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  1. The end of DCI?

  2. Jeff Ream replied cd's and dvd's tho the dvd's have some licensing related edits My Response: I have repeatedly admonished DCI & Dan Acheson about the issue of licensing content for DCI DVD/BluRay distribution. See this Article: Music, Money, Success & the Movies: Part One https://www.ascap.com/help/music-business-101/music-money-success-movies I know of no current performer or group who has ever produced a CD/DVD for distrobution who have released the disc with editied sound, and we are talking about the top 25-50 performers and bands worldwide. It appears to be a case of the 'rights' worth and what the performimg performer is willing to pay. Agiain, I call for Dan Acheson's dismissal as he as again failed as CEO of DCI for failing to promote the activity of DCI, including the creation/issue of DvD's of recorded contest's without restricted edits (because it was financially better deal for DCI. When DCI releases a DVD, they do a sort run, sell out, and no-reprints are availible. It would seem to me, that if DCI truly wanted to develop the activity and a fan base, they would make every effort available to provide past recordings of shows as video/audio availible such as content produced by Fleetwood Records. Forget the Dog & Pony show to introduce IE, Drum Battle, Small Corps, etc.. Lets' experience each season of the available corp's for the top of the season and present them in the most favorable way possible cd/dvd/video clips on social media.
  3. Jeff said: that said i am done watching for the season. Flo hasn't buffered as much as the past but the sound absolutely sucks But what about us who did not subscribe to this cut-rate service. Will DCI produce DVD's for us to buy. Will they be full audio and full sound? I can easiily download youtube videos before they are are taken down by DCI, FloMarching and others, But why should I have to do that. If I'm willing to to buy a DVD which is the same as buying a ticket........that should be be end of question.
  4. Well then, the problem may be deeper than we know. Let's investigate DCI BOD and clean house! I would like to see the activity stay alive and we need to get competent people in place to take the activity into the next decade.
  5. Despite Show Critics who have viewed your 2021 program with criticism BRAVO to all organizations Performing for 2021 Despite Show Critics who have viewed your 2021 program with criticism about poor sound, - poor video. Those complaints should be most directed to FloMarching as to their Mic placement and camera angles. What does translate to fixes that he corps can do to improve thieir shows is to review the amount of 'Synth' amplification as part of the field sound. We love you and and all of the 2021 competitiors for helping to produce a 2021 Bridge tour to the 2022 Drum Corps community. A Famous line voiced by the character Spock “Live Long and Prosper.” 'Live long and prosper' is an abbreviated version of a traditional Jewish religious blessing. It came to a wider public in the Star Trek TV series, where it was used there by the character Mr. Spock (actor Leonard Nimoy, himself Jewish) as the greeting of the Vulcan people. We love your efforts and your shows. Signed, A Fan
  6. If I had my pick of everyone in the Pagentry Arts community, I would pick................... Ready for this.....? I would nominate Denise Bonfiglio in a 'heartbeat'. Denise Bonfiglio - DCI Hall of Fame - Drum Corps International https://www.dci.org/static/denise-bonfiglio Denise Bonfiglio Inducted in 2016 Many know her as the daughter of George Bonfiglio, founder of the 27th Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps and founding father of Drum Corps International. However, Denise Bonfiglio has paved her own impressive path through the drum corps activity via a career that’s already lasted more than 50 years. Growing up on the east coast, Bonfiglio joined the Immaculate Conception Reveries before becoming a member of her father’s 27th Lancers. She excelled as a member of the corps’ color guard and stayed on as an instructor after aging out, teaching the unit’s legendary rifle line. “During those years she worked with George Zingali, Peggy Twiggs and George Bonfiglio,” said 2015 DCI Hall of Fame inductee William Harty. “Together they created the success of the 27th Lancers, winning the hearts and respect of everyone who watched them perform.” After the 27th Lancers ceased operations as a DCI drum corps in 1986, Bonfiglio brought her talents to other corps, including