 Trumpet Section Leader for SCV Katie Christensen 2019 Baritone Section Leader for SCV Ricky O’Bannon at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra suggests the instrument choice my be gender based in this article Boys Play Trumpet and Girls Play Flute, but Why? In A Dec 2016 Post in the Trumpet Hearld Forum they discuss the performance of Tine Thing Helset, a Norwegian female trumpeter who has received numerous awards and will be touring the US in 2019 with her ten-piece, all-female brass ensemble "tenThing" Post Thread: Women Trumpet Players Here is a clip of Tine Thing Helset playing Libertango in March of 2013. Tine Thing Helseth - Libertango (March 8th, 2013) Kaare K. Johnsen 100th anniversary celebration concert for women's right to vote (in Norway), at Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall in Kristiansand, March 8th, 2013. Clearly all of these women are exceptional. So, the following questions are in order. Do you think there is an increased interest among women to play a brass instrument? If so, Why? Would love your point of view especially if you are a band instructor.
  10. A List of Team Bonding Films Movies can stir our feelings and emotions in a way that cannot be achieved with words alone. If you’re looking to inspire a team, showing a movie that features strong teamwork can bond a group with a common appreciation of the power of working together. Here's a list of Team Bonding Films that promote team building, positive team dynamics and leadership (Sorted by Date) (1963) The Great Escape Based on a true story, a group of 250 men escape from a German prisoner of war camp in 1944. This film embodies the ability be resourceful, establish specific roles within a group and to overcome the odds in extreme adversity. (1984) Ghostbusters There is something inspiring about a troupe of disorganized parapsychologists working together to fight supernatural foes. In the face of super slimy and puffy danger, the Ghostbusters stress the importance of all the working parts of a team. Improvement, leadership, practice and teamwork are all major themes you can’t miss. FYI: Both the original and remake are great for team building! (1989) Dead Poet’s Society English teacher John Keating inspires his students to look at poetry with a different perspective of authentic knowledge and feelings. (1989) Glory A film based on the fight of the U.S. Civil War’s first all-black regiment to overcome prejudice and become a successful and cohesive unit. (1992) The Mighty Ducks Leave it to beautiful-haired Coach Gordon Bombay to give epic team building advice. This classic 90s movie covers everything from teamwork to building focus. The Ducks may have started at the bottom but they fly to the top. Why? Because of awesome leadership and primo teamwork, of course. (1993) Cool Runnings A group of Jamaican bobsledders can’t help but dream of the Olympics. Thanks to a disgraced former bobsled coach, their dream becomes a reality. While this isn’t your classic sports movie, Cool Runnings is a gold mine of lessons, from leadership to team spirit. (1995) Apollo 13 This classic Ron Howard film is based on the true story of the 13th Apollo mission to the moon. After their spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage, the astronauts must work together against the odds and devise a strategy to return to Earth. Commander Jim Lovell maintains control in a chaotic situation which inspires the confidence of his group. Apollo 13 is a great example of showing team members working together to overcome adversity. 1999) Any Given Sunday A behind-the-scenes look at the life-and-death struggles of modern-day Pro Football players and those who lead them. (2000) Remember the Titans A true story about the T.C Williams High School football team and the trials and tribulations they experience as they attempt to unite with a football team from a different culture. As they begin to trust each other and focus on a common goal, they win the state championship. Remember the Titans is a great film that perfectly illustrates hard work, dedication, leadership, sacrifice and success. (2000) Thirteen Days A dramatization of President Kennedy’s struggle to contain the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. This film studies how a leader and his team confront a crisis and stay focused despite huge pressures from both inside and outside the organization. (2001) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring J.R.R. Tolkien was a master storyteller, but he also was an expert in strong teams and excellent leaders. The movie adaptation of The Fellowship of Ring is full of lessons on greed, power and bad leadership. The most important takeaway for teams: how a successful project hinges on the strength of the bond between its participants. (2001) Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure is a true story of Shackleton’s 1914 Endurance expedition to the South Pole and his epic struggle to lead his 28-man crew to safety after his ship was crushed in the pack ice. (2001-2011) The Harry Potter Movies When you’re fighting the wizard-Devil himself, teamwork becomes second nature. The Harry Potter books and movies stress the importance of teams and how each individual contributes to the overall success of the group. Where would Harry be without Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore (and everyone else who helps him)? (2004) Miracle This film tells the true story of Herb Brooks, the player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the seemingly invincible Russian squad and illustrates that the chemistry and loyalty within a team are as important as talent. (2005) Coach Carter The true story of Ken Carter, a top basketball player, who returns to his local high school and coaches its dysfunctional