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  1. And to cross musical genres further, they do a jazz interpretation of Rite of Spring. One of the most complex shows performed to date and one of my favorite BD shows of all time.
  2. Has anyone heard anything about Phantom Regiment? As far as I know, not a peep from them since the proposed 2021 Bridge event.
  3. Bitdefender is giving me alerts about accessing DCP for over a month now. I bypass the warning but am wondering if others are seeing the same thing.
  4. Seeing reports about the need to still wear masks for a while after getting the vaccine. There is concern that the virus can still be carried by those that have been vaccinated. It has as yet to be verified.
  5. A long term care facility near me will start to vaccinate residents tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.
  6. Does Mercedes Stadium have drainage? How the heck can you design an open roof stadium and not account for drainage?
  7. 2020 Wimbledon did not happen. Even though Blue Devils do not play tennis, if they had attended they would have won.
  8. *2020 did not happen. *2021 is a "Bridge" season - it will not be a normal season. IMO as a result, both get asterisks. It has nothing to do with SCV or BD. It has everything to do with situations that are outside of the norm for this activity.
  9. That song is now in my head and will stay there for the rest of the day....
  10. No matter what anyone says, 2021 will always have an asterisk next to it.
  11. In case you are not aware, DCP is not the center of the Drum Corps Universe. Corps do not make any decisions based on comments posted on DCP .
  12. In a prior job I used to travel through the US and Canada training clients on our software package. I loved it so much. Never a dull moment and I met a lot of very interesting people. It's almost all CBT now (Computer Based Training) and it's been that way for a long time. It's just not the same. You lose control of a lot of things you would normally be able to deal with in an in-person group setting and this was training adults. I can't imagine the challenges teachers are going through with Zoom training with children.
  13. So far we have the label "event" assigned to this proposed three day get together in August. If you are a corps who had a planned program for 2020, would you use that for this event or would you put that in the vault until 2022 and come up with new music and "whatever" to accompany it? "Whatever" has yet to be determined or announced. What about uniforms? Some corps sell the season's uniforms in the fall. Are they going to go through the expense of acquiring new uniforms for such a bridge season? As for fees...does it make sense to charge the same amount (or greater) in fe
  14. One of my concerns is that after corps start planning, it is determined that the event won't/can't happen. Planning takes money and to start now and get the ball rolling is still an expense. I'm sure there are some organizations who plan to attend who will be in much worse financial condition if the event is cancelled or so toned down that it generates no financial sense to continue.
  15. DCI could also do with another Bill Cook.
  16. That's too bad. There are some sofas/couches that are built for social distancing.
  17. Thanks Found the following from ancient times here on DCP. Here is the show for those who are interested. It's an audio recording with associated show photos.
  18. Did Crunchy Frog originate from Lee Rudnicki? I think he was also associated with "Seven" or something like that.
  19. Listened to Madison Scouts '76 early season vs late season yesterday. All day I had the theme from Shaft going through my head - the earworm repeating over and over. To get rid of it I listened to Hotline Bling. Guess what was in my head this morning? I'm going to listen to "What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor" now to get Hotline Bling out of my head.
  21. I don't know how accurate it is. Some of the other comments there are quite interesting.
  22. Saw some commentary on FB DCP about bus requirements which will be a huge expense on it's own - 1 person per bench on a bus - max 26 members per bus?