the Garfield Cadets and Star of Indiana. In 1987, she spearheaded the reintroduction of a rifle line into the Cadets’ color guard section. Bonfiglio worked with the 1987 Cadets to shape an inexperienced group of performers into a cohesive and competitive unit. Among the members she taught to spin a rifle that year was April Gilligan, who became a Bonfiglio protégé and later led corps’ color guard section as caption head. “Not having a clue even how to hold the rifle, it was going to be a long summer,” Gilligan remembered when first meeting Bonfiglio in ‘87. “She had no idea what she was up against in having to teach me, but her teaching style was soft and quiet, yet powerful, with results as we went on to win the DCI Championship.” Since the 2000s, Bonfiglio has worked with Santa Clara Vanguard and in recent years has served as the corps’ staff coordinator. In that position she plays an important role as a liaison and facilitator between the organization’s design staff, instructional staff, and management and administrative teams. In parallel with her drum corps activities, Bonfiglio has also been a widely regarded and respected individual within the Winter Guard International community. In 2000, she was inducted into the WGI Hall of Fame. In 2006, she was instrumental in reinstating the Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard program, an award-winning group with which she currently serves as director. With an eye on the past and one on the future, Bonfiglio co-founded the 27th Lancers Foundation with her sister Janine McWilliams. The non-profit organization, in honor of their late parents George and Patsy, raises funds to provide scholarships awarded to DCI corps members on an annual basis. And therein is perhaps Bonfiglio’s greatest achievement in drum corps—her willingness to teach and mentor up-and-coming talent while planting the seeds for future generations of corps members to perform and thrive. She grew up in Drum Corps. She managed the Santa Clara Vanguards origanizition for a brrief stint. The she went to the Cadets and brought them back to life after the "GH" scandels. She is a DCI Hall of Fame inductee from 2016. She would be perfect for the job.
  7. So let's fix it. First step is to oust Dan Acheson and install new leadership in DCI.
  8. That is my point. Flo does not care because they have a long-term contract, signed by Dan Acheson. Further, as long as DCI produces DVD's/Blueray Dvd's with edited sound (removed), creating "partial show" disc's with edited material removed, DCI and it's affiliates will cease to exist. Again: unless changes happen; Drum Corps is Dead.
  9. Flo does not give a rip about quality. Seems like Box 5 is the only alternative or putting Tom Blair & Associates on long term contract with DCI.
  10. No because the Dan Achecheson is supreme CEO and has taken no actions in previous incidents.
  11. Yes that's right! Sad That After 5 Years FLO Still Can't Get It Right - 4 Years To GO Per DCI Contract See DCI Article: https://www.dci.org/news/drum-corps-international-partners-with-flosports-to-live-stream-dci-tour-events Drum Corps International partners with FloSports to live stream DCI Tour events by Drum Corps International 04-20-2017 17:00 Summary: DCI announced an exclusive multi-year partnership with FloSports & Drum Corps International to present our events with FloSports through their rapidly-expanding FloMarching channel, "said Dan Acheson, DCI Executive Director and CEO. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMO: DCI Hogwash from Dan Achesonson (CEO) of Drum Corps International and FloMarching. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Followup FloMarching Article: FloSports And Drum Corps International Extend Partnership To 2026 Summary: FloSports And Drum Corps International Extend Partnership To 2026 https://www.flomarching.com/articles/7124763-flosports-and-wgi-extend-partnership-to-2026 FLOSPORTS EXTENDS BROADCAST RIGHTS PARTNERSHIP WITH PREMIERE MARCHING ARTS ORGANIZATION, DRUM CORPS INTERNATIONAL, THROUGH 2026. Aug 19, 2020 by FloMarching Staff FLOSPORTS EXTENDS BROADCAST RIGHTS PARTNERSHIP WITH PREMIERE MARCHING ARTS ORGANIZATION, DRUM CORPS INTERNATIONAL, THROUGH 2026 DCI Produces Annual Competition Events Series For Elite & Exclusive Marching Ensembles Featuring Multi-Talented Student Musicians And Performers Culminating In The Prestigious The Annual World Championships. AUSTIN, Texas (August 19, 2020) – FloSports, the innovator in live sports streaming and original content, announced it has extended its broadcast