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    I marched with my junior (Hawks, Richmond, CA) 1962-1967, taught and arranged music for the San Leandro Royalaires plus 2 small senior corps in New York, judged execution brass in the Northern Califoria Circuit, I married into a WHOF drum corps family. Brother in law marched and taught "The Commandant's Own" and Yankee Rebels, WHOF father-in-law taught the drill to Yankee Rebels while Truman Crawford taught Brass. Mother in law was also inducted into WHOF.
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    SCV 2018
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    71 Yankee Rebels was the best
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    Richmond, CA (SF Bay Area)
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    Drum Corps, cooking

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  1. Jeff Ream replied cd's and dvd's tho the dvd's have some licensing related edits My Response: I have repeatedly admonished DCI & Dan Acheson about the issue of licensing content for DCI DVD/BluRay distribution. See this Article: Music, Money, Success & the Movies: Part One https://www.ascap.com/help/music-business-101/music-money-success-movies I know of no current performer or group who has ever produced a CD/DVD for distrobution who have released the disc with editied sound, and we are talking about the top 25-50 performers and bands worldwide. It appears to be a case of the 'rights' worth and what the performimg performer is willing to pay. Agiain, I call for Dan Acheson's dismissal as he as again failed as CEO of DCI for failing to promote the activity of DCI, including the creation/issue of DvD's of recorded contest's without restricted edits (because it was financially better deal for DCI. When DCI releases a DVD, they do a sort run, sell out, and no-reprints are availible. It would seem to me, that if DCI truly wanted to develop the activity and a fan base, they would make every effort available to provide past recordings of shows as video/audio availible such as content produced by Fleetwood Records. Forget the Dog & Pony show to introduce IE, Drum Battle, Small Corps, etc.. Lets' experience each season of the available corp's for the top of the season and present them in the most favorable way possible cd/dvd/video clips on social media.
  2. Jeff said: that said i am done watching for the season. Flo hasn't buffered as much as the past but the sound absolutely sucks But what about us who did not subscribe to this cut-rate service. Will DCI produce DVD's for us to buy. Will they be full audio and full sound? I can easiily download youtube videos before they are are taken down by DCI, FloMarching and others, But why should I have to do that. If I'm willing to to buy a DVD which is the same as buying a ticket........that should be be end of question.
  3. Well then, the problem may be deeper than we know. Let's investigate DCI BOD and clean house! I would like to see the activity stay alive and we need to get competent people in place to take the activity into the next decade.
  4. Despite Show Critics who have viewed your 2021 program with criticism BRAVO to all organizations Performing for 2021 Despite Show Critics who have viewed your 2021 program with criticism about poor sound, - poor video. Those complaints should be most directed to FloMarching as to their Mic placement and camera angles. What does translate to fixes that he corps can do to improve thieir shows is to review the amount of 'Synth' amplification as part of the field sound. We love you and and all of the 2021 competitiors for helping to produce a 2021 Bridge tour to the 2022 Drum Corps community. A Famous line voiced by the character Spock “Live Long and Prosper.” 'Live long and prosper' is an abbreviated version of a traditional Jewish religious blessing. It came to a wider public in the Star Trek TV series, where it was used there by the character Mr. Spock (actor Leonard Nimoy, himself Jewish) as the greeting of the Vulcan people. We love your efforts and your shows. Signed, A Fan
  5. If I had my pick of everyone in the Pagentry Arts community, I would pick................... Ready for this.....? I would nominate Denise Bonfiglio in a 'heartbeat'. Denise Bonfiglio - DCI Hall of Fame - Drum Corps International https://www.dci.org/static/denise-bonfiglio Denise Bonfiglio Inducted in 2016 Many know her as the daughter of George Bonfiglio, founder of the 27th Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps and founding father of Drum Corps International. However, Denise Bonfiglio has paved her own impressive path through the drum corps activity via a career that’s already lasted more than 50 years. Growing up on the east coast, Bonfiglio joined the Immaculate Conception Reveries before becoming a member of her father’s 27th Lancers. She excelled as a member of the corps’ color guard and stayed on as an instructor after aging out, teaching the unit’s legendary rifle line. “During those years she worked with George Zingali, Peggy Twiggs and George Bonfiglio,” said 2015 DCI Hall of Fame inductee William Harty. “Together they created the success of the 27th Lancers, winning the hearts and respect of everyone who watched them perform.” After the 27th Lancers ceased operations as a DCI drum corps in 1986, Bonfiglio brought her talents to other corps, including the Garfield Cadets and Star of Indiana. In 1987, she spearheaded the reintroduction of a rifle line into the Cadets’ color guard section. Bonfiglio worked with the 1987 Cadets to shape an inexperienced group of performers into a cohesive and competitive unit. Among the members she taught to spin a rifle that year was April Gilligan, who became a Bonfiglio protégé and later led corps’ color guard section as caption head. “Not having a clue even how to hold the rifle, it was going to be a long summer,” Gilligan remembered when first meeting Bonfiglio in ‘87. “She had no idea what she was up against in having to teach me, but her teaching style was soft and quiet, yet powerful, with results as we went on to win the DCI Championship.” Since the 2000s, Bonfiglio has worked with Santa Clara Vanguard and in recent years has served as the corps’ staff coordinator. In that position she plays an important role as a liaison and facilitator between the organization’s design staff, instructional staff, and management and administrative teams. In parallel with her drum corps activities, Bonfiglio has also been a widely regarded and respected individual within the Winter Guard International community. In 2000, she was inducted into the WGI Hall of Fame. In 2006, she was instrumental in reinstating the Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard program, an award-winning group with which she currently serves as director. With an eye on the past and one on the future, Bonfiglio co-founded the 27th Lancers Foundation with her sister Janine McWilliams. The non-profit organization, in honor of their late parents George and Patsy, raises funds to provide scholarships awarded to DCI corps members on an annual basis. And therein is perhaps Bonfiglio’s greatest achievement in drum corps—her willingness to teach and mentor up-and-coming talent while planting the seeds for future generations of corps members to perform and thrive. She grew up in Drum Corps. She managed the Santa Clara Vanguards origanizition for a brrief stint. The she went to the Cadets and brought them back to life after the "GH" scandels. She is a DCI Hall of Fame inductee from 2016. She would be perfect for the job.
  6. So let's fix it. First step is to oust Dan Acheson and install new leadership in DCI.
  7. That is my point. Flo does not care because they have a long-term contract, signed by Dan Acheson. Further, as long as DCI produces DVD's/Blueray Dvd's with edited sound (removed), creating "partial show" disc's with edited material removed, DCI and it's affiliates will cease to exist. Again: unless changes happen; Drum Corps is Dead.
  8. Flo does not give a rip about quality. Seems like Box 5 is the only alternative or putting Tom Blair & Associates on long term contract with DCI.
  9. No because the Dan Achecheson is supreme CEO and has taken no actions in previous incidents.
  10. Yes that's right! Sad That After 5 Years FLO Still Can't Get It Right - 4 Years To GO Per DCI Contract See DCI Article: https://www.dci.org/news/drum-corps-international-partners-with-flosports-to-live-stream-dci-tour-events Drum Corps International partners with FloSports to live stream DCI Tour events by Drum Corps International 04-20-2017 17:00 Summary: DCI announced an exclusive multi-year partnership with FloSports & Drum Corps International to present our events with FloSports through their rapidly-expanding FloMarching channel, "said Dan Acheson, DCI Executive Director and CEO. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMO: DCI Hogwash from Dan Achesonson (CEO) of Drum Corps International and FloMarching. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Followup FloMarching Article: FloSports And Drum Corps International Extend Partnership To 2026 Summary: FloSports And Drum Corps International Extend Partnership To 2026 https://www.flomarching.com/articles/7124763-flosports-and-wgi-extend-partnership-to-2026 FLOSPORTS EXTENDS BROADCAST RIGHTS PARTNERSHIP WITH PREMIERE MARCHING ARTS ORGANIZATION, DRUM CORPS INTERNATIONAL, THROUGH 2026. Aug 19, 2020 by FloMarching Staff FLOSPORTS EXTENDS BROADCAST RIGHTS PARTNERSHIP WITH PREMIERE MARCHING ARTS ORGANIZATION, DRUM CORPS INTERNATIONAL, THROUGH 2026 DCI Produces Annual Competition Events Series For Elite & Exclusive Marching Ensembles Featuring Multi-Talented Student Musicians And Performers Culminating In The Prestigious The Annual World Championships. AUSTIN, Texas (August 19, 2020) – FloSports, the innovator in live sports streaming and original content, announced it has extended its broadcast rights partnership with the prestigious marching arts organization, Drum Corps International (DCI), through 2026. FloSports has been the official broadcast partner for DCI since 2017 and streams DCI’s highly competitive summer season through the FloSports marching arts and education platform, FloMarching. Although the 2020 season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, FloSports and DCI will once again bring incredible competitive music arts programming to fans in 2021 and beyond. With the extension of the DCI partnership and its relationships with other prominent independent marching organizations including Winter Guard International (WGI), Bands of America (BOA) and USBands, FloMarching solidifies itself as the premier destination for marching arts and has seen 115% subscriber growth since it launched in 2016. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You have read the announcements from both DCI (Dan Acheston, CEO of DCI) and Flo-Marching (Streaming Service). How do you now feel about the inferior streaming service provided by FloMarching and and Dan Achesonson's failed policies as (CEO) of Drum Corps International? It's time for Dan Achesonson to step down. Further internet searches have revealed he is in the the "middle" of numerous controversies of sexual misconduct, failure to enforce or request the dismissal of teachers/instructors who have violated marchers in various corps for a host of reasons. Clearly, this is a broad accusation, but I feel it needs to be investigated. DCI, fans and alumni "cleaned house" within the Cadets organization and the Troopers organization. Maybe we need to look at the top of the organization and it's BOD for clarification regarding whether DCI is following it's by-laws regulating proper behaviour within the pagentry arts of each organization under DCI. I suspect there is much 'wrong doing' to uncover regarding Dan Acheson's tenor as DCI's CEO before his financial contract expires. I just want to know and correct! I have posted in previous threads that 'Drum Corps Is Dead'. I still believe this as long as Dan Acheson remains as CEO of DCI. Let's clear the slate for all organizations and the parrent organization known as DCI so we can truly restart the activity for the 2022 season.
  11. First, a big round of applause to all corps's the have chosen to perform for 2021. Watching most shows on Youtube before they are removed by the copyright police and FloMarching, my two favorites are Carolina Crown and the Cadets. Carolina Crown was filmed during their final camp at Gardner-Webb University by Box5 on July 10, 2021 and will be televised as part of the 'Indy' Celebration. There are still 5 vids on youtube describing the making of Behind the Crown - Project 21, 5 videos, Last updated on Jul 21, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr19lX2LaPswbgD1mA7ozRU0ZACQxIX6P Carolina Crown has earned the nickname 'God's Hornline' and they have truly lived up to that moniker. Love the expanded 60 member guard. It creates color, motion and action to enhance the total show. They can be viewed as part of a re-broadcast during the Indy celebration. Hope more corps utilized the expanded guard idea in lieu of the 'BIG Distracting Props'. The Cadets show for 2021 is amazing. The brass and percussion are sound, good field coverage and especially love the simple stationary Tarp/Prop up front. They tell the story of the Cadets and review the corps' long history since 1934. Absolutely my Favorite Show! Not to mention, they went back to their iconic Maroon & Gold West point uniforms. Cast away the leotards and stick with variations of the iconic uniform. That is The Cadets. We love you, Holy Name Cadets, Cadets of Garfield, Cadets of Bergen County, The Cadets. You are the best!
  12. While I have been a supporter of DCI and purchased past Flo Marching Subscriptions; & DCI Blu-Ray DVD's from Drum Corps International, the fact that Flo Marching attempted to charge 3 past credit card accounts without authorization ... I will pass on on any 2021 streams. DCI (IMO) is a very mis-managed organization and I will not be held captive to the likes of a sub par streaming service such as Flo_Marching attempting to charge my credit cards. It seems that Box 5 may provide a better live stream service but that will have to be determined after more review. Basically, I am saying that DCI is "Dead". The organization known as "DCI" has milked the activity untill it is dead and can no longer sustain itself. And it's affiates have been instrumental in "Destroying" the activity.
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