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  1. No good, nothing is more irritating than paying good money for seats then having to deal with that!!
  2. Heard from a friend that was in Lisle that Cadets had a great run!! Percussion was awesome as always, brass sounded great and the guard is vastly improved !!! Show is beginning to progress with much more to add I am told. I am just thrilled for the members keep pushing Cadets proud of you!!!
  3. Wow, big number put up by the Cabs in their 1st scored competition!! Will be interesting to see where they fall with in relation to the Bucs in a few weeks. Hopefully it will make for an interesting summer in DCA when you throw in that great corps from Atlanta.
  4. My apologies I missed their show as i was late getting to the stadium!
  5. Great job last night Cadets, Visual needs the work am hearing there are changes in the works, let's hope they are smart well thought out changes. Nice bump in the music captions, can't wait to see you live Friday!! Proud of these kids!
  6. Sabers formed an arc and played their closer music in a standstill guard had some of their closer work and no I don't believe Bucs played the entire show, they had the most of anyone but do not believe it was everything per the repertoire printed in the program.
  7. I agree members are working hard, as others have said hoping they add more movement to the show, tons of potential!!!
  8. Don't believe any of the competitive corps played their closer. Bush presented less than all the others, overall high quality shows for 1st scored show of the year. Bucs were on another planet, probably my favorite show from them the past several years, can't wait to see where all the shows progress from here!!