rights partnership with the prestigious marching arts organization, Drum Corps International (DCI), through 2026. FloSports has been the official broadcast partner for DCI since 2017 and streams DCI’s highly competitive summer season through the FloSports marching arts and education platform, FloMarching. Although the 2020 season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, FloSports and DCI will once again bring incredible competitive music arts programming to fans in 2021 and beyond. With the extension of the DCI partnership and its relationships with other prominent independent marching organizations including Winter Guard International (WGI), Bands of America (BOA) and USBands, FloMarching solidifies itself as the premier destination for marching arts and has seen 115% subscriber growth since it launched in 2016. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You have read the announcements from both DCI (Dan Acheston, CEO of DCI) and Flo-Marching (Streaming Service). How do you now feel about the inferior streaming service provided by FloMarching and and Dan Achesonson's failed policies as (CEO) of Drum Corps International? It's time for Dan Achesonson to step down. Further internet searches have revealed he is in the the "middle" of numerous controversies of sexual misconduct, failure to enforce or request the dismissal of teachers/instructors who have violated marchers in various corps for a host of reasons. Clearly, this is a broad accusation, but I feel it needs to be investigated. DCI, fans and alumni "cleaned house" within the Cadets organization and the Troopers organization. Maybe we need to look at the top of the organization and it's BOD for clarification regarding whether DCI is following it's by-laws regulating proper behaviour within the pagentry arts of each organization under DCI. I suspect there is much 'wrong doing' to uncover regarding Dan Acheson's tenor as DCI's CEO before his financial contract expires. I just want to know and correct! I have posted in previous threads that 'Drum Corps Is Dead'. I still believe this as long as Dan Acheson remains as CEO of DCI. Let's clear the slate for all organizations and the parrent organization known as DCI so we can truly restart the activity for the 2022 season.
  12. First, a big round of applause to all corps's the have chosen to perform for 2021. Watching most shows on Youtube before they are removed by the copyright police and FloMarching, my two favorites are Carolina Crown and the Cadets. Carolina Crown was filmed during their final camp at Gardner-Webb University by Box5 on July 10, 2021 and will be televised as part of the 'Indy' Celebration. There are still 5 vids on youtube describing the making of Behind the Crown - Project 21, 5 videos, Last updated on Jul 21, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr19lX2LaPswbgD1mA7ozRU0ZACQxIX6P Carolina Crown has earned the nickname 'God's Hornline' and they have truly lived up to that moniker. Love the expanded 60 member guard. It creates color, motion and action to enhance the total show. They can be viewed as part of a re-broadcast during the Indy celebration. Hope more corps utilized the expanded guard idea in lieu of the 'BIG Distracting Props'. The Cadets show for 2021 is amazing. The brass and percussion are sound, good field coverage and especially love the simple stationary Tarp/Prop up front. They tell the story of the Cadets and review the corps' long history since 1934. Absolutely my Favorite Show! Not to mention, they went back to their iconic Maroon & Gold West point uniforms. Cast away the leotards and stick with variations of the iconic uniform. That is The Cadets. We love you, Holy Name Cadets, Cadets of Garfield, Cadets of Bergen County, The Cadets. You are the best!
  13. While I have been a supporter of DCI and purchased past Flo Marching Subscriptions; & DCI Blu-Ray DVD's from Drum Corps International, the fact that Flo Marching attempted to charge 3 past credit card accounts without authorization ... I will pass on on any 2021 streams. DCI (IMO) is a very mis-managed organization and I will not be held captive to the likes of a sub par streaming service such as Flo_Marching attempting to charge my credit cards. It seems that Box 5 may provide a better live stream service but that will have to be determined after more review. Basically, I am saying that DCI is "Dead". The organization known as "DCI" has milked the activity untill it is dead and can no longer sustain itself. And it's affiates have been instrumental in "Destroying" the activity.
