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  1. and to the developing organizations that have developed into more corps.
  2. I think your swipe at DCI is considerably off the mark. Soundsport alone negates your logic
  3. Reading appeared to have no noticeable flaws. They came across as very purposeful. Lots of detailing in every phrase. Had a slight issue with sound reinforcement of french horn in opener, was fine in ballad. Technically the brass and percussion are leaps and bounds above everyone else. Hawthorne's first 2 minutes were electric. The show lost energy and engagement after the Mambo/Mozart production until the closer. Not sure about the transition to the coda but the last move was very effective. The whole corps moves very well and the music ensemble works well together. Bushwackers have filled a lot of holes and it showed (both positively and negatively). Drum line was strong and had a consistent presence. Right now the brass are struggling with finishing phrases and lack trumpet voice. Guard is good and the costumes do a good job enhancing theme. Fusion's show works well conceptually. The brass need to take command of the opener. Right now it goes nowhere. Guard was much better than in Kingston and Clifton. Percussion is under rated. White Sabres really need to get the color guard up to speed, it may be the achilles heel that keeps them 6th Percussion was strong. Brass seemed to be shouting at all times. Also, please learn to make a 7..... Good crowd, nice to see Al Chez honor the Buglers Hall of Fame inductees.
  4. Bluecoats BD Crown Crossmen Cavaliers Blue Knights Crusaders Blue Stars Cadets Mandarins SCV Phantom
  5. to give the broadcast partner time to fix streaming issues
  6. The judges hold their numbers for each block. They can adjust accordingly. But that's DCP for you
  7. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff you completely missed the irony of the post.
  8. perhaps you should offer to help and PART OF THE SOLUTION 🙂
  9. well, which job? 2019 Staff Coordinator or 2020 Corps Director?
  10. when the staff coordinator becomes the corps director....
  11. Agreed. Also tough doesn't always mean best (as in most musical or logical).
  12. I think the members deserve a bit of the credit as well
  13. Boston needs someone to temper the current teams penchant for the obvious and lend a bit of intellectual. Their creative team that came from Crown was tempered by the Klesch/Hannum/Harloff sensibilities. Doesn't appear to be the case with the current composition of Boston design team. Also someone who can only count to 8 when picking the snare line.
  14. The Cadets Director change is a done deal. Denise is cleaning house. Wouldn't be surprised if Tom Aungst & Neil Larivee are the only Senior Staff/Design returning. Not a bad thing. Who she is able to bring in/coax & beg to come back remains to be seen. I wouldn't be opposed to new blood - those more on the cutting edge of the activity. After all this is what made the Cadets the Cadets...