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  1. My marching years were 1962 AL Nationals in Las Vegas, NV, 1963 VFW Seattle WA. 1965 AL Portland, OR. with a junior, then St. Joes of Batavia and then Yankee Rebels. AL & VFW always had judged inspections as part of the competitions. Overall, there is a lot of facial hair in many of the corps now that would never have been allowed then. Times change
  2. Looks like BD's weak points against Bloo are GE and Percussion.
  3. I'm following the posts - Here ya go in honor of Bloo Paul McCartney - Blackbird (Live)
  4. There's a video on youtube titled: Behind the Scenes - Photographing Santa Clara Vanguard at DCI Memphis by Cameron Witte You can see the equipment being used. She/he is way back behind the judges and SCV is way out in the middle of the field. Must have some really expensive telephoto lenses on that rig.
  5. Great, You could show him/her Santa Clara Vanguard inspires youth involvement in the performing arts posted in the Santa Clara thread from youtube and uploaded by our ABC7 News Bay Area as an introduction to the activity.
  6. Wow, out here at the 49er's new stadium $1.50 might get you an empty cup. A standard soda at your local Burger King or McDonalds is almost $2.00 plus tax. It's crazy out here. Real Estate is so crazy here, they're renting a bunk bed in a "POD" for $1200 a month.
  7. While my stream functioned except for 2 - 10 second pauses (and it would have to be in the middle of a song) my stream was OK but you can tell how compressed it must be. Looking at the bleacher seating on the back side of the field there is like fluctuating lines running horizontally with seating.
  8. California way way way back had an American Legion Nationals here and a senior champion. Fast forward to late 60's early 70's we had an entire Northern California circuit and a circuit in Southern California. That's when corps like Kingsmen, Velvet Knights flourished. Blue Devils started, Santa Clara started up and came on strong. We had 2 seniors in Sacramento plus Mandarins and another junior plus an all girls corps. 2 junior corps and a senior corps from Stockton, CA, a junior from Santa Rosa, one from San Francisco, my corps and a host of others just in Northern California. Fast forward to now - both circuits gone in the north and the south. There is some life coming back with Pacific Crest, Gold, and Golden Empire. I read a past article written by a parent/reporter some time back that she guessed that probably 2500 marchers had gone through Santa Clara alone and Blue Devils have had an equal number if not greater. I am amazed that the supply continues for these two corps because we just don't have the kids involved in music here. May they all prosper.
  9. Yes. I think a lot of the uniform changes/looks etc. came about as a result of Michael Cesario being Artistic Director for DCI and now part of FJ Miller. There is another thread on DCP about Cesario:
  10. Yes it's sad. There was a time when the Art's were big in the schools. Not only music but other Art's as well. Not any more. Currently California schools rank #19 in Overall Rankings and #31 out of 50 in 2018 based on U.S. New rankings.
  11. Interesting questions. I think you have opened a subject for a firestorm of comments so I'll wait to see what gets posted but IMO for starters, the activity has evolved chasing getting higher scores and developing performance perfection similar to professional football. You have a top tier musically trained professionals training and judging, fans who enjoy the activity and the sport of competition, and members who compete just to get an audition to play with a winning corps, and lastly a number of schools which have a growing number people interested in playing in the band. I'm in California and here all of our schools have reduced or cut their music programs. Both BD and SCV draw heavily from the Texas area.
  12. This would have been a great song for SCV back when they did By The Time I Get To Phoenix. I like Academy's version. They do a proper job with it as a ballad. But then, there are these versions:
  13. YUP probably is and don't want to start a big fight again, but is amusing that FLO advertises their commercial for sports showing the bull fight in crystal clear clarity compared to what we see in the Marching.....NO?
  14. YES! GIve the staff a chance. They have to find their way. There was a fill in video on FLO on the previous stream at intermission or start of stream that was showing Cadets in the lot outside of Detroit. Corps Director and another person were motivating the kids in the lot. I think they are doing all they can as fast as they can but as Jeff said this will be not only a healing process but a rebuilding process. It's just going to take some time.
  15. The only suggestion I can make as a help if you are accessing the stream on the internet is to try the following: 1. Try Chrome of Firefox as those are the browsers that I can find info on that FLO supports. 2. Make sure that no others applications are running while accessing the stream. 3. Make sure your browser cache and history are clear. Every website you go to these days puts some tracking stuff on your system. 4. I have found CCleaner which has both a FREE version and a PAID version can help to clean your system. 5. Last, do an internet speed test with your isp to make sure they are not throttling back your download Beyond that, we're all looking for help.
  16. We have been told by others in this thread that it's do to the low bit rate of the stream. Last night running on WIndows 7 platform and using Firefox browser instead of Chrome which FLO recommends my stream only buffered twice for two brief intervals. I see Jeff just posted. Not sure if any of us have the real answer.
  17. Great Review. I missed the 1st block due to work but was following the posts on phone till I got home. Everyone was enjoying the bottom tier corps. I got home in time to see the Colts and rest of the show. 2nd block of corps up to Mandarins were "on fire". Thought Mandarins had been stronger previously and noticed they replaced the CG female with a male mm at the end on top of the prop so was wondering what happened. Phantom and Cadets seemed to make big improvements and WOW, those Cavaliers were on fire last night. Way to go. Carolina Crown kind wakes you up "We're Here" then kind of a subtle finish. I've already commented on SCV's tarps and show elsewhere - Bad visual "Big TIme". BD kind of a let down when I look at the drill and field coverage compared to Bloo. BD is doing a lot of things but the field coverage is a little condensed at times and I'm distracted by those ladder props, but we'll have to wait and see. I know BD and they are not done yet by any means with their show. Bloo, I loved the show and even if you're not a Beetles fan per say, you have to love the way they are staging the numbers. They're like in your face, then go away and come back and hit you again. I imagine the kids are just loving doing this show. It showed last night, Bloo got a standing ovation from the audience.
  18. I think we agree but you describing the point. I don't watch WGI but as you said. it's indoor, it's probably on a smooth floor, and there's no wind plus the kids are not running all over the tarps like on a stadium field.
  19. I agree with queenanne_1536 here. SCV put themselves out of contention visually after adding those stupid tarps
  20. Right On! Use the guard, the flags and silks like BAC, BD and Crossmen. That adds more color and there is movement.
  21. I also think the tarps are not a good idea. They were a big problem for the Cavaliers last year and you may not have caught it during the stream, but an SCV member tripped over the tarp at the end of the show. With the glare coming off SCV's tarp, I imagine they are quite slippery and the mm's are prone to trip on them. The tarps, the props and equipment need to be out of the way as much as possible. Bloo has the field covered with dots but they're on the back side and kids are trying to march on them.
  22. As a fan of both BD and SCV, I was so sad after last night's performance. queenanne_1536 was and is correct in her review of SCV. The following points are things that disturb me about the show: 1. While the music is fantastically played, it relies too heavily on the soloists rather than the ensemble. I would have liked to have seen a show with more ensemble playing this year because SCV has a great hornline but, this show is what it is. 2. The corps is too compacted within their props and seems to move to a formation, play move to a formation, play. I would like to see a more open fluid drill similar to last year. Andy Toth describes the show here: SCV Backstage 2019: A Conversation with Andy Toth 3. Initially the show colors "popped" the grey, subtle pink, bright yellow against a field of green. Now everything is masked by the overbearing pink, black and especially the "glare" off the tarps. Even the guard was more highly visible before the tarps. IMO the corps from the 1st and 2nd blocks were much more visually interesting to watch. Sorry SCV, this show does not move me.