  14. Any corps/organization that performs during this pandemic shutdown has my vote for us to support and keep the the organization alive as part of the drum corrps activity/Marching Arts.
  15. Latest News From BDPA & VMAPA July-22-2021 The following are press releases from BDPA & VMAPA as of July-22-2021 I have linked various press releases from BDPA (Blue Devils) & VMAPA (VANGUARD MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS) Latest News From BDPA https://bluedevils.org/ The Blue Devils are gearing up for a triumphant return to the field in 2022, and we want YOU to be there with us. As COVID restrictions loosen around the country, we are excited to launch some incredible nationwide learning opportunities and talent searches, each designed to give you a glimpse of what it means to be part of the Blue Devils. Whether you join us for the BDX Summer Intensive (a 3-day mega camp), BDX Workshop (1-day events), participate in our BDX Open Call Talent Search (a short prepared audition), or register for any of our other in-person events – we guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself and walk away from the experience a better performer! All events will feature an educational component plus personalized feedback from our talented staff, and at the end of the experience you’ll be considered for membership with The Blue Devils in 2022. Already have plans for this summer but want to join us next season? That’s great! We can’t wait to see you at our November Audition Event this fall. Don’t sell yourself short or skip out on the chance to live your dreams. Be bold, be creative, be adventurous. Be a Blue Devil! Blue Devils completed their USBands Summer Educational Series (Talent Search) July 14, 2021 SB USBands Summer Educational Series – Powered by The Blue Devils July 15, 2021 SB USBands Summer Educational Series – Powered by The Blue Devils July 16, 2021 SB USBands Summer Educational Series – Powered by The Blue Devils July 17, 2021 SB USBands Summer Educational Series – Powered by The Blue Devils I believe that the BDPA has 3 working Bingo Games working and I read where they managed to make them "Drive Thru" in response to COVID-19 Applause and well done to work around COVID-19 and Contra Costa's County lockdown restrictions. Blue Devils & Basil (Part of The Blue Devils 2021/2022 Experience Link: https://bluedevils.org/programs/a-corps/seasons/ PERFORMANCE REIMAGINED. This summer offers a once in lifetime opportunity to do things in a way we have never attempted before, and explore a whole new set of performance opportunities. This summer, we’ve outlined three exciting member intensives which are designed to provide performance opportunities, maintain our culture of excellence, and serve as building blocks toward the 2022 season. The first is our Music Intensive which includes a week-long learning experience for brass and percussion members where you will work hand in hand with the exceptional staff we all know and love. In addition, members will have a very exciting and unique opportunity to participate in a recording session for Extreme Music at Fox Studios in Hollywood! This is an amazing opportunity for our musicians to get a professional experience of this size and scale that may even include performances and clinics with special guest performers. The second is our Color Guard Intensive which consists of a week-long retreat where members will have the opportunity to explore movement, dance, and equipment technique with Scott Chandler and our talented color guard staff. This will be a remarkable opportunity to get together as performers, developing and strengthening both individual and group skills. The intensive will feature special guest choreographers and culminate in a live performance shared with our friends, families, and fans. The third, which we are very excited to share with you, is our Full Ensemble Performance Intensive. This is made possible thanks to a group of amazing international sponsors, and due to their support, The Blue Devils have received a special invitation to perform at the 15th anniversary of the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland! Of course, all these opportunities are subject to change as