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  1. Does it "bare" repeating as well? You can spew neanderthal nonsense all you want, it has no relevance to today's members or their families - the ticket buyers. And even LESS relevance to tomorrow's.
  2. and that is germane to this discussion how?
  3. ....and without any recurring income that doesn't include member fees or DCI payments.
  4. I do not believe DCA corps spend the Summer living together in gyms and buses. Am guessing most parents wouldn't thrilled with under 18 children and those who are out of college co-habitating
  5. it appears Mr Litzenberg has removed the posts being referenced.
  6. It comes down to available housing, parents and money. Can't see a school system allowing 200+ individuals to stay in their gym for 1-2 days this Summer, not to mention 3-4 weeks in the late Spring Can't see parents allowing their children to get on a bus and ride around the country for weeks on end. Can't see corps organizations having the funds to do go on the road without housing or members Wouldn't be surprised for BD or SCV to make the call to do what's right for their corps and then DCI to follow
  7. Correct - expect announcement tomorrow evening.
  8. What plan are you referring to Jeff?
  9. yes, JimF it's very different. Other organizations did not recruit members with the promise "all will be well financially' only to pull the plug in March -leaving them without a home. The current pandemic issue is a separate entity. No corps was aware of this in November.
  10. well I'm not a fan of bad management at all
  11. Thinking more about all the members who paid fees and had spots, all while being assured by people "all will be good in Cadetland".
  12. coming together? will membership fees be returned ?
  13. Face it - they will not field a corps in 2020 in DCI.
  14. go away and stop posting anachronistic and lewd comments