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  1. Legal privileges are a bit different. Even still, being able to drive is also a right available to anyone who follows the law. Owning the car is the real expense of driving, and I don't consider being a vehicle owner a privilege. If I give the corps a bunch of money to haul me around the country all summer, you can say I'm paying them for a service.
  2. They always acted cool if they were beating you, but if you were beating them they acted like complete jerks. Would yell obscene stuff at us at any given opportunity, wouldnt socialize in the lot after shows. They loved to call us f*gs at retreat because we were all-male.
  3. Let me help you "That being said, our angst towards you guys was really because of Hop. We absolutely hated him and the way he treated y'all. But Cadets members were some of the most classiest and respectful members I ever interacted with"
  4. Uhh no I didn't. I said Cadets members were nothing short of classy and respectful.
  5. BD members used to be the biggest jerks in the activity. Times may have changed but to me the damage is done. I'll never root for them.
  6. I'd love to check it out but DCI can't seem to figure out how to monetize on YouTube. Meanwhile you've got people on YouTube making millions opening toys.
  7. I would say volumn of drill, difficulty of drill, and speed, but to be honest I don't even know what accounts for "drill" these days. I see these kids doing dances and floating around the field, and I don't even know if that's considered "drill." I'm probably not the best person to ask
  8. Word is that DCI will move the entire tour to South America next year, with finals being held in Buenos Aires. Put me in the category of people who liked finals in a different city every year.
  9. That's good to hear. Serious question: would the show be just as good in corps proper or was the move away from real uniforms necessary for the show to be as good as it is?
  10. Do they? We didn't have Amps and people heard us just fine.
  11. I'm wholly against drum corps scholarships. Sorry.
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