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  1. Yahtzee! The fact that they've kept the same core (not corps) instructional/design staff for DECADES is a testament to their consistent success. Jay Murphy has been on staff since 81. TJ since 86. Downey, though not as hands on these days, since 74. Brass, Perc & Vis caption heads for over 25 years. Sure they've had numerous techs come and go, but those key players are what keep the ship sailing strong. I'm not as familiar with other corps' staffs ... Are there other staffers who have been with their corps for 20+ years? 30? 40??? I'm not counting directors or support staff. Just instructors/designers/arrangers/etc.
  2. Completely understood. I marched in the 90's when the bulk of the corps I marched with were locals. Rehearsals every weekend plus one night a week, so you kinda had to be close-ish. Only a small handful of members were out-of-towners. Now days many members of say the Blue Devils or Vanguard are from out of state and audition/clinics are held in several places (including Concord) throughout the country. I have no problem with that. There's great talent all over and they are making themselves accessible to such. My kid is attending UW-Madison this fall and I was sort of excited at the idea of having a Madison Scout in the family. The convenience of having not just any corps but THE Madison Scouts right in your backyard is hard to pass up. That is until I found out they don't actually rehearse anywhere near their home city (Madison peeps, please enlighten me if I'm incorrect about this). Without a vehicle to drive to Indy, it's a tough call if auditioning is even worth it. I guess there's always the Mega Bus? If one is having to travel that far to march a "local" drum corps, then they might as well travel a little further to join a different corps, perhaps one that has a better chance of making Finals. This refers back to the OP's statement about growing the organization, retaining membership, attracting more talent, tapping into LOCAL resources, etc. I would love nothing more than to see Scouts return to their former glory. I can't imagine there's anyone on this board who would disagree.
  3. Perhaps Madison Scouts could once again hold rehearsals in, oh I dunno... Madison rather than 5 hours away in Indy?
  4. Yes! Do it before a disembowelment rule is created to penalize them!
  5. Still trying to get used to all this BD love. The last time I frequented DCP (and the main reason I left) this place was a cesspool of BD haters. Glad to see clarity has been achieved. The kids of ANY corps don't deserve the kind of hatred that used to be spewed on this board back then.
  6. BD will never cash in their integrity for a ticket on the popularity boat.
  7. I would think drum corps are putting Sousaphones on the field. Which sin is less forgiving? (p.s. I sorta dig the Sousa soloists. Shhh...) 🤫
  8. Agreed. I spend a good deal of time trying to locate horn soloists on the field. My eyes go to what my ears hear, but then all I see is a big black box.
  9. A little-known secret, in 95 during Finals, half the BD hornline missed the step-off at the start of the show because they couldn't hear the chimes over the initial noise of the crowd. You wouldn't know it watching the video. Kings & Queens of Recovery.
  10. My guess would be because the lineup consists of only a handful of corps, none of which are in Top 12 contention (as it sits right now). They have to stretch it out a bit between corps to keep audience anticipations high, and so they feel their $25-$38 ticket prices are justified. And, you're right, probably to make room for more commercials. 😉