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  1. I don't remember Cadets props being the subject of a lot of controversy here last year. I think other things were criticized but the props, not so much.
  2. 10 Tesla Cybertrucks spread around the field for the horn/drum line to stand on. I think they would make amazing props - all those angles. Kind of like Bluecoats 2014 except there are truck parts in the middle - and very large wheels to help with getting them on/off the field. By the way, did Tesla copy Bluecoats props from 2014?
  3. Rocketman I apologize for the assumption. When you speak of "funding to support the current trend of the activity" are you specifically referring to the cost of props as a requirement to remain competitive and advance in the rankings?
  4. I am looking at this from the perspective that for the last few years the possibility of being outside of the top 12 was real. I am hopeful that this year the season can progress without thinking about that. That makes me excited. I want the corps to be on a stable footing from a staff perspective first - stop the revolving door. One thing Hall mentions in the interview is that many of the staff have worked together before. The staff breaking in period will be shorter as a result.
  5. You are a Boston fan aren't you. Remember how excited you and others were when there was significant movement of instructors to the corps a few years ago? There were others corps ahead of Boston then. And what is funny or maybe just a bit ironic, is that Boston was also in 12th place just before that movement. I remember many things that were being posted back then.
  6. At this point in time last year I do not remember that. I do remember as the season progressed, there was acknowledgement that the young adults in the corps were putting their heart and soul into the show and making it work. You are an alumnus of this corps. Can you not just be happy that there is significant movement? You marched more than one year with them. There are other alumni on here. Every year they support the corps. Every. Single. Year.
  7. I am convinced this corps has 9 lives. Suddenly the momentum has turned.
  8. I liked the '89 uniform where the black baldric became somewhat of a cape as it hung over the right shoulder.
  9. Thank you for the information. I remember their member blog that year and reading about how excited the corps members were - even tying Cadets for 3rd place at the DCI Southwestern Championship.
  10. The person who posted the video didn't indicate the date of the rehearsal. I think this is early season as there are a few differences in musical passages although the drill looks very much like finals. The hornline still seems to be getting comfortable with the difficult book they were given. I love the opener and closer. This is Phantom being modern yet still staying true to their roots.
  11. With all the hype, note the following new video from 2003. The ending is shorter than finals and almost abrupt. It's still so nice to see that show come together and become something special.
  12. So often the best band's don't go to NA for BOA. Who is on staff at RR? I couldn't find any information. What an amazing program.
  13. There is so much talent in these bands. One thing that goes through my mind when viewing these groups is that often the group is just too large to have any really effective drill - but I've always loved big-picture drill and lately we see so little of it. Everything seems to be pockets of drill on the field. I loved Avon's show musically, but that narration....absolutely not required for that show. "8 beautiful notes" might as well have been Yowza, Yowza, Yowza.
  14. One of the years Jennifer Leseth was Guard Caption Head at Phantom.
  15. I'm really sick of this "I've got a secret" crap on here. This corps has been through hell lately. Enough with the innuendos.
  16. I felt the same way once. Now I look forward to what these kids are doing. The level of talent from high school marchers is amazing. Look at the attached group. No props, just a bunch of T-rex. T-rex
  17. According to the comments in the video, they are not going to GNs.
  18. So now both Patrick Seidling and Rick Valenzuela are with System Blue.
  19. According to the System Blue blog, he's going to be Vice President of Education and Special Projects. RV Announcement
  20. Thank you for pointing that out. At first I thought - wtf?
  21. Speaking of websites, maybe DCP could change it's color scheme to include pink - being that it's often used in prisons to calm aggression.
  22. Phantom is about to get tremendous interest for the 2020 season and it has nothing to do with the design of their website. It has everything to do with the announced content. If someone chooses a corps because of the website then they probably aren't Regiment material.
  23. Or maybe videos would help to attract the youngin's.....