health, wellness, and safety will always be our number one priority. And in the event we are not able to travel internationally or gather for one of these events, you can rest assured we have more exciting plans up our sleeve. If Basel doesn’t work out, we intend to host a 1-2 week Performance and Development Intensive in Hawaii or California which would also feature Guest Choreographers and culminate in a live performance that will be broadcast to the world. Additionally, we are hoping to organize BD Entertainment style performances around the United States throughout the summer months. These member intensives are designed to serve as a building block for the future. These intensives are open to current members as well as individuals that receive a callback or contract for 2022 through the audition process. Don’t miss this opportunity to start learning what it means to be a Blue Devil. Come get immersed in the culture, learn from our staff, and be ready to hit the ground running for the 2022 season! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest News From VMAPA No news from VMPA beyond fund raising activities. See following articles: A-CORPS DIRECTOR IVAN DE LA CRUZ STEPS DOWN Posted by:Michael Gaines On July-5-2021 https://www.scvanguard.org/a-corps-director-ivan-de-la-cruz-steps-down/ VANGUARD MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS ANNOUNCES NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER AND EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP https://www.scvanguard.org/vanguard-music-and-performing-arts-announces-new-executive-director-chief-financial-officer-and-executive-leadership/ Posted by:Michael Gaines On June-4-2021 INTRODUCING THE 2021 VANGUARD HALL OF FAME CLASS https://www.scvanguard.org/introducing-the-2021-vanguard-hall-of-fame-class/ Posted by:Richie Rodriguez On February-26-2021 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. I joined DCP June 4, 2019 and expected reasonable interaction from members regarding show info, show evauation, and inside information about each organization and an exchange of ideas. What typically followed from some highly opinionated members were post's most of which were "Off Topic" leading to the discussion threads being closed by the Moderators because topics were off topics which caused me to take a break from posting on DCP. I have also followed https://www.reddit.com/r/drumcorps/ as a secondary source for "Breaking Info". Most posts there seem to be ahead of what gets posted on DCP. Further, there seems to be much less sniping amongst posters, responders & replys. Maybe posters on DCP need to rethink what they are posting, I can say that my experience being on DCP has not been enjoyable because other posters seem to be "super" critical about every little detail that is posted. Just my opinion.
  17. While I don't know specific "classical pieces" played and transcribed for the drum corps, the two corps who have been consistant in presenting "classical" music to drum corps fans are without a doubt (1) Phantom Regiment and (2) Santa Clara Vanguard. My Hat's off recoginition to both organizations for expanding symphonic band to the Marching Arts for all to enjoy.
  18. I agree. I do not believe there is anything problematic with VMPA. All people have "private lives" and private issues. VMPA has been quiet and conseravative as they muddle through the 2021 DCI season just as the Blue Devils are doing. Their focus is on an "all out" 2022 season.
  19. Loving any kind of a drum corps season we can get for 2021 and Carolina "kicked" it off with style and precision. For those who missed the FLO stream of Crown on Saturday, it was recorded and posted by DCI Garage Band and was posted in links from his post on youtube; Carolina Crown 2021 Full Show (Taken Down Check description) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svpG-WfJcAs DCI Garage Band Drive Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MRkqt1E8R81w7yRvGYKFydbgdEuwrRVM/view crown2021.mov (1.4G) I also uploaded it to TikTok- https://www.tiktok.com/@jonwastakenagain?