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  1. I'm pretty sure it will be S. King and G. Pych that take over
  2. either 2 Cadets former admin/board members (the odds on favorite), System Blue, WGI or the Cheering Company that's buying up a lot of competitive activities
  3. Will probably be the program announcement about. Something like Coast to Coast or cross country kind of theme
  4. Not sounding like they will make it back to the field. Board won't let them leave (small matter of $25,000 owed to them) and will probably sell off the assets to recoup the debt. Oh yeah.the website is now down as well. I guess we all saw this coming. Once longtime stalwarts like Morlot and Dugan left it was just a matter of time...
  5. Well that was certainly "electrifying". In what world could this activity succeed and appeal to Mr Kimber and at the same time be relevant to the performers? Perhaps jumping from CD to DVD/online videos could have increased his level of engagement. Then again, when you introduce yourself just to say goodbye you lose all kinds of credibility.
  6. If not, then there are some seriously conflicting styles working together...
  7. Sunrisers making much needed changes to design team.....
  8. Heard of percussion staff changes at White Sabres coming up. Hopefully guard as well.
  9. Not only is that insensitive, it's wrong. I'll bet that "3rd baritone tech' was unaware before taking the job that the pay would come whenever it suited the corps best. More than likely that "3rd baritone tech" probably paid their membership fees on time and expected the corps act in similar fashion
  10. So clearly the financial issues are still prevalent. I would hope those staff members who were informed their payments would be "delayed" were able to convey that same sentiment to anyone they may owe money to. Sounds to me like the same poor fiscal management that's been going on for years.
  11. i assume lots of turnover at Hurricanes what with director change midseason and the program coordinator trashing the corps by the end of the year
  12. Anything? I know Fusion corps is making some huge changes. Anyone else?