basketball team. Using the players common love of the game and their need to be part of something bigger, Coach Carter transforms the team to one based on discipline, hard work and courage. (2006) Facing the Giants The story of a losing coach with an underdog football team facing their fears of failure head on. The team manages to achieve surprising results by having faith and giving their very best at all times. (2006) Glory Road Glory Road is a story of how Texas Western coach Don Haskins led the first all-black starting line-up for a college basketball team to the NCAA national championship. (2006) Take the Lead The true story of a dance teacher who believes in the talent of a group of “problem” kids. This film recognizes the power and importance of every single member in a team. (2007) Chak De India Chak De India is a story of a hockey player who returns to the game as a coach of a women’s hockey team. (2009) Invictus This movie shows the inspiring true life story of Nelson Mandela’s first days as president of South Africa and how he joins forces with the captain of the South African Rugby team to help unite their country. Invictus is an inspiring movie about building a good team in troubling circumstances and illustrates the first class leadership qualities of Mandela. (2012) Pitch Perfect After hard year, The Barden Bellas, a college female acapella group, is forced to rebuild their reputation. By building a new and extremely diverse team and going against traditional acapella standards, the Barden Bellas succeed in shaking up the acapella world. The Bellas learn that differences are strengths, traditions can be broken, great leadership comes in many forms ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Movie Titles Found At The Following Urls 6 Movies To Get Your Team Motivated - Museum Hack › Blog › Team Building Best Teamwork Movies (Listed By year) 10 Inspirational movies for teams - FocusU Engage India
  11. Post to Preview Shows by smj02 The following show Pacific Procession, is a Preview Show of sorts. It is Santa Clara Vanguard's preview of SCV and the SCV Cadets for the parents and supporters of SCV. This event is hosted by Vanguard Music and Performing Arts. Although it is considered to be a preview show of the Vanguard and the Vanguard Cadets, SCV will have already competed in 3 competitions prior to this event. Friday, 21 Jun 2019 6:30 PM PT MidCal Champions Showcase Clovis, CA Saturday, 22 Jun 2019 7:00 PM PT DCI West Stanford, CA Sunday, 23 Jun 2019 5:30 PM PT Moonlight Classic Sacramento, CA Details for Pacific Procession are as follows: Pacific Procession Monday, June 24th, at Santa Clara High School Santa Clara, CA Tickets are available from VMPA General Admission Tickets: $15 (Children under 12 years old: $10) VIP Tickets Package: $60 SOLD OUT All VIP tickets include an exclusive behind the scenes tour with VMAPA's Executive Director, and a meet & greet with the 2019 Drum Majors. (Please arrive by 5:30 PM for the full experience!) Seating is first come, first serve. When seats in the front stands fill up, guests will be asked to sit in the back stands. Not only will audience members enjoy the incredible, brand new shows that our programs have been working on, but you'll also have a unique opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes. Come early to get a glimpse of the rehearsal process and witness first-hand the fellowship and camaraderie that is the driving spirit of our Vanguard family! Schedule: 3:30 PM - Gates Open & Event Begins 3:45 PM - Vanguard Cadets Rehearsal Run Through 4:30 PM - Santa Clara Vanguard Rehearsal Run Through 7:00 PM - Santa Clara Big Band Performance 7:45 PM - Vanguard Cadets Performance 8:10 PM - Santa Clara Vanguard Performance For those who may want to attend this event, NOTE that Santa Clara High School's field is an open type of field with low bleacher seating
  12. I agree. I cannot see any reason to be silent about the concept, uniforms or music a corps expects to play. In any other venue there is an abundance of pre-advertising to generate interest and ticket sales. There was a time long, long ago when a concept of show idea might have been copied but, that is not the case today. Oh well, another week, we'll know all.
  13. Great To Hear. BAC has done some really interesting things the last couple of years. I loved that ending last year when the guard pulled the tarps over the corps and the hornline was GONE! I expect 2019 to be an exciting year of competition with so many high caliber corps at the top. Now, just hoping that Madison will get up there and back into the fray. Let The Summer Games Begin!
  14. Reply to Jake W. As I posted last week, SCV did this same; NO INFO last year. When the season started, BD and SCV went their separate ways and there was little info from SCV until they competed at larger regional shows. Looks like same thing this year. Both will be at the Clovis show and Sacramento show then it's down south to Rose Bowl. They might hang around a bit since Cavaliers are out here in California. I see Academy is going to be at the Sacramento show. Anyway, SCV is top dog from last year and they'll probably pull every trick they can out of the hat to defend their title.
  15. Next week out here in BD land will be our 1st look at Blue Devils A, B & C corps Family Day June 15, 2019 Location: Los Medanos College 2700 East Leland Pittsburg, CA 94565 Schedule 11:30 AM Full corps meet at truck 12:00 PM Picnic Lunch - provided 3:30 PM Group pic BDC-BDB-BDA 4:00 PM All corps warm-ups 5:30 PM Gates open 7:00 PM Welcome and Nat'l Anthem 7:05 PM Procession of Corps 7:20 PM Percussion mass performance 7:30 PM Special Needs guard performs 7:45 PM Brass mass performance 8:10 PM C corps performs 8:30 PM B corps performs 9:00 PM A corps performs 9:30 PM Event ends