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  1. Cascades made some great hires! Unfortunately, they way they let go their old staff members were completely unprofessional and heartless. They've also seem to cut ties to all northwest folks other than the percussion.
  2. I wish I could post screenshots. Any news on what happened? Posted on his Facebook, "The Seattle Cascades and myself have decided to amicably cease our relationship and head in different directions. That's all I have at this time."
  3. Everything is micd and mixed now. EVERYTHING. Welcome to the new age I suppose.
  4. Love the new ending. BD are the masters at cleaning and tweaking. Bluecoats have to clean the hell out of their show if they wanna get back on top!
  5. Spirit is aggressive this year! I think they have a chance!
  6. They're currently ranked at 27th now that BDB, Vanguard Cadets, Battallion, and Vessel our out of the mix! Have to catch up with Golden Empire and Southwind!
  7. I think it went up. I'm surprised they didn't pick up any OC kids since they weren't active this year. But, most OC members were coming from Texas anyway. I think they did raise their tuition again to $3800. Hard to fly all that way and pay that much to be placing where they are.
  8. Agreed. They went with a different director, a lot of new staff, and judging by the feed, the members look pretty young too.
  9. Oh my goodness. Performers were getting their feet stuck under it, literally running into the fabric. It just looks like toilet paper.
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