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  1. first draft of 2022 schedule was done a while ago. Minimal condensation of tour length. Lots of things for everyone to complain about
  2. Plus there was that whole not owning ther horns and not havings a home showm last year to pay for new ones yet issue.... Do not be surprised if there are a lot of big names not returning to Reading in 2022
  3. 1. Hawthorne 2. CV 3. Hurricanes 4. White Sabres 5. Sunrisers 6. Rogues Hollow 7. Highland Regiment 1-2 close 3-5 close 6 What have you heard and what are you expecting?
  4. Cadets will be the best recieved corps. Boston will win, they are convinced of it. None of what happens this year will have a causal connection to 2022 when BD & Crown return
  5. Forgot to add Scott Koter out of SCV. It's all Gaines, all the time
  6. Here we go. Although no official announcements until Labor Day, we have had a few already... Mandarins lose Ike Jackson, Mario Ramirez from design team. Tim Snyder leaves Mandarins to be program coordinator at Troopers. Crossmen lose entire design team. More to come!
  7. Anyone else hearing he is out of control? Wild behavior on DCI calls, harrassment of office staff, etc.
  8. Does it "bare" repeating as well? You can spew neanderthal nonsense all you want, it has no relevance to today's members or their families - the ticket buyers. And even LESS relevance to tomorrow's.
  9. and that is germane to this discussion how?
  10. ....and without any recurring income that doesn't include member fees or DCI payments.
  11. I do not believe DCA corps spend the Summer living together in gyms and buses. Am guessing most parents wouldn't thrilled with under 18 children and those who are out of college co-habitating
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