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  1. Were you missing the giant puppet at the back of the field?
  2. I just re-watched 2016. It has two beautiful ballads. I remember Phantom being panned for being ballad heavy that year. The ballads are indeed so beautiful.
  3. Is 2001 the year Devils came out east early in the season and then went back to the west coast to redo large portions of their show?
  4. We all look back at years with favorable or not so favorable impressions. Of all the years I've watched DCI, 2001 is one of my least favorite - as if I just can't get into any of the shows that year. Strange though because I like many seasons before and after 2001.
  5. PIctures of shiny, happy people are usually calmer. They all look so happy until you hear what is really going on. As are endless photos of last night's dinner.
  6. I thought of the Bridgemen when I saw this uniform (South Korean Royal Guard).
  7. Even uniforms are not without controversy. Along with costumes, there have been really good ones and some that make you shake your head. What was the reaction to Bridgemen's new uniforms in '76? Was there mayhem in the stands when they walked out on the field? I never knew of the Bridgemen when they had their cadet-style uniforms. I only started following the activity in '79.
  8. All Febreze really does is make you smell Febreze along with whatever odor you are trying to cover.
  9. Couldn't find a complete video of Geneseo Knights from '83, but here's part of their show from DCI East prelims.
  10. Sorry for the error. I completely forgot that they had them for most of the season in 2015.
  11. They haven't worn their traditional burgundy/cream cadet uniforms for 6 years.
  12. Too bad the video is no longer there, but at one point there was a full video of Phantom's '83 show on YouTube. When discussing Phantom '83 everyone almost immediately focuses on 1812. However, for me it was the massive wall of brass in the opener "Serenade for Strings" that I loved most. I did find a recording on SoundCloud however.
  13. Rocky Point Holiday - High Cam To this day one of the best openers ever done on the field.
  14. I seem to remember much less Little Geoffrey schtick at the beginning of the season. The guard also had different uniforms until the beginning of August. Maybe my memory is foggy, but I thought at one point the dye used for the new guard tops started to bleed on the light pants and they had to change them. I don't remember the details. Maybe it was all a dream.
  15. I thought the same thing. i think I would have enjoyed the show much more without any Little Geoffrey.
  16. I initially thought it might be "penguin" but my app said I was wrong - there were too many letters.