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  1. I've read your other posts. Sorry to say, I see a resemblance.
  2. Personal attack? I have nothing else to say to you. Please find another way to respond. I do not buy into that.
  3. Phantom Regiment presents..."Two Thousand and Twenty Trees."
  4. When I read some posts on here lately, I suspect some people have already started drinking.
  5. My appendix burst on a business trip and I ended up staying in a hospital in Hackensack, NJ for 8 days back in 2005. I asked some people around me if they knew who The Cadets were. The general reaction was "Who?” They then reduced my dosage of percocet...
  6. It you want to find the real truth, you should look at accurate sources like this...
  7. How the heck does this activity allow people to move up and make it evolve if we expect the same people to be the drivers? There was a time when people like Paul Rennick were never known. There is talent that we don't know about because they have never been given the opportunity. Upheaval in staff can sometimes produce the next leaders who now have the chance.
  8. There are many shows being mentioned as not being appreciated because posters were not around and did not ready any of the discussions on DCP regarding them.
  9. That show was the talk of the town on here back in 2014.
  10. DCP is often a lot like the Weekly World News.
  11. Blue Devils will probably win Drum Corps Mars.
  12. They are not trying to "fix" your tastes. They are trying to include you on what they like. Many things on forums like this will annoy you. Unfortunately, it can't always be about everything that we, alone, like.
  13. To avoid political controversy, the left and right-hand sides of my brain will now be known as "Side 1" and "Side 2."
  14. Didn't Justin Timberlake try to resurrect that at one point?
  15. BD 2011 is melody, melody, melody. That fall I listened to it over and over and loved every minute.
  16. I agree about a portion of the messaging. The G7 formation could have stood alone without that small narration part about "being equal" or the baby powder at the end. That being said, there are parts of the show that are "wow" no matter how dirty the execution was. It's full of constant risk and Boston stuck to its guns during the season and it helped me to be a bigger Crusaders fan. Few corps would ever take this kind of risk nowadays.
  17. I don't remember it being bashed over and above the usual. I love that show!
  18. The show was discussed quite a bit. I think it might be more “underscored” than "underrated." I applaud Boston for the risk they took bringing it to the field. A tremendously difficult show.
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