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  1. The incident situation appears to have been reported to DCI, police authorities, and child protective. in the situation you mention, did that person not report to authorities? cause i could see gross negligence in that case but don’t understand how if he did report/follow up with cps and police how that’s negligent...
  2. I had to re-read the email several times as it’s quite lengthy and jumps all over the place at times. it’s quite lengthy because some of the information contained in it has nothing to do with her or her son situation. There is a half page of quotes from the cadets about their commitment to member safety and adhering to the policies etc. etc. and her feelings about those statements as it pertained to her son. however it’s important to point out that those quotes were in reference to a completely different type of situation involving members and staff’s, not 2 minor mem
  3. There’s a few things that stand out: 1- The two persons involved were both minors. That is not something you publicly announce. 2- there was both a criminal and a child protective investigation. The child protective investigation was determined as Unsubstantiated/ with no findings and report was closed. it is not clear from what I read if there was an actual arrest? The words testify and testimony which are court related words are used in the email, but I do not see any other reference that would indicate there was a court or trial proceeding, but either way, what wo