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  1. Thanks for responding to my ad. I have the following: DCI Championships 1977 vol 3, 1981 vol 1-3, 1982 vol 2,3, 1983 vol 3, 1984 vol 3, 1986 vol 2,3, 1988 vol 2, 1989 vol 1,3 1974 world open vol 1,2 senior lp's 71 dream 73 dream 72 american legion sensational 60's vol 1-2 They are still playable. I'd say fair condition. Some covers are worn. $2 each plus postage. Thanks. Dean walker
  2. I have the following items for sale. DVD's--Legacy Collection--Years-76,80,85,95 $25 per disc. All are in good condition. Blast Broadway Production--$5 SCV Traditions/ 2001 Tour--$10 each Yearbooks--73-74/75/76/77/79/82/83/84/85/86/92/96--$10 each 2007--$5 All are in good condition. Prices do not include postage. Thank you for reading this.
  3. Hello Brian, I'm sorry for responding so late. I didn't see your response until today. I have the 76,80,85,89,90, and 95 dvd's left. Thanks for your interest. Dean
  4. I have several Legacy DVD's and yearbooks for sale. The dvd years are 1976, 1980, 1985, 1989, 1990, 1995. All are in good condition and are $25 dollars each. I also have the Blast DVD, Santa Clara Vanguard New Era Metropolis (2001 show) DVD, and the SCV "Traditions" DVD, for $5 dollars each. DCI Yearbooks are as follows: 75,76,77,,79, 81,82,83, 84,85,86, and 96. I am asking $8 dollars each. All are in good shape. Shipping will be additional. I do have a paypal account. Thank you.
  5. I have yearbooks starting from the mid seventies to the mid nineties. I have the following Legacy Collection DVD's for sale: 1976,1980,1985.1989,1990,1995,1996,1997, and 1999. I also have Blast, Vanguard traditions, and the 2001 summer tour of the Santa Clara Vanguard. Legacy dvd prices are $20-25 depending on year. The other dvd's are $5. i'm Dean at Thanks.