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESMgowGI8L81oNHm87ilBmsHPy %2BWa3sR4N60fALpEqkBRu29%2BZoADXy3Rnie62UgBf8HOlGgA %3D&checksum=1457c46dd741c5df8fcee16f1848f856c5359b51fc9cf62c4056d7b690628a1f&language=en&sec_uid=MS4wLjABAAAAegeNC2YC2CdIrwiqft9w97- gTCaI6PiLqNvwFQoa9gCccj_L-FLlqX75RSFAWzCB&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAegeNC2YC2CdIrwiqft9w97-gTCaI6PiLqNvwFQoa9gCccj_L- FLlqX75RSFAWzCB&share_app_id=1233&share_author_id=6622758792659222533&share_link_id=3DE4F4B2-5E1E-40C9-859C- 8C82B8C5754D&tt_from=copy&u_code=d34hej5mlgl7fm&user_id=6622758792659222533&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=copy&source=h5_m&_r=1 The video "crown2021.mov (1.4G)" is superb HD quality and very close to the original FLO live stream. My overall reaction to the show as a drum corps fan was; 1) I loved the use of minimal tarps up front where they should be and the corps proper using simple low key props. 2) Totally loved a 60 member guard, their uniforms, their routine; all added to the visual presentation. (IMO) the "Guard" is the section that creates Movement, Color & Special Effects for the entire performance. 3) Music book was challenging and if you look at the youtube: the Carolina Crown 2021 | In My Mind | BRASS TRANSCRIPTION | PARTS 1&2 by Ian Bruns Music at: So here some links to explore Carolina Crown "Project 21, In My Mind" and more: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Behind the Crown | Project 21 5 Videos CarolinaCrown 1 - 3:15 BEHIND THE CROWN | Episode 1: Project21 Kickoff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PvLXwszcqI CarolinaCrown 2 - 5:35 BEHIND THE CROWN | Episode 2: Show Design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlxAUNfT2I8 CarolinaCrown 3 - 9:12 BEHIND THE CROWN | Episode 3: The Logistics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDisdStkFKA CarolinaCrown 4 - 14:24 BEHIND THE CROWN | Episode 4: The Age-Out Class of 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR4pc8Fkqpo CarolinaCrown 5 - 3:42 BEHIND THE CROWN | Episode 5: Production Week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpQ9KyDVzMA CarolinaCrown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out these other youtube links: Carolina Crown 2021 | In My Mind | BRASS TRANSCRIPTION | PARTS 1&2 by Ian Bruns Music 82 viewsJul 11, 2021 This is my brass transcription of Carolina Crown's 2021 production, "In my mind" (First two movements). This is for educational purposes only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carolina Crown 2021 | In My Mind | BRASS TRANSCRIPTION | BALLAD by Ian Bruns Music 23 viewsJul 12, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUsiO8MskhY Hey everyone, this is my transcription of the ballad from Crown 2021. This is far from perfect, but it's the best I can do. Feel free to give feedback and corrections! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos about Carolina Crown Carolina Crown's Hornline: From Average to Awesome (2002-2013) by Sforzando Mar 9, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Wj72TgBho Carolina Crown's Hornline is in the midst of a Dynasty - not placing lower than 2nd place in DCI Finals between 2011 - 2019. How did they do it? In 2003, Carolina Crown hired both Michael Klesch (brass aranger) and Matt Harloff (brass caption head). In the video, all scores are out of 20 points. All scores are from DCI finals only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God's Hornline Carolina Crown by Derf Keep 268 viewsJun 14, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66pU7kaN_bg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crown Brass Warm Up 7/1/21 by The Harloff Hub 11,800 viewsStreamed live on Jul 1, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVgcQM4ea9Y ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carolina Crown 2021 Brass Warmup by Russell Kasem 33 viewsJul 11, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzERrp1tUtM Carolina Crown performs their brass warm up at their only performance for 2021. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 Carolina Crown Brass Tuning Sequence: Crown Live by FloMarching 2,016 viewsJul 12, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xAjX-9ZSa8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Analysis: Carolina Crown has developed into a top "6" DCI World CLass Contender.
