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  1. New World Symphony meets the theme from Jaws. This is the same band that had a line of T-Rexs in 2019.
  2. Perhaps the point of the candle is when it's lit, you can look "Into the Light."
  3. Here's the winner of last night's BOA Grand Nationals with a record score of 98.25
  4. Speaking of BOA, here's Hebron 2021. That's quite a low brass line.
  5. Thank you for posting what went on behind the scenes. What a great read this morning! Please don't hesitate to post more.
  6. I don't remember it being private. Drum Corps Planet | Facebook
  7. Not every part of RAMD was bad. There were a lot of really interesting posters who contributed to the topics being discussed. Remember Planar Analysis from Stuart Rice? Whether one buys into the validity of the discussion, it was still very interesting to read his analysis. He spent a lot of time analyzing shows based on that. In addition, I think RAMD goes back to at least 1995 and back then I don't think there were any other online forums to discuss drum corps. RAMD was it. Edit: Speaking of Planar Analysis.... https://halftimemag.com/web-exclusives/ten-exercises-for-improvisational-marching.html
  8. You were constantly harassed by "C" and "S"
  9. I went into the RAMD archives today. Periodically some on here post that DCP is becoming like RAMD. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was a regular viewer on RAMD and some of the stuff I saw today still shocked me.
  10. One guy had a Jetta, but I don't remember his first name......
  11. One poster I remember the most, loved to brag about the high notes he could play on his trumpet....
  12. I didn't know it still exists. It is a treasure trove of discussion for some future Abnormal Psych course. rec.arts.marching.drumcorps - Google Groups
  13. You know what song helps people relax when they don't need to relax because they haven't done anything to prompt that kind of reaction? This one - except the high notes. They have been known to cause agitation.
  14. The incident I wrote about occurred 18 years ago. To this day it comes back to me when I am in conversations with people/groups. I will say this...it is sometimes exhausting to have to be conscious of every word that comes out of your mouth.
  15. At a prior job, one day it was the birthday of someone in our department. V was the youngest and newest member. She was talking to one of the admin assistants so when I walked by I said "Happy Birthday V - you don't look a day over 20!" (she was around 27 at the time). She snapped back "So does that make you better than me?" I stood there shocked, wondering how what I said was offensive and replied "I'm 40 years old, I wish I was younger." She then replies angrily "So being 40 years old makes you better than me?" It was one of those moments where you just start to backup and leave the situation. I went back to my desk and was really bothered that what I meant as a complement was taking so negatively. I thought about it for a few hours and then decided to ask my Manager for her opinion on what I said. V had already been to see my Manager that morning to complain about what I said. My Manager said that V had a real inferiority issue with being the youngest and newest in the department. I just shook my head and decided to keep my distance from V from that moment. You know how news travels quickly in a small group .... that afternoon another colleague came up to me and said she was upset about what I said to V. Her comment "How come you never tell me I don't look a day over 20?"
  16. We were one of the last families on the block to get a color TV. Funny though, we were one of the first to get "Pong" when it came out. I remember thinking how sensational it was....just like a tennis match! Just.so.modern. The knobs broke off the TV and we changed the channel with a pair of long-nosed pliers to change both the UHF and VHF channels. Our area didn't get cable until after I moved from home in '85 so we were constantly fighting with substitute antennas made out of clothes hangers. One wrong turn of the stretched-out clothes hanger and the signal was toast. It's so funny to think of the number of shows we could never watch completely as we were fighting with that impromptu antenna all the time. We also had a third-party HBO box to get that channel in it's infancy. That was quite something back then.
  17. Blue Devils - 1995 Semis I love the music. That ballad is just so amazing!
  18. Phantom '92 - Early Season. Note that Phantom started the season with these pieces of fabric that went over both shoulders instead of the blue baldric you see at the end of the season. These were apparently ditched mid-season because they were hard to control in the wind.
  19. 1992 Phantom Semis A better performance than finals.
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