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  1. Corps have been great all weekend! Now if we could just educate the fans not to walk to seats or stand at top of stairs during performances.... Been an issue all weekend. 😞
  2. Has anyone heard anything about the WI events? Want to plan a trip but don't want to spend any money until I know if I can get tix....
  3. They need to hurry up and make an announcement so I can finish planning my summer trips! lol
  4. Being that I live in Cincinnati, I'll more than likely be there for at least part of it. Will depend on how they do tickets, mask policy, and whether I've gotten a shot. I've already got the vacation days approved though. 🙂
  5. Agreed! Considering we already agreed to defer to 2021 season, it seems awful strange to now say I have to respond or they are converting it to a donation. We aren't even to 2021 season yet so how is that even legal?
  6. Just received the below email about my 2021 ticket deferrals. I wanted to see what others thought about it before I replied to them…. ========================== Through its participating organizations, Drum Corps International provides a powerful, memorable, and lifelong experience for young people, while filling a cherished place in the hearts of our drum corps community. We believe deeply in the importance of the drum corps activity, and we know you do too—and because of that we feel compelled to share a few important thoughts with you. Simply stated, the road to reopening a competitive drum corps season that will keep our performers, drum corps staff members and attendees safe, is proving to be a difficult task in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. If performing ensembles could spring from the ground, fully-formed and ready to participate in July, it is very likely that there could be a significant tour this summer. But, as you are well aware, creating a competitive drum corps show is a months-long process. In a normal year our corps would already be diligently working on their performances, in person. Due to COVID protocols, however, all are unable to do that at this time. DCI is continuing to function without the benefit of ticket sales, event-related merchandise sales, and other business-as-usual activities. Despite having made significant cuts in DCI operations and infrastructure, the loss of the 2020 season and the challenges of restarting in 2021 and beyond in a safe manner are financially challenging to say the least. We hope you saw our recent announcement regarding the celebration of the marching arts that we will be hosting in Indianapolis during the second week of August. Although we are all disappointed to be unable to host our usual tour in 2021, this special celebration will be something you certainly won’t want to miss. Without our normal, robust national summer touring activities, we anticipate that we will continue to struggle to earn the needed funds to keep DCI strong and ready for a full and exciting tour in 2022, our 50th anniversary year. That’s where the worldwide drum corps community—YOU—enters the conversation. We have an important and necessary request. We would like to humbly encourage you to strongly consider turning your deferred tickets into a tax-deductible charitable donation. As things stand right now, we are working and planning diligently to make it through to the end of the coming summer, where we will then launch ticket sales for the 2022 season. Converting your ticket into a donation now will reserve your place in line to be able to purchase tickets for 2022 ahead of the general public. And turning your ticket into a donation will truly be a significant gift to the future of the drum corps activity at the time we need it most. If you agree, you do not have to take any action and we will gladly send out a donation acknowledgement after December 31, 2020. However, if you would still like to defer your ticket until 2021, please let us know here prior to December 31, 2020 and provide your information so that we may honor your request. RESPOND NOW Due to extraordinary legislation of the CARES act, even if you are not itemizing your income tax deductions for 2020, you will receive a $300 tax credit for ANY charitable donation you make – no matter how small. Check with your tax professional for the details. We understand the circumstances are tough for many—the fact is that the situation for the marching arts is critical across the board. We believe that the leadership of Drum Corps International and our member corps is a flagship for the marching arts, and one which our young people cannot afford to lose. We’ve developed a solid plan, and are united in our focus as we move forward together – in the true spirit of drum corps. We simply cannot make this happen without the help of all of our many fans and supporters. We hope it is possible for you to contribute in this way. With your continued generous support, we will build a bridge to 2022 and the 50th anniversary of this remarkable organization. We are very grateful for your assistance and understanding, and we look forward to celebrating the next chapter of drum corps excitement and excellence with you and fans of drum corps around the world, once it is unquestionably safe to do so. With great appreciation, Dan Acheson, CEO Drum Corps International 2495 Directors Row, Suite I Indianapolis, IN 46241
  7. Update: My order got processed late yesterday afternoon. Had to choose different seats this year (sat in back row of 141 for last three years). It sounds like they may have made the top 4 or 5 rows of the middle three sections (139, 140, and 141) Sponsor/Friends of DCI seats. Highest row that was available in any of those sections was row 19.
  8. Hi! Longtime lurker and first time poster. I wanted to see if anyone's 2020 Super 3 packages had been processed yet (if so, when) and if anyone has had any issues this year. Thanks in advance for your responses!
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