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  1. Great points, Fred! I couldn't agree more. Prayers for xandandl and family.
  2. Paul Cain was Drum Corps Royalty as far as I am concerned. I remember him fondly. Yes, new faces and new priorities I guess.
  3. Xandandl, Agreed! I recommend it for the same reason. I'm originally from that area and grew up attending the parade with my family. It's been a long standing tradition for us. I haven't been in a couple of years due to other family commitments here in the DC/Virginia area, but it was always something I looked forward to.
  4. For some who were wondering...spoke to someone at DCI today and asked about why Bristol, RI was taken off the schedule. I was told they were offered a contract but never got back to DCI with the contract. DCI called them and asked about the status and was told they were still thinking about it. Well, I guess they never got back to them. I guess it's not always what we think it might be in the scheduling business. Just an FYI for some of you who might want to know. Hope everyone has a joyous and wonderful holiday season.
  5. Anyone know from whom they drew members for the task force?
  6. Agree, party at Fred's or my place! DC would be a great venue as well!
  7. Since we are all having fun and pipe dreaming...Here are my four. Los Angeles/Pasadena - Love the area. Yes traffic is always a challenge, but the weather, sites and food are always fantastic. Just think, that area handles and takes care of all the bands for the Rose Bowl Parade. It has a lot of experience hosting and housing some decent sized bands. Annapolis - Be it that I live pretty close to the area...You have Navy and Marine Corps Stadium. You have the Naval Academy right down the street who could house a couple of corps, plus they have a couple of decent sized indoor practice facilities. There are also quite a few High Schools in the area as well that could satisfy the housing requirements. Washington, DC and all it's attractions are not too far, along with National Harbor, tons of stadiums to practice in, etc... Gillette Stadium - Gillette has plenty of experience hosting huge championships events along with concerts, etc...Tons of housing options along with the New England being an old school Drum Corps destination. You have Boston as an attraction along with Newport, RI, Maine destinations, etc.. Somewhere in Pennsylvania - Love the Allentown area, but it wouldn't be able to handle the sheer chaos that is the DCI Finals, though I'm sure there is some venue close to that area that would be able to host it.
  8. Hi, guys, I hope everyone enjoyed the rest of their summer! I for one must admit, I went through withdrawals after finals. Absolutely love this activity. I know I'm a bit late to the game with my post, but....Speaking of recognizable uniforms, I loved what the Cavies did this year at the closing ceremonies. They had the entire corps in their the uniforms. Really loved that gesture of keeping the tradition alive. Loved how they adjusted with themed costumes for the show, but went back to their roots wearing their traditional uniform clearly stating their identity as "The Cavaliers!" Can't wait to see how 2020 shapes out with each corps.
  9. Happy Friday everyone! What everyone else said...I couldn't possibly add anything to this thread - but I'll try. It's like the New England Patriots, their owner Bob Kraft, their Head Coach Bill Belichick and their QB Tom Brady. They've all been together for close to 20 years (consistency). They have set standards for each and every person in that organization. I much suspect BD does as well. No matter who you are, you could quite possibly be the best trumpet player in the world, but if you don't meet the standards or at least follow them, you're gone. Not saying that BD is that harsh, but you all get the idea. It's all about chemistry as well. If you don't have the chemistry, you're not going to get that far. All the young men and women who try out for BD understand there's a certain level of excellence expected from each and every corps member, from the Director of the corps on down. It's simply amazing when you really think about it. Not saying that other corps don't have great leaders, but BD has a proven track record of consistently winning and placing in the top 1 or 2 for the last 25 years or so, and that's what draws the top talent to them in my humble opinion. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  10. Got no spirit and want to start a cult? Well come on down y'all to Atlanta. We've got 150 black robes with hoods and a door to hell. Heck, we'll even through in a stage (drummers not included), and then for those days where you're feeling a bit hot, we have you covered there too with some light blue shirts and pants that will make you feel cooler. Serious inquires only. LOL
  11. How about a tribute to John Williams? One of the greatest composers of our time. It would have to be a very well thought out and put together show. If done right, it could simply be amazing. I'm not sure which corps' design staff would do it justice though.
  12. For me it has to be the Blue Devils. It was the solo at the start, and the lead up to the rotating drill - gave me chills. Some of my other favorites from this incredible season are: 1. Blue Devils 2. Cavies 3. Bluecoats 4. Blue Knights 5. Boston
  13. I love the Bluecoats show, but it seemed like they had a better run last night.