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  1. Clearly proper grammar, punctuation and coherent thoughts died as well.
  2. The list of composers resonates very well with potential members. Maybe if you didn't apply what interests you with what would appeal to them it would make sense. Plus you get to avoid a very disgusting act.
  3. So, it's OK if the Cadets separate from YEA in order to walk away from tons of debt? Yeah that's a sound business practice
  4. It's hard to hear truth with your head buried in the sand
  5. They are playing 2 repeats from older shows? Wow
  6. Do you mean "The Rievers" from the 1995 show?
  7. Yours, by most estimations, are as well. More than likely the Scouts will finish on the field in the same spot that their 2020 annual budget is.
  8. So the Scouts leadership and board manage to provide the members with a safe and quality drum corps experience, feed them well and avoid any of the scandals currently affixed to other, more "succesful" organizations. No rumors of crippling debt or lawsuits. I find it difficult to term their tenure as inept.
  9. BD, SCV, Bluecoats Cavaliers, Crown, Boston Mandarins, Cadets (assuming the make it to the field) Blue Stars, Crossmen Blue Knights, Spirit, Phantom, Academy Scouts, Colts, Pacific Crest BDB, Music City, Troopers, Spartans Genesis, Legends, Gold, Cascades
  10. How awesome is it that the new Phantom Regiment Ex Director used to flip houses??
  11. Hurt? They could not field a corps without the show fees.