  20. The best decades of Drum Corps were the Classic corps of the 1950s and 1960s. Quick Wikipedia Summary: Classic corps of the 1950s and 1960s used fewer exotic percussion instruments and relied instead on the stadium-filling power of a traditional line (or " battery ") consisting of six or eight 12-inch-deep (300 mm) by 15-inch-wide (380 mm) double-tension maple snare and tenor drum shells and two or occasionally three 26-inch-wide (660 mm) by 12-inch-deep (300 mm) bass drums with an ornamental shell covering of hard plastic in a glossy sparkle or pearlescent finish. Full Source Description: Drum and bugle corps (classic) - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drum_and_bugle_corps_(classic)#:~:text=Classic%20corps%20drum%20lines%20of%20the%201950s%20and,plastic%20in%20a%20glossy%20sparkle%20or%20pearlescent%20finish. Classic (or "Golden Age") drum and bugle corps with musical ensembles that descended from military bugle and drum units returning from World War I and succeeding wars. Traditionally, drum and bugle corps served as signaling units as early as before the American Civil War, with these signaling units having descended in some fashion from ancient drum and fife corps. With the advent of the radio, bugle signaling units became obsolete and surplus equipment was sold to veteran organizations (such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, two major organizers for classic drum corps). These organizations formed drum and bugle corps comprised of civilians and veterans, and the corps performed in community events and local celebrations. Over time, rivalries between corps emerged and the competitive drum and bugle corps circuit evolved. The term "classic" is used for the purposes of this article to differentiate it from modern drum and bugle corps, using the time period of the establishment of Drum Corps International as a dividing point in the timeline of the two types of drum and bugle corps. Modern drum and bugle corps are a continuation of the classic variety, for all intents and purposes, having the same origins, though some corps in the "classic" model do still exist. Traditionally, drum and bugle corps consisted of bell-front brass horns, field drums, a color guard, and an honor guard. Drum and bugle corps have often been mistaken for marching bands, since there is a similarity to both groups having horns and drums; and they are both essentially bands of musicians that march. The activities are different in organization (marching bands usually associate with high schools and colleges while drum corps are freestanding organizations), competition and performance (marching bands perform in the fall at football games, drum corps usually compete during the summer), and instrumentation (drum corps use only brass bugles and drums, marching bands incorporate woodwinds and other alternative instruments). History: Within the mainland United States drum and bugle corps can trace their origins to the many Veterans of Foreign Wars ("VFW") and American Legion ("AL") meeting halls, where First World War and Spanish–American War veterans met and formed musical ensembles to entertain their communities, some of them being veterans of drum and bugle/field trumpet ensembles within the armed forces (Army, Marine Corps and Navy). The tradition of these military ensembles would later be adopted by civilian groups beginning in the 1880s, and no less than John Philip Sousa saw their potential, for these formations he wrote his first book, Trumpet and Drum, which included his own compositions for such formations. In addition to VFW - and AL-sponsored corps, other drum corps were founded by Boy Scouts of America troops (such as the corps that would become the modern-day corps: the Racine Scouts, The Cavaliers and the Madison Scouts), Elks lodges, YMCAs, the Catholic Youth Organization, Police Athletic Leagues (such as would found the Bluecoats), fire fighter organizations, and local businesses, as well as Churches, grammar schools, high schools and colleges. By far, Church-sponsored organizations predominated the drum corp circuits in the eastern coast states. In addition, the touring concerts of the drum and bugle band of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada regiment of the Canadian Army Primary Reserve, which by then was among the pioneer bands of that type in North America,[4] would also be an inspiration for the formation of early military and civil corps in the 1910s and 1920s, spurred on with the 1934 formation of what is now today the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. Rivalries between corps led to a shift towards competition and the AL and VFW both ran successful competition circuits through the late 1960s and early 1970s. With improved national transportation trends by the 1960s, drum and bugle corps proliferated, both in the sheer numbers of both new and established corps across North America, in the many competitions held then, and in the stadium attendance counts. At this time, however, there was unrest among some directors and instructors who were critical of the competition-rules committees of the veterans' organizations which governed and sanctioned state and national championship competitions. The payment structure for shows was weighted so that the corps with the highest placement got the most prize money; corps who attended shows from great distances but placed poorly were at times left with financial losses, and some corps sought a fixed payment structure for all participating corps. The second major reason was the desire