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    I marched with my junior (Hawks, Richmond, CA) 1962-1967, taught and arranged music for the San Leandro Royalaires plus 2 small senior corps in New York, judged execution brass in the Northern Califoria Circuit, I married into a WHOF drum corps family. Brother in law marched and taught "The Commandant's Own" and Yankee Rebels, WHOF father-in-law taught the drill to Yankee Rebels while Truman Crawford taught Brass. Mother in law was also inducted into WHOF.
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    SCV 2018
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    71 Yankee Rebels was the best
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    Richmond, CA (SF Bay Area)
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    Drum Corps, cooking

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  1. While I have been a supporter of DCI and purchased past Flo Marching Subscriptions; & DCI Blu-Ray DVD's from Drum Corps International, the fact that Flo Marching attempted to charge 3 past credit card accounts without authorization ... I will pass on on any 2021 streams. DCI (IMO) is a very mis-managed organization and I will not be held captive to the likes of a sub par streaming service such as Flo_Marching attempting to charge my credit cards. It seems that Box 5 may provide a better live stream service but that will have to be determined after more review. Basically,
  2. Any corps/organization that performs during this pandemic shutdown has my vote for us to support and keep the the organization alive as part of the drum corrps activity/Marching Arts.
  3. Latest News From BDPA & VMAPA July-22-2021 The following are press releases from BDPA & VMAPA as of July-22-2021 I have linked various press releases from BDPA (Blue Devils) & VMAPA (VANGUARD MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS) Latest News From BDPA The Blue Devils are gearing up for a triumphant return to the field in 2022, and we want YOU to be there with us. As COVID restrictions loosen around the country, we are excited to launch some incredible nationwide learning opportunities and talent searches, each designed to give you a glimpse of what
  4. I joined DCP June 4, 2019 and expected reasonable interaction from members regarding show info, show evauation, and inside information about each organization and an exchange of ideas. What typically followed from some highly opinionated members were post's most of which were "Off Topic" leading to the discussion threads being closed by the Moderators because topics were off topics which caused me to take a break from posting on DCP. I have also followed as a secondary source for "Breaking Info". Most posts there seem to be ahead of what gets posted o
  5. While I don't know specific "classical pieces" played and transcribed for the drum corps, the two corps who have been consistant in presenting "classical" music to drum corps fans are without a doubt (1) Phantom Regiment and (2) Santa Clara Vanguard. My Hat's off recoginition to both organizations for expanding symphonic band to the Marching Arts for all to enjoy.
  6. I agree. I do not believe there is anything problematic with VMPA. All people have "private lives" and private issues. VMPA has been quiet and conseravative as they muddle through the 2021 DCI season just as the Blue Devils are doing. Their focus is on an "all out" 2022 season.
  7. Loving any kind of a drum corps season we can get for 2021 and Carolina "kicked" it off with style and precision. For those who missed the FLO stream of Crown on Saturday, it was recorded and posted by DCI Garage Band and was posted in links from his post on youtube; Carolina Crown 2021 Full Show (Taken Down Check description) DCI Garage Band Drive Link - (1.4G) I also uploaded it to TikTok-
  8. The best decades of Drum Corps were the Classic corps of the 1950s and 1960s. Quick Wikipedia Summary: Classic corps of the 1950s and 1960s used fewer exotic percussion instruments and relied instead on the stadium-filling power of a traditional line (or " battery ") consisting of six or eight 12-inch-deep (300 mm) by 15-inch-wide (380 mm) double-tension maple snare and tenor drum shells and two or occasionally three 26-inch-wide (660 mm) by 12-inch-deep (300 mm) bass drums with an ornamental shell covering of hard plastic in a glossy sparkle or pearlescent finish. Full Sourc
  9. Received the following email from BD Performing Arts - Diablo Wind Symphony Virtual Concert Premieres Now (06-18-21) View this email in your browser
  10. This is Sad News. Ken Norman arranged our routine for the the Richmond Hawks in Richmond, California along with Brian Aller. Times are past and all that we are left with is memories. RIP and best wishes to the immediate family.
  11. Come learn with us LIVE & IN-PERSON this summer! Yahoo/Inbox BD Performing Arts <> Fri, May 7 at 5:00 PM
  12. People are aware that The Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps is a World Class competitive drum and bugle corps. based in Santa Clara, California. But what they don't know is the history of the corps. The corps began on the evening of March 6, 1967, when the parent-boosters of the Sparks Drum & Bugle Corps, unhappy with the corps' artistic direction, voted to shut down the corps and return the unit to being a drum and bell corps with majorettes. After the fatal vote, three dissenting adult staff-supporters met with concerned corps members and asked them if A) they would rat
  13. What will corps do at the shows? Jeff Ream has been the most 'Financial" Creditable Hawk in this forum regarding organizations's finances and all organizations have suffered huge losses. Drum Corps International posted: Schedule of 2021 events leading into Indianapolis 03-31-2021 12:05 The outline of the article is weak in content factual information. I expect we will see some current music programs. But as others have said like (Poppycock), It's basically a dog and pony show to keep the brand/
  14. Not disputing what has happened in your state/ county/ or school district but that needs to happen in every state/ county for these groups to even travel between competition/exhibition locations. You have been a 'Financial Hawk' regarding each organization's finances. Are you now saying that contest/promoters or other promoters would take a financial loss just to have a drum corps show? I don't think so. That makes no business sense. Your estimate of 6000 fans concert side at Lucas Oil Stadium could barley begin to cover the costs of the the stadium rental ( power/ security/ med
  15. We are in uncharted territory. Until every state/ county/ school district/ school agrees on a COVID return policy, I doubt we will see a return of the activity as we we knew it for quite some time. Professional Sports are trying to make a comeback and they will probably be the best indicators of returning to some form of 'normalcy'. Just my 2 cents.