by the some corps to have more control over their competitive performances. As an example, at the height of the Vietnam War a 1971 show by the Garfield Cadets drew criticisms from VFW organizers over a formation where the corps formed a large peace sign, which angered the staff of that corps over its loss of "artistic freedom". Both the Combine and Drum Corps International demanded that corps themselves should control rulemaking decisions. Members of the Regimental Band of The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC) during the 2008 Toronto Santa Claus Parade. The VFW and American Legion rules differed to a degree (although American Legion rules predominated in nearly every contest) and pressure increased to find a common judging system. Concerns were also voiced over contest promoters' rights in choosing sponsors and judges, and complaints arose regarding the lack of self-governance of competition circuits. The dissenters also expressed reservations about the increasing numbers of independent non-corps-sponsored competitions. Some corps managers, directors and instructors walked out of the 1969 VFW national rules committee meeting after their requests for major rules changes were not approved, and some of the protesting participants then formed the by-invitation-only (and short-lived) Midwest Combine in 1971. In 1972, Drum Corps International was founded, and was designed to create one uniform, corps-governed competitive circuit for junior drum and bugle corps (members aged twenty-one or less). DCI formed its own rules-governing body and enacted membership fees causing further disparity between startup drum corps and more professional units. This milestone event marked the beginning of the modern drum corps era. Most of the still-numerous North American competitive corps joined in the movement of change under new leadership, and by the mid-1970s the rapid introduction and proliferation into competitive drum and bugle corps of previously-unfamiliar innovations (on-field dancing, creative costuming, novelty effects and unusual instrumentation) effectively ended the Classic competitive era. Currently, we still have the 'Commandant's Own', (USMC) who still perform in the 'Old School' format modified to the 'New Age' Drum Corps content format. If you wish to read more, explore the following links...... References Fennell, George D. (2008). Racine: Drum and Bugle Corps Capital of the World (Images of America: Wisconsin). Arcadia Publishing. p. 7. ISBN 978-0-7385-6133-2. Karls, Alan R. (2014). Racine's Horlick Athletic Field: Drums Along the Foundries. Charleston, SC: The History Press. Archived from the original on 2014-06-09. McGahey, Suzanne (2006). Winter Guard. The Rosen Publishing Group. pp. 9–10. ISBN 978-1-4042-0732-5. http://www.middlehornleader.com/Evolution%20of%20the%20Bugle%20--%20Section%202.htm "Evolution of the Bugle / Evolution of the North American Competition Bugle 1968 through 2006" - The Middle Horn Leader Magazine "Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps(Active)", Drum Corps World Archived July 9, 2010, at the Wayback Machine External links Drum Corps Wiki Drum Corps Planet Vanguard Classic Drum Corps, " A True Drum Corps Legend", Chicago Area 1959,1961,1962, and 1963 National Champions
  21. Received the following email from BD Performing Arts - Diablo Wind Symphony Virtual Concert Premieres Now (06-18-21) View this email in your browser Roll out the red carpet – we've got a special premiere happening right now! The Diablo Wind Symphony, a program of BD Performing Arts, is extremely proud to present their 2020-21 virtual concert! The dedicated hard work of our incredible students over the past 12 months has been inspiring, and we hope you enjoy these special performances. Click here to watch the concert premiere on YouTube! youtube url: Established in 1996, the Diablo Wind Symphony annually serves 60 to 80 local students, ages 14–22, offering consistent instrumentation conducive to performing major wind and percussion compositions. Designed as a cooperative interaction with school music programs, the DWS offers a positive learning environment, master classes with professional clinicians, and an annual concert season with internationally renowned soloists. Interested in joining the Diablo Wind Symphony? The ensemble is now accepting auditions for the 2021-22 season! Click here to find more info and sign up today. CLICK HERE TO ENJOY THE 2020-21 DWS VIRTUAL CONCERT! Mark your calendars and save the date for a really exciting event coming your way this fall! We hope you will virtually join us on Saturday, August 28 for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate BD Performing Arts, the year's accomplishments, and the extraordinary people who support our programs' success. Be on the lookout for a formal invitation soon with more details about the upcoming event. Houston, Dallas, Atlanta... we're bringing the Blue Devils Experience to you this summer! If you can't make it to the BDX Summer Intensive, check out our 1-day Workshops coming to a city near you. You'll have the chance to work closely with our talented staff, learn what it's like to be part of The Blue Devils, and audition to join the corps in 2022. Don't wait too long – CLICK HERE to sign up today!
  22. This is Sad News. Ken Norman arranged our routine for the the Richmond Hawks in Richmond, California along with Brian Aller. Times are past and all that we are left with is memories. RIP and best wishes to